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Update:  26th September 2020
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X    Local magistrate: X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis Gallus
Senatorial no cognomen, Praenestinus
Equestrian no cognomen
Local magistrat. Baasio
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen (only until 284)
Imperators n/a
Consular no cognomen, Cerialis, Faustus, Flavianus, Paulinus
Senatorial Maximus, Paulinianus,
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) Caesianus, Maximus
Local magistrat. Bassus, Fronto, Privatus
Uncertain Crispinus, Geminius, Saturninus,
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 1
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 6 up to 284 AD incl. 2 Cocceii but excl. cos 277
Notes: The republican Anicii come from Praeneste. The imperial Anicii seem not to be connected to them. 
Since the Anicii family from c.200 directly continues after 284 I hve chosen to continue the stemma beyond 284 to the 6th century. Please note that scholars disagree
with the descent. The version chosen below does not claim to be the truth. I have added an alternative stemma at bottom, but variations are plentiful.
"Anicianae domus culmen" = "bulward of the Anician house", is a nuch discussed description of Sex. Claudius Petronius Probus cos 371.
Literature Arnheim: Senatorial Aristocracy (1972) p.109-113, 181-183, 186, 195-197 (Anicii) with stemma 2 at back (The Anicii and Collaterals)
Bagnall: Consuls (1987) : Anician consuls in years 298, 322, 325, 334, 350, 395, 395, 406, 408, 431, 438, 464, 483, 490, 491, 510, 541, 
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concerning Vesia Rustica and Seia Maxima, with stemma p.216
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Aurelius Anicius Symmachus, PUR 418-420), p.281-286 (§127 Petroniux Maximus, PUR 420-421, possibly descended from Anicii, but no proof), 
p.286-289 (§128 Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus, PUR III times, between 421 and 423, in 425, and finally before 438)
Chausson, Francois: "Une soeur de Constantin: Anastasia", in Humana Sapit: Études d’antiquité tardive offertes à Lellia Cracco Ruggini, 
ed. J.-M. Carrié and R. Lizzi Testa (Turnhout 2002), 131–55. [ARTICLE NOT AVAILABLE TO ME]. Stemma p.140 in Settipani p.105.
Christol, Michel and Drew-Bear, Thomas: "P. Anicius Maximus, légat du proconsul d'Afrique M(anius) Acilius Glabrio, et les grandes familles d'Antioche de Pisidie", 
in Anatolia Antiqua, Tome 15, 2007. p.225-232, inscription shows a new P. Anicius Maximus of 167/168 AD.
Christol, Michel: "A propos des Anicii le III siecle", in MEFRA, vol.98,1, 1986, p.141-164 has a different stemma, where cos 277 and 325 descend from A599 
while consuls 298 and 322 descend from A599's brother Paulinianus. (cf stemma AE1986-5). Also the two Cocceii are sons of an Anicia, sister to A599.
Christol: Carrieres Senatoriales (1986) p.185-187 (§20 Sex. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Paulinus, procos Africa 264/268)
Clover, Frank M.: "The Family and Early Career of Anicius Olybrius.” Historia 27 (1978): 169-96 dates his marriage to Placida to 457
Corbier, M.: "Les Familles clarissimes d‟Afrique proconsulaire (I-III siècle)‟, in: Epigrafia e Ordine Senatorio II. Tituli 5 (Roma 1982) 685-754",  
p.741 has stemma of the third-century Anicii (ARTICLE NOT AVAILABLE TO ME)
Craven: Imperial Families of Ancient Rome (2020) p.382 (Table XLV: The Posterity of Probus, making Imperator Petronius Maximus the son of Anicius Probinus 
cos 395, and father of Imp Anicius Olybrius), p. 507 (Table LXIIIa Petronius Maximus), p.540 (Table LXIII(b): The Posterity of Olybrius. He makes
Olybrius (PP 503) and Eugenes the sons of Imperator Anicius Olybrius by a first wife before Placidia.). Craven follows Mommaerts and Kelley.
