Created: 20th September 2010
Update:  23rd January 2014
Status Republic: Patrician: X   Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X
Family Republic Patrician Helva
Pleb. Nobilis Parrus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian no cognomen
Family Imperial Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Cos,Tr Cos, Dict, M Eq,Cens Republic: 3
Consuls Imperial: n/a
Notes: M. Aebutius Helva, pr in 168 is probably not a descendent of the patrician Aebutii of the early Republic, since families of that time did not use a cognomen, 
thus it is likely that later compilers of the Fasti used the praetor's cognomen on the ancient patrician gens.
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T.Aebutius T.f. Helva
cos 499 maq.eq 498 or 496 envoy 493
RE11   RE18
L.Aebutius T.f.T.n. Helva Aebutia
cos 463 † plague
~ L.Menenius Agrippa
RE14 ? ? RE12
Post. Aebutius Helva Cornicen     M.Aebutius Helva
cos 442 mag.eq.435 IIIvir col deduc 442
cannot be a posthume son of RE11
Aebutia Aebutius ~ 1 Duronia 2~ T.Sempronius Rutilus
eques brother of tr pl 189
RE7 RE13 RE10 RE8  
M.Aebutius Helva T.Aebutius Parrus P.Aebutius
pr Sicilia 168 IIIvir col deduc 183 pr 178 Sard ment 186 Bacchanalian conspiracy
tr mil 178 ? (RE7) propr 177-75
Xvir agri Ligustini et Gallici 173
RE1   RE2
Aebutius Aebutius
envoy 178 tr pl  ?, II Century ?
Lex Aebutia
cf RE2
pr by 125
RE9 not in RE not in RE RE6 RE3 RE4
Sex.Aebutius D.Aebutius D.f. L.Aebutius L.f. M.Aebutius [Aeb?]utius Aebutius
Cic.Caec.1 tr mil or sen 89 tr mil 89 Cic.Flacc.93 sen †87 Cic. Ad Att.16.2.5
opponent of Pompey's council Pompey's council ment 59 ? = D.Aebutius 44
Cicero 69 trib Cor. trib Men.