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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Modestus
Senatorial Celsinus, Censorinus
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors n/a
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 1 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: Earlier Iunia Aiacia Modesta was considered a daughter of Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus and married to Q. Aradius Rufinus cos suff 228), however her first 
nomen Iunia indicates she is more likely to be a granddaughter, as followed in stemma below.
Literature Alföldy: Gallia Cisalpina (1999) p.338 (§10 Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus possibly from North Italy)
Badel, Christophe: "Fasti Severiani, Etude sur le personnel administratif et politique de l'Empire romain de Caracalla à Sévère Alexandre (211-235)", thesis , Paris, 1994
Christol: "Un Echo Un écho des jeux séculaires de 204 après Jesus-Christ en Arabie sous le gouvernement de Q. Aiacius Modestus", in Revue des Études Anciennes. 
Tome 73, 1971, p.124-140 (dates his governorship of Arabia to 205-208 ending with him being promoted to consul designatus)
Eck: Statthalter der germanischen Provinzen (1985) p.81-82 (§42 Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus)
Jones, Martindale and Morris PLRE vol.I (1971)  p.572 (Aiace Maxima, author writes"Her name is unusual and should not be confused with the nomen Aiacia"
Later scholars disagree.)
Kajava, Mika: "A New Catalogue of Roman Upper-Class Women", in Arctos vol. XXII, 1988,  p.80 argues that Aiacie's gentlicium should be Aiacia.
Leunissen: Konsuln (1989) p.137, 157-158, 227, 246, 268, 366 (Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus, he supports Thomasson in dating his governorship of Arabia and
his suffect consulate to before 204 (198/200 or 202/203-204)
Pflaum, H.-G.: "Les gouverneurs de la province romaine d'Arabie de 193 A 305", in Syria. Tome 34, 1957. p.137 (§3 Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus, dates 
his governorship to c.198-204, but newer information points to 204/208)
Ritterling: Fasti Deutschland (1932) p.38-39 (§37 Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus,  governor between 208 and 211)
Schumacher: Prosopographische Untersuchungen 96-235 (1973) p.90, 326 (§53 Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus, XV vir sf before 192)
Schumacher: Priesterkollegien 69-235 (1978) p. 688 (§66 Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus,, coopted before 192, from Italy)
Setälä: Roman Brick Stamps (1977) p.201, 254, 259, 276, 282 (Vibius Aiacianus, under Hadrian or early Antoninus Pius)
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.234 (stemma connecting Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus with Q. Aradius Rufibus legatus Syria Coele 267)
Starcky, Jean and Bennet, C.-M.: "Découvertes récentes au sanctuaire du Qasr à Pétra. III. - Les inscriptions du téménos", in  Syria, Tome 45, 1968, p. 41-66 
discussion of insriptions at Petra of career and family of Q. Aiacius Modestus Crescentianus; cf.AE1968-518, 522-523)
Thomasson: Laterculi Addenda 2009, p.138, believes he was already a consular by 204, and thus the Arabian governship, where he is attested cos desig, must be before.
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Rüpke549 LP10-39 26-202 35-15
A470 RE2 cf A468 Bar22 Okon40 A469 et A470 RE1 Okon39 Bar21 A468 cf RE2
Q. Aiacius (L.f.) Modestus Crescentianus   Q. Aiacius Censorinus               (Aiacia) Q. Ai[acius] L.f.
clar vir, possibly from Africa or N. Italy, clar vir, = A470 ?
XV vir sf 204 during the ludi saecularis ~ (Cannutius) procos Asia
leg Aug pro pr Arabia c.205-208 (or 198/204) Bar680 Okon1285
cos desig in Arabia c.207/208 (or by 204)
cos suff c.207/208  (in absentia ?)
leg Aug pro pr Germania Sup (208-) 209 (-211)
procos Asia (L.f.) ?  cos ord II 228
~ Danacia Quartilla Aureliana  (D6)
clar fem.  
  PIR Addenda 2004 RE1 Okon1220 PIR Addenda 2004 RE1a Okon1221 C400 RE5 C399 RE4 Bar982 Okon236
(Aiacia)     Q. Aiacius Censorinus Celsinus Arabianus    L. Aiacius Modestus Aurelianus Cannutia Crescentina   Cannutius Modestus
ment in Arabia with father (born there?) Priscus Agricola Salvianus vestal leg leg XXX Ulp 223
~ Iunius ? ckar vir, ment in Arabia with father † 213 executed
? AE1968-518, 522, 523 AE1968-518, 522, 523
A471 RE Iunia 196
Iunia Aiacia Modesta
or less likely dt of A470
~ Q. Aradius Rufinus
leg Syria Coele 267 ?
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                    
A468a Bar2180 FOS42 PLRE p.572 PIR1-V375a
Aiace Maxima (or more likely Aiacia Maxima) Vibius Aiacianus
clar fem, owner of villa at Baiae, dominus praedia
end 2nd century to 3rd century, under Hadrian or early Antoninus Pius