Deniaux: Clientèles et pouvoir (1993) p.446-448 (§7 C. Anicius, RE1, recommended by Cicero 44/43)
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Grady, I.E.: "DIO LIX. 25. 5 b , A NOTE", in Rheinisches Museum für Philologie, Neue Folge, 124. Bd., 1981, p.261-267 analyses the conflicting evidence 
for the conspiracy of 40 AD. He suggests that the Anicius Cerialis executed with a Papinius is the father of the consul of 65. Sex. Papinius was not his son.
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discusses inscription c.200/201 giving a second son of cos suff 198; named Sex. Anicius Faustus Paulinianus, same name as a Paulinianus dated to c.161/262
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his stemma is reproduced by Settipani. [ARTICLE NOT AVAILABLE TO ME]
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who were coss 395; very conjectual since most possible descendants were not named Anicius), p.432 (total stemma of Anicii)
Settipani: Continuite addenda  (2001/2004) p.30 (stemma with Amnius Anicius Paulinus cos 334 marrying a Pincia), p.78 (stemma of Anicius Faustus cos II 298; 
not followed), p.98 (stemma by Orlandi of Anicius Acilius Aginatius Faustus), p.105 (reproduction of stemma from Chausson p.140, 
Anicius Faustus cos II 298 marries a Caesonia, dt of L. Caesonius Ovinius Manlius Rufinianus Bassus, PUR 285)
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Caesonius Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus signo Honorius, corrects this to L. Amnius M[ ---]nius Caesonius Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus. Thus no signo and praenomen Lucius)
Taylor: Voting Districts (1960/2013) p.189 (Praeneste was enrolled in tribus Menenia after the Social War, but Anicii were citizens already in 304 BC)
Thomasson: Fasti Africani (1996) 92-93 (§128 Sex. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Paulinus, procos Africa c.265-268), p.170-176 (§50 Q. Anicius Faustus, leg leg III Aug 197/201)
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Q. Anicius Praenestinus
aed cur 304
previously an enemy of Rome
M. Anicius
praetor from Praeneste, praef soc 216
L. Anicius L.f. or M.f.
if M.f. then may be son of RE4
RE15   ? RE3
L. Anicius L.f.L.n. Gallus       Cn. Anicius
or L.f. M.n. (in Act. Triumph) leg of Aemilius Paulus 168
pr pereg and Illyricum 168
 propr 167 with triumph,
cos 160 leg amb 154
likely eques
RE18    not in RE CIL-10-44 ILLRP-651
Anicia Q. Anicius L.f. M. Anicius L.f. Baaso
cousin of Atticus X vir agr dand assig ?91? aedil at Praeneste
~ Ser.Sulpicius Rufus q c.86 ? of C. Norbanus ? Sullan period
frater of Publius tr pl 88
RE1 Cic. ad Q. fr. 3.1 23.
C. Anicius T. Anicius
ment by Cicero 57 55 commissioned by Q. Cicero to
senator 44 BC acquire a villa for him.
