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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X    Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial Lamia
Equestrian Lamia
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Lamia, Lamia Aelianus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 2 plus 2 Plautii, 1 Fundanius
Notes: Aelii Lamiae probably patrician 29 BC.  Only summary career details for Plautii, see their stemma. Amusingly Lamia means sorceress.
Stemma uncertain, two variants given below. A third simpler variant, wherebye Aelianus cos 45 is the natural son of Lamia cos 3 AD adopted by a M. Plautius
(either the cos 2 BC or his son pr 24), is also possible and accepted by several scholars. 
L.Fundanius, cos 116, is normally assumed to be the son of cos 80, but taking the gentilicium of the relatively unknown Fundanii seems odd.
Literature Alexander: Trials (1990) p.145 (trial §296 L. Aelius Lamia iudex in 54 BC in maiestate trial of A. Gabinius), p.174 (trial §366 L. Aelius Lamia RE74 advocatus 
for M. Marius Gratidianus, by 91 BC)
Alföldy: Fasti Hispanienses (1969) p.5-6 (L. Aelius Lamia, praetorian governor of Hisp Cit 24-22 BC), p.17-18 (Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, governor 70-73)
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as Hillebrand claims), p.150-151 (§52 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, monetalis c.35 AD, Hillebrand makes him a natural son of L. Lamia cos 3 AD),
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p.199-204 (§113 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus)
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Q.Lamia is the brother of RE75a, not RE76. And the Lamia who died in 20 BC must be Lucius, the governor of Spain)
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assign this to his father),  p.126 (frater Arvalis §44 Aelius Lamia, A202, frater after 46), p.134 (sodalis Augustalis §15 =pontifex §37, probably under Claudius)
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p.98 (Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, from Trebula Suffenas, tribus Ani.)
Scheid: Freres Arvales (1975) p.240 (§40 Aelius Lamia, became frater Arvalis between 50 and 54)
Schneider: Zusammensetzung des römischen Senates  (1942), p.47 (§91 L. Aelius Lamia cos 3 AD), p.87-88 (§322 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, cos suff 45 and 74)
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Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.184-186, 277-282 (p.278 stemma; generally it has been assumed that Ti. Plautius cos 45 was an Aelius Lamia adopted by a M.Plautius 
(either cos 2 ot his son the pr.24); Syme (RP IV p 169) suggests he got the praenomen in honor of Emperor Tiberius.
Settipani in his first stemma asserted that a Ti. Plautius cannot be the adopted son of a M. Plautius due to his different praenomen, thus it is his
unknown father M.Plautius Aelianus (a natural son of L.Lamia cos 3 AD)  who is the adopted son of the Consul of 2 AD.
Settipani: Continuite addenda  (2001/2004) p.103 for revised stemma and stemma in PIR Pars VI p.196-197
In Settipani's Addenda he now favors that Ti. Plautius was born a Plautius, not an Aelius, and that his cognomen Aelianus is through his mother
a postulated first wife to M.Plautius pr.24. M.Plautius cos 2 AD already had three sons so why adopt one more.
Simon, Stephen J.: The Greater Official Priests of Rome Under the Flavian-Antonine Emperors (1973) p.39-40 (§5 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, pontifex before 70)
Stein: Moesien (1940) p.29-31 (Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, dates his governorship to 60-c.67)
Stout: Governors of Moesia (1911) p.12-16 (§20 Ti. Plautius M.f. Silvanus Aelianus, dates his governorship to 60-67)
Syme: Augustan Aristocracy (1986) p.394-395 (Aelii Lamia)
Syme, Ronald: "Clues to Testamentary Adoption", Roman Papers vol. IV, 1988 (original article in Epigrafia e ordine senatorio,1982) p.168-169 (Ti. Plautius Silvanus 
Aelianus, Syme considers him a natural son of L. Lamia cos 3 AD, testamentarily adopted by M. Plautius pr 24.
