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Notes: Aelii of Athens who had the office of archon eponymos. Individuals marked with ID number from Byrne and from Woloch. None are known to be equites Romani.
The three highest state offices are the archon eponymos, the strategos (hoplite general) and the herald of the areopagos, all annual offices.
The three highest religious officer were the imperial high priest (archiereus), the hierophantos (the chief priest at the Eleusinian Mysteries) and the dadouchos
(the title of the second priest of the Eleusinian Mysteries). For women the three major religious offices were the priestess of Athena, the priestess of Demeter and Core
and the hierofantide.
In general I have followed the dating of Byrne, but the archon lists can vary.
Literature Byrne: Roman Citizens of Athens (2003) p.3-45 and stemma I (Aelii of Phaleron (Phalerum), stemma II (Aelii of Pallene incl. descendents of brothers of Aelius47 ) 
and stemma VIII (Claudii of Melite inkl. Aelii)
Everson: Roman citizenship in Athens from 161 to 212 A.D. (1971) p.85-120 (Aelii)
Follet, Simone: "Athènes au IIe et au IIIe siècle. Etudes chronologiques et prosopographiques", Les Belles Lettres , (Collection d'études anciennes), Paris 1976, 
p.195-198 (Aelii from Phalerum, with stemma)
Graindor: Archontes Atheniens (1922) p.155 (stemma of Aelii, note that his obsolete dating has now been superceded by more recent scholars)
PIR2, letter V p.324 stemma of Vibullii
Puech, Bernadette: "Orateurs et sophistes grecs dans les inscriptions d’époque impériale", Paris, 2002, p.100-116 (P. Aelius Apollonius, stemma p.113, she makes
Aelius Apollonius, ephebe 154/5, the father of the sophist A142)
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.470-471+485 (P. Aelius Vibullius Rufus, archon 143/4 and the Vibullii)
Settipani: Les prétentions généalogiques à Athènes sous l'Empire romain (2013) p.358-361, 406 (family of Aelius Praxagoras), p.363-364 (Aelii of Phalerum), 
p.399-405 (Aelii of Pallene, stemma p.401, he suggests P. Aelia Herennia was the daughter of Aelius Dionysos (Byrne 50), whose mother he suggests was an Herennia; 
Settipani also calls the son of Aelius Dionysos (Byrne 50) Apollonius (ephebe 193/4) in stead of Byrne's Dionysos (Byrne55, ephebe 194/5), I assume in error),
 p..434 (P. Aelius Vibullius Rufus, V612),
Woloch, Michael: "Four Leading Families in Roman Athens (A.D. 96-161)", in Historia Bd. 18, 1969, p. 503-510 (stemma p.510 of Aelii of Phalerum)
Woloch: Roman Citizenship and the Athenian Elite, (1973) p.248-271 (Aelii) p.258-261 (believes Woloch 31 to be one person, but has chronological problems,
 Byrne splits him in two)
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V608  Byrne-Vibul1 Graindor84 Woloch-Vibul2
L. Vibullius Hipparchos
archon 100/101 (or 118/9)
priest of Drusus
V612 V613 Byrne-Vibul4 Graindor117
P. Aelius Vibullius Rufus
of Marathon,
nomen Aelius added in honour of HADRIAN before 138
archon 143/4
See stemma of Vibullii
based on Byrne    
Diokles                                         ? ignotus  
of Phalerum (Phaleron)
archon 110/120 104/5
  RE-Gel1 RE-Alex36 Byrne6 Woloch31
  Byrne4 Byrne5? Woloch30 Byrne3 Graindor96 Woloch7 Graindor 122
ignotus                   Aelius Gelos I       P. Aelius Alexandros I Aelius Gelos II
prytanis 140/150 (§5), strategos, priest-paradoxos c.138 archon by latest 159/160 (156/7 ?)