L. Anicius C.f. Paetinas
Salanoe, Dalmatia,
IIII vir iure dicundo,
praef fabrum and thus eques
IIII vir quinquennalis,
Dem225 ILS7160
L. Anicius L.f. Paetinas
Salanoe, Dalmatia,
IIII vir iure dicundo, IIII vir quinquennalis sub Augustus,
praef for quinq Drusus Caesar c.14/15
praef for quinq P. Cornelius Dolabella c.20
local pontifex,, flamen Iulia Augusta (Livia),
praef fabrum and thus eques, praef Phariaca of Salonae
A603 Dem622 PMEA116 A604 RE16a Dem490 PME-after A116
C. Anicius Q.f. Caesianus Sex. Anicius P. Anicius P.f. Maximus C. Anicius Cerialis
tribus Sergia ab Antiochia Pisidia, from Baetica trib. Sergia ab Antiochia Pisidia, † exc for conspiracy 40
tr mil III Gal in Syria 1st century, praef pro II vir of Antiochia  betrayed by his son,
II vir mid 1st century, (of Cn. Domitius Ahenobarbus (cos 32 AD, † 40)), cf Grady's article
AE1920-76 primus pilus XII Ful in Syria, praef castrorum II Aug in Germ,
son of a Caesia Procilla donis militaribus 37/41 praef castrorum II Aug in Brit, 
related to A604 corona murali et hasta pura in Brit 43
under Claudius / Nero praef (castrorum) exercitus in Aegyptus,
  related to A603  
  A592 ?? A605 RE20 FOS47   A594  RE2 RE7
Anicia C.f.   L. Ani(cius?)     Anicia Sex.f. Postuma (Anicius) C. Anicius Cerialis
Caesiana cos suff an. inc. cos suff 65 AD
under the Flavians ?? ~ (Cn.?) Etrilius Afer   † 66 suicide
cos suff under Flavians  
E102, E101    
RE8a RE Crispinus7a A603 RE16 LP27-30  
A. A[ni?)cius A.f. Crispinus Anicius Maximus  
trib. Pal, procos Pontus-Bithynia   
promag quadragesimae portuum Asiae sub Trajan c before 108/109  
under Trajan  
P. Anicius Maximus  
leg of procos Africa 167/168  
cf article by Christol and DrewBear  
LP20-50 26-181 40-56    
A595 RE10 Okon56 Bar27 ? AE1969-647A M370 RE Matius3 Rüpke2408 Bar795 Okon1464 M134 RE8
Q. Anicius Faustus               Sex. Anicius Saturninus C. Matius C.f. Sabinius Sullinus Vatinianus Anicius M. An[icius?] Cerialis
clar vir, ab Uzappa in Africa, ab Uzappa in Africa, Maximus Caesulenus Martialis Pisibanus Lepidus or Man[ilius?] Cerialis
leg Aug pro pr III Aug in Numidia 197-201 cos desig 198 or father of A595 trib Collina, patrician, or Mattius received rescript 198/207
cos suff 198 leg Aug pro pr Moesia Sup 202-c.205 ~ Seia Maxima FOS692 salius Palatinus until 186 Flamen Iulianus 186
procos Asia 217-219 related to M. Seius Maximus  sevir equitum Romanorum, monetalis,
patron of Lambaesis, Thamugadi, Cirta, Cuicul, Arsacal eques from Cirta under Caracalla adlectus inter quaestorios, pr cand, cos suff 188/193
probably son of M. Pisibanius Lepidus cos 159 (AE1999408)
~ Vesia Rustica (FOS791) from Mactar of equestrian family curator et patron Gemona, Howe 12.15, 16.55 ILS1122
A599 A596 RE13 Okon57 Bar931 LP20-122 cf article by Le Glay / Tourrenc RE9 RE19
(Sex.?) Anicius Faustus Paulinus   Sex. Anicius Faustus Paulinianus Sex. Anicius Faustus Anicia
cos suff before 230 clar puer c.201/202 son of consular Anicius rescript 244
leg Aug pro pr Moesia Inf 230-(232) clar vir  Cod Iust. II-43-3