Praenomen Tiberius could be in honour of the emperor. Unusual is he is M.f., not L.f. and has the tribe of his adopted family Aniensis and not Aemilia)
Szramkiewicz: Gouverneurs Vol.2  (1972) p.370-371 (L. Aelius Lamia, pr 42 BC and governor Hisp Cit 24-22 BC, and his son L. Aelius Lamia cos 3 AD)
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Taylor, Lily Ross: "Trebula Suffenas and the Plautii Silvani", in Memoirs of the American Academy in Rome, Vol. 24 (1956), pp. 7+9-30 (p.24 stemma of Plautii,
she prefers Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus to be born a Patrician Aelius Lamia)
Thomasson: Fasti Africani (1996) p.28 (§18 L. Aelius Lamia, procos 15/16, hardly 16/17)
Tortotiello: Fasti Consolari di Claudio (2004) p.540-545 (§49 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, cos suff 45 and 74),
p.601 (stemma assumes Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus is the son of L. Lamia cos 3 BC, adopted by M. Plautiius Silvanus pr 24)
Vogel-Weidemann: Statthalter (1982) p.59-66 (§2 L. Aelius Lamia, procos Africa 15-16 (or 16-17?)), p.405-418 (§55 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, procos Asia 55-56, 
his descent discussed but no definitive conclusion), p.605 stemma of Lamiae, 
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Wojciech: Stadtpräfektur im Prinzipat (2010) p.258-259 (§2 L. Aelius Lamis, cos 3 AD, PUR 32-33), p.271-272 (§11 Ti. Plautius Silvanus Aelianus, cos 45 74, 
PUR 70 to max 79)
Zmeskal: adfinitas (2009) p.14 (Aelii Lamiae RE74 and RE75)
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L. Aelius Lamia
ab Formiae (tribus Aemilia ?)
advocat, friend of Cicero
mocked by L. Licinius Crassus as deformis
RE75 Nic10 RE73
L. Aelius Lamia C. (Aelius) Lamia
* c.90 eques Romanus, senator in 54
"princeps ordinis equestris" very likely = RE75
friend of Cicero, Cic ad Q Fr II,11
relegatus 58 iudex 54
ædil 45 pr cand 43 for 42 pr 42?
A199 RE75a Rüpke470 LP3-5 A203 RE79 Laet10
L. Aelius L.f. Lamia       Q. Aelius L.f. Lamia
patrician 29 ?  IIIvir mon c 18/17 BC or 21/20 BC
leg pr pr Hisp Cit 25/24-22 BC † shortly after
† 20 BC or son of A199
XV vir sf
A200 RE76 LP17-13 18-13 33-18 39-17Laet9 P478 RE43 Rüpke2727 Laet291
L. Aelius L.f.L.n. Lamia M. Plautius M.f. Silvanus
mon 9/8 BC pr 1 AD cos ord 3 AD   trib Ani.
leg Aug pro pr Germ 10-11  cos ord 2 BC procos Asia 4/5 AD
leg Aug Illyricum c.12-14 epulo,
procos Africa 15/16 or 16/17
leg Aug pro pr Syr 22/23-32 (in absentia)
praef urb 32 † 33 XV vir sf ??