1st priest of Zeus Olympus 132 archon 142/3 herald of Areopagos 162/3
1st xystarch of games at Athens, or earlier
? ~ (Epilamps)is, dt of 
  Epagathus of Anaphlystos    
Byrne7 Woloch14 Woloch22 Woloch62 Byrne11 Woloch8   Byrne12 Woloch31  
RE-Ardys7 Graindor112 Byrne8 Graindor113 Byrne14 Graindor116   Graindor 122 Byrne13
Aelius Ardys       Aelius Kallikrates Aelia Epilampsis Aelius Alexandros II Aelius Gelos II Aelius Gelos III
archon 150/1 strategos, archon 151/2 priestess of Demeter ephebe 154/5 ephebe 154/5 ephebe 163/4
agonothetes of Olympieia strategos,  and Kore 138-180 archon 192/200 archon 192/200
herald II of Areopagos, agonothetes of Olympieia,
priest of Dionysios Eleuthereus, herald of Areopagos ~ P. Pomp(onius?)
archiereus of Augustus   
after 176/7 Byrne Pomp6
P. Pomp(onius?) Hegias I
or Pomp(eius?)
twice strategos,
archon 178/179
agonothetes of Olympieia
priest of Zeus Olympus
Byrne138 Graindor115 Woloch48 Graindor107 Byrne47 Woloch25
P. Aelius Phileas (Ailios?) Syllas Aelius Dionysius
tribe Kekropis of Melite archon ?144/5 or 147/8 see Stemma II in Byrne for his brothers
archon 141/2 (between 144/5 and 148/9) prytanis 138/9
see Byrne p.527 for dating  
Byrne-Claud157 Woloch -Claud90 Byrne49 Woloch55   Byrne52 Woloch13 Byrne50 Woloch26 Byrne131 Woloch34
Ti. Claudius Themistocles P. Aelius Straton P. Aelius Apollonios  P. Aelius Dionysios P. Aelius Themison Pammenes
son of Byrne-Claud156 ephebe 150/1 ephebe 154/5 ephebe 150/1 (called P. Aelius Hellen alias Pl[---] in older lists)
of Melite, patronym c.170 ? father of A142 dadouchos by 174/5 archon 160/1 mention 174/5
~ dt of a Praxagoras alive 181/2 priest of Homonoia of the Greeks,
? ? priest of Zeus Eleutheios
      agonothetes of Asia games c.180
      priest of Hadrian Panhellenion 177-181 or 181-185
Woloch51 RE Prax4 Graindor191    
P932 Byrne140 Graindor119 A142 RE Apo 88 Byrne61 Byrne55 Byrne133
Aelius Praxagoras P. Aelius Apollonios  Aelius Dionysios (Aelius) Themison 
named Aelius to honour HADRIANUS archon eponymos, ephebe 194/5 tombstone at Aigina
archon 154/5 mention 174/5 agonothetes, archon basileus, prytanis c.205
prytanis 181/2 (or his homonymous son) strategos, gymnasiarch,
dadouchos post 181/2 to c.191 herald of Areopagos
~ Nummia Bassa of Gargettos (Byrne-Num9), dt of kosmetes 216/7 hierophant c.235
L. Nummius Nigrinus, hierokeryx (Byrne-Num7) sophist, † by 237/8 aged 75
~ P. Aelia Herennia (§201)
Byrne 141 Woloch64 Byrne62 Byrne63 Byrne187
Aelia Philiste     (? Aelius Praxagoras) P. Aelia Herennia (P.) Aelius Apollonios  P. Aelius Metrophanes
metronym c.170 honoured c.210 ephebe 216/7 prytanis c.198
~ Ti. Claudius Demostratos by her mother tribe eponymos c.255 patronym c.225
of Melite, archon 180/1 ? archiereus
Byrne-Claud160 C849      
Byrne142 Byrne64 Byrne65   Byrne188
Aelius Praxagoras P. Aelius Isid[oros?] P. Aelius Herennius P. Aelius Ergochares
ephebe 202/3 ephebe 238/255 ephebe 238/255 archon eponymos c.225/250
gymnasiarch, strategos,
honoured c.225