~ (Cocceia) dt of Sex. Cocceius Vibianus probably = A599 or son of A595
cos suff 190s procos Africa  
A600 PLRE16 RE22 RE14 Bar1427 Okon1328 A597 PLRE8 RE24 RE11 Bar1425 Rüpke1276 Okon1327
Sex. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Paulinus   M. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Flavianus
cos suff an. inc., patricius, XV vir sf 251/252
procos Africa 264/268 cos suff by 251
or son of RE22
~ dt of C. Asinius Nicomachus Iulianus curator et patron of Cirta 251/-252
procos Asia
PLRE2 RE Paul6 PLRE6 A601 RE23 Bar1802 A596 A598 RE12 PLRE Paul Bar1426 A593 RE6a PLRE-add PLRE13
(Anicius??) Paulinus   M. Iunius Caesonius Nicomachus  Sex. Anicius Faustus Paulinianus Anicius Asper Iunius Anicius Paulinus
cos 277 Anicius Faustus Paulinus clarissimus iuvenis, procos Phrygia + Caria senator early 4th century
or = L. Iulius Paulinus (J451) or just Anicius Faustus patron Uzappa, late 3rd century or early 4th perhaps  VII vir epulo,
(PLRE18) procos Africa 283 cos suff an inc, cos ord II 298  AE1985-881d Degrassi assumes him consul ? = PLRE6, 14,15,17,
PUR 299-300 c.261/262
RE27 PLRE23 A601 RE23 PLRE17 PLRE15 RE25 A602 PLRE
Amnius Anicius Iulianus     M. Iunius Caesonius Nicomachus       Sex. Anicius Paulinus Anicius Macidonianus
cos suff an inc,  Anicius Faustus Paulinus cos suff an inc,  cos suff post Diocletian
procos Africa before 322 (300/303?) not = RE23 above procos Africa before 325
cos 322 PUR 326-329 vir clar, praetor urb 321 cos II 325 PUR 331-333
richest man of his time, Christian
~ (Caesonia  Manilia), 
sister to Caesonius Bassus cos 317 ??
RE28 PLRE14 ??? [RE29] RE26 PLRE Anicius and Sergius
L. Amnius M[…]ius Caesonius        (Anicia) Fl. Anicius Sergius ??
Nicomachus Anicius Paulinus  or Anicius Anicetus (cf Chastagnol) 
vir clar, leg of procos Africa under his father, ~ [Annius Bassus (RE29)] or Flavius Anicius
procos Asia et Hellespont, PP 318-331 cos 331 cos 350
cos 334 PUR 334-335 Now known to be a Iunius Bassus
Anicius Paulinus Iunior so this relationship is false
?? ~ (Auchenia Bassa)
?? ~ (Pincia) ??
  ? RE30 PLRE11 PLRE12 PLRE10
filia               Anicius Auchenius Bassus   Anicius Paulinus Anicius Bassus
or sister of coss 322 and 325 q cand, pr tutel, procos Campania  vir clar, procos Campania 378/9? vir clar, 4th or 5th century
~ Petronius Probinus (PLRE2) between 379 and 382 PUR 382-383 PUR 380 ment 382/3
cos 341 PUR 345-346 1st Christian in family, patron of Beneventum, envoy 395/6, patron of Capua
~ Claudia, aunt of Q. Clodius  patron of Neapolis and Fabrateria Vetus, or son of RE28 or RE25
Hermogenianus Olybrius cos 379 "restitutor generis Aniciorum"
~ Turrenia Honorata, clar fem
RE45 PLRE5   RE40 RE Olyb1 PLRE3 RE32 PLRE3 RE31 PLRE2-7 PLRE7
Sex. Claudius Petronius Probus   Q. Clodius Hermogenianus Olybrius 2~ Tyrrania Anicia Iuliana       Anicius Auchenius Bassus   Anicius Claudius
* c.328 q, pr urb, procos Africa 358 consularis Campania, procos Africa 361 or grd dt of cos 322 cos West 408 ex consul 383
