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Notes: Adiabene, capital Arbela (modern Erbil), also called Assyria by some ancients.
The Arbela chronicle gives names of some rulers but is very unreliable and not used here.
Note that king Abdissares is no longer considered a king of Sophene, but of Adiabene.
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Abdissar (Abdissares)
1st attested king of Adiabene
c.164 BC
conquered by Parthia 145/141
later kings were vassals of Parthia
king of Adiabene 69 BC
ally of Tigranes II of Armenia
king of Adiabene after 30 BC
fled to Augustus
Izates I
king of Adiabene from 35/25 BC
M678 RE1 H47 RE Helene6
Monobazos I Bazaeus ~ Helena
king of Adiabene c.5 BC-30 AD queen of Adiabene c.30-
ruled at least 35 years converted to Judaism
coin dated to 20/21 AD mention 44/46
† shortly after Izates II
M679 RE2 eldest son   J891 RE2 M677 RE3
Monobazos II       Izates II Monobazos Kenedaios
king of Adiabene 59/60- ?? ruler of Gordyene under his father relative of Monobazos II relative of Monobazos II
or c.55-c.70 king of Adiabene c.36-59/60 or c.30-c.55 or 33/34-58 fought for jews 66 fought for jews 66
converted to Judaism ruled 24 years, lived 55 years † 66 killed in battle † 66 killed in battle
mention c.62 converted to Judaism, received Nisibis (Mygdonia) from Parthians,
~ Symacho (Samachos), daughter of Abinergaos I, king of Characene
hostages of Rome 70 
Mebarsapes (Mehasarpes)
king of Adiabene attested 114/115
Roman province of Assyria established 116/117
king of Adiabene 
supported Pescennius Niger c. 192–194 
defeated by Septimius Severus 195
’tlw (Attalos)
king of Adiabene 
1st half 3rd century,
only known from statue
king of Nōdšīragān [Adiabene]
mention 262
brother of Shapur I Shahanshah Iran 242-270 (or 272)
see stemma of Sasanids
Ardashir II
king of Adiabene 344-376
Shahanshah Iran 379-383
brother of Shapur II Shahanshah Iran 309-379
see stemma of Sasanids
no further kings of Adiabene known, only non-royal governors (marzban)