A201?   P479 RE44 Rüpke2728 Laet728
(L.Aelius Lamia)         (Aelia) ~ 1 M. Plautius Silvanus     others
pr 24 † 24
~ 2 Apronia, A975 FOS86
? † 24 murdered by husband
Rüpke469 LP3-16 20-20 26-50 Devreker224
A201 A202 RE77 Laet932   P480 RE47 Stech6 Rüpke2729 Laet729
(L.?) Aelius (Lamia ?)   Ti. Plautius M.f. Silvanus Aelianus
frater Arvalis 50-54 (attested) trib Ani., * c.12 born a patrician
rhetor ? monet, q Tiberii 36/37 leg leg V Ala in Germ Inf c.39/40 pr urb c.42
comes et legatus in Britannia 43-44 cos suff 45
procos Asia c.55/56, leg Aug pro pr Moesia c.60-67
adopt ? leg in Hisp c.71 (70-73?) PUR 73 (or ?72) cos suff II 74 † 79
  pont, sodalis Augustalis 64, ornamenta triumphalia c.74
A205 RE78 Stech118,280 Laet1603 Devreker10   P483 RE64a FOS614 A283 FOS8
L. Aelius Lamia Plautius Aelianus           Plautia (Aelia)
or L. Aelius Plautius Lamia Aelianus ment 55/56 with ment Iuvenal
cos suff 80 † an inc (89?) exc. by DOMITIAN father in Asia relative of cos 80
? adopted by the last Aelius Lamia AE1998-419
~ Domitia Longina, FOS327, later DOMITIA AUGUSTA. dt of
Cn. Domitius Corbulo cos suff 39 † 67
A204   P484 FOS615
(Plautia or Aelia)           (Plautia)
1~ L. Ceionius Commodus cos ord 106 C604
~ L. Fundanius 2~ C. Avidius Nigrinus cos suff 110 † 118 exc A1408
3~ Sex. Vettulenus Civica Cerialis cos 106 V503
  see stemma for Ceionius for Plautia's children by the three marriages
A204 RE78a Stech1509 LP26-119 Lamb5
L. Fundanius (Aelius?) Lamia Aelianus
cos ord 116 procos.Asia 131/132
A206 P347 Rüpke2723 ? FOS393
L. Plautius L.f. [Aelius] Lamia Silvanus (Aelianus ?)   (Fundania)       Ti. (Fundanius)    
monet, VI vir equit Rom turmae, salius Collinus, 
ab actis of Hadrian,  ~ M. Annius Libo ~ (Annia), dt of 
cos.suff.145 cos ord 128 M. Annius Verus cos III 126
~ Aurelia Fadilla, dt of ANTONINUS PIUS
A1653 FOS137
A713 FOS60 A668 RE61 FOS394
Annia Fundania Faustina       M. Annius Libo Fundania Ti.f. Faustina
or dt of Ti. Fundanius cos suff 161
~ T. Pomponius Proculus Vitrasius Pollio ~ M'. Acinius Glabrio
cos suff c.151 cos II ord 176 cos 152
cousin of M. AURELIUS
VARIANT stemma assuming an adoption has taken place, cf Settipani p.278  
A200 RE76 P478 RE43 Rüpke2727 Laet291
L. Aelius L.f.L.n. Lamia   M.Plautius M.f.Silvanus
mon 9/8 BC pr 1 AD cos 3 AD  † 33 trib Ani.
procos Africa 15-16, leg Syr 22-32 cos ord 2 BC
praef urb 32 adopted
(L.Aelius Lamia)       (Aelius Lamia)  
(as M. Plautius M.f. Silvanus Aelianus ?)
A201 A202 RE77 P480 RE P47
(L.?) Aelius (Lamia ?)   Ti. Plautius M.f. Silvanus Aelianus
frater Arvalis sub Claudia 50-54 cos suff 45 74 trib Ani.
rhetor ? Hisp Cit. 70-71 procos Asia, Moesia
born patrician, PUR
pont, sodalis Augustalis
or his natural father was L. Lamia cos 3 AD
RE78 A205 P483 RE P64a FOS614
L. Aelius Plautius Lamia Aelianus   Plautia    
cos suff 80, exc. by DOMITIAN ment 55/56
~ Domitia Longina, dt of
Cn. Domitius Corbulo cos suff 39 † 67
~ (Fundania)
A204 RE134a P484 FOS615
L. Fundanius Aelius Lamia Aelianus   (Plautia)  
cos 116 procos.Asia 132 1~ L. Ceionius Commodus cos 106 C604
2~ C. Avidius Nigrinus cos suff 110 † 118 exc A1408
3~ Sex. Vettulenus Civica Cerialis cos 106 V503
A206 RE P49 see stemma for Ceionius for Plauti's children by the three marriages
L. Plautius L.f. Lamia Silvanus
(Aelianus ?)
~ Aurelia Fadilla, dt of ANTONINUS PIUS
A1653 FOS137
UNCERTAIN DATE