PP Illyricum 364 PP Gallia 366-(367?) PUR 368-370 PP Illyricum 378 Christian † by 430 ? = RE40, but RE40 is never attested
PP Illyricum, Italia et Africa  368-375/376 PP Oriens 378 cos 379 alive 384 with nomen Anicius
cos 371 PP Illyricum, Italia et Africa  383-384 patro of Theveste and Formiae
388/9 aged 60 christian, patron of Capua, † by 395 Christian
"Anicianae domus culmen"
? 1 ~ ignota (~ 1 ignota)
2 ~ Anicia Faltonia Proba, see below      
  1   2    
1?   PLRE10 AE1955-52 ?? RE Olyb1 RE44 PLRE3 ? cf Cameron above RE33 PLRE2-8 RE34 PLRE3
filius Petronius Claudius   Olybrius Anicia Faltonia Proba   Anicius Claudius Fl. Anicius Auchenius Bassus Anicia Iuliana Anicia
* by 371 † 394 procos Africa 368-370 consularis, clar fem, alive 412 consularis by comews rei privatae 425 clar fem, ?? dt of cos 379
PLRE Anonymus161 ? son of RE40 corrector of  descent from Pincii 382/383 PP Italia 426 cos West 431 ~ Anicus Hermogenianus  ? ~ Celsinus Titianus
or son of 2nd marriage TusciaUmbria 370 ~ Sex. Claudius  PP Italia II 435 Olybrius, cos 395 vicar of Africa, † 380
~ Furia Petronius Probus see below brother of Q. Aurelius
cos 371 see above Symmachus cos 391
RE46 RE Olyb3 PLRE2 RE47 PLRE1 RE48 cf RE17 PLRE2-11   RE49 cf RE21 PLRE1 PLRE2-6 PLRE2-6 RE Sym21
Anicus Hermogenianus Olybrius Anicius Probinus Anicius Petronius Probus             Anicia Proba (Auch)en(ius) Bas(sus)   Aurelius Anicius Symmachus
cos 395 as teenager cos 395 as teenager vir clar, q cand 395 clar fem senator at Rome ?476/483 procos Africa 415 PUR 418-420
† by 410 procos Africa 396/7 cos West 406
~ Anicia Iuliana ? PUR 416 comes sacrarum largitionum 412-414 ~ Acilius Glabrio Sibidius 
see above ~ Italica leg Achaia, consularis Campania,
? vicarius Gallia after 399
RE51   RE50  PLRE2-2 ??? PLRE2-22 RE Max32 PLRE2-7 PLRE2-8 RE Faus13
filius (Probus ?)   Demetrias Anicia Italica   PETRONIUS MAXIMUS Anicius Probus Anicius Acilius Glabrio Faustus Anicia
pr if = Probus nun 414 * c.396 PUR 420 -421 vir illustris, clar vir, q cand, pr tutilaris, comes intra consistorium,
PLRE2-7 → † 440/461 ~ Valerius Faltonius  cos West 433 443 ? son of RE46, ment 459 PUR III (before 423, 425, before 438) ~ Gennadius Avienus 
Adelphius Imperator 455 † 455 killed ? = Probus pr 424/425  PP Italia, Illyricum et Africa  437-438 cos. West 450  amb 452
cos West 451 ancestry unknown (PLRE2-2) cos West 438 PP Italia 442 mention 467
~ Adelphia (or Adelata) ~ dt of Tarrutenius Maximilianus PLRE2-3 PLRE2-4
vicarius of Rome
RE52 RE Olyb4 PLRE2-6 ?? ?? PLRE2-2 PLRE2-4 RE-Faus20 PLRE2-9 RE Faus21   PLRE2-4
Anicius Olybrius               (Anicius Probus)   Anicia Iuliana (or Ulfina) Anicius Acilius Aginantius  Anicius Probus Faustus iunior niger   Rufius Valerius Messala
DOMINUS NOSTER ANICIUS OLYBRIUS   441 † 459 Faustus iunior albus cos 490 mag off ?492-494 PUR before 483
PIUS FELIX AUGUSTUS AE1975-412 clar vir, PUR ?475/482 cos West 483  q palatii 503-505/6 PP Italia 509-512
patricius, cos East 464 West Roman Imp 472  PUR 502-503 patricius, mention 519/520
cos desig for 473 ~ Cynegia
† 472 reigning 7 months ??
454/5 ~ Placidia (* 441/2 † p 480),   
dt of Imp VALENTINIANUS III (imp 425-455)      
    RE- Faus22  
RE53 PLRE2-3 RE Olyb7 PLRE2-5   RE Eugenes2 PLRE2-Eugenes PLRE2-2 PLRE2-2 PLRE2-2
Anicia Iuliana Olybrius       Eugenes (or Eugenetes) Faustus Rufus Magnus   Fl. Ennodius Messala (Anicia)
 c.461 † 527/528 q Palatii 501-503 q Palatii 506 senator 507/509 Faustus Avienus cos West 506
478/9 ~ Flavius Areobindus Dagalaiphus of Theoderic the Great magister officiorum 507-508 cos West 502 ~ Nar. Manlius Boethius
cos 506 last mention 512 as usurpator PP Italia 503 † c.503 of Theoderic the Great PP Italia 527-528 PUR I, PP Italia 480/486, cos West 487 
? PUR II 487, patricius,
RE54 RE Olyb5 PLRE2-3 RE54a RE Olyb8 PLRE2-7 ?? PLRE3-1 PLRE2-10 PLRE2-9 PLRE2-5
Fl. Anicius Olybrius iunior Fl. Anicius Olybrius       (Anicius?) Probus iunior Faustus? Albinus iunior Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius
* after 478 cos East 491 cos 526 (no colleague) cos West 525 cos West 493 PP Italia c.500-503 † c.522 philosopher,
patricius, recalled from exile 533 mention 546 or son of Probus cos 502 son of Fl. Caecina Decius Maximus Basilius patricius by 507 cos 510 
† spm ~ Proba  cos West 480 Mag. Off. West 522-523
~ Irene, niece of emperor ~ Rusticiana dt of Q. Auelius Memmius
ANASTASIUS Symmachus, cos 485, PLRE2-9,  
PLRE3-1   PLRE3-3
Proba   daughter Anicius Faustus Albinus Basilius
cos West 541 (last consul)
~ Probus patricius,
? son of Probus cos 502
ALTERNATIVE STEMMA:  Settipani p. 348
A595 RE10
Q. Anicius Faustus
leg Numidia 197-201
cos suff 198 leg Moesia 202
procos Asia 217
~ Vesia Rustica
A599 RE13 RE12 A596 A598
(Q.) Anicius Faustus Paulinus   Sex. Anicius Faustus   (Anicia) ~ (M.Cocceius) son of 
cos suff 220/225 Paulinianus Sex. Cocceius Vibianus procos c.200
leg Aug propr Moesia Inf 229 clarissimus iuvenis
  A600 PLRE16 RE22   A597 PLRE8 RE24
(Anicius Faustus) Sex. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Paulinus   M. Cocceius Anicius Faustus Flavianus
procos Africa 264/268 patricius consularis
~ (Asinia Iuliana) dt of  cos suff c 250
C.Asinius Nicomachus
Iulianus procos c 230
(Anicius) Paulinus       Anicius Faustus
cos 277 cos II 298 PUR 299-300
or = L. Iulius Paulinus (J451)
(PLRE18) procos Africa 283
see above
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                                              
AE1950-155 AE1950-155 CIL-8-5297 CIL-8-19201 CIL-6-32160 CIL-6-31944
Anicius Bassus Anicia Pudentilla L. Flavius Anicius Privatus Anicius Geminius Anicius P(robus) Faustus Anicius Paulinus
trib. Quirina, from Sabratha, from Calama in Numidia, from Sila in Numidia, vir clar vir clar
II vir quinq at Sabratha in Tripolitania, rich woman edil, II vir, II vir quinq, sacerdos Saturni, relation to family unknown relation to family unknown
  dedicated 2 statues sacerdos Neptuni, ~ Aemilia Optata
  to M. AURELIUS 169/170
C. Anicius Fronto
trib Quir, at Sabratha,
equo publico,
local q, aedil, II vir, II vir quinq,