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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate: X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis Pansa
Senatorial no cognomen, Decianus, Saturninus
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. Rufus
Uncertain no cognomen, Decianus, Saturninus
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular no cognomen, Rufinus, 
Senatorial Tappo, Varus ?. 
Equestrian Balbinus
Equestrian (mil) no cognomen, 
Local magistrat. Fronto, Madaurensis, Severus, Tappo,
Uncertain Nepos
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 1
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 4 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: Patrician after 29 BC. Spelling also Apuleius.
AIJ= Antike Inschriften aus Jugoslavien, 1938 by Hoffiler and Saria
Literature Alexander: Trials (1990) p.39 (Trial §74, in 101 Saturninus charged with violation of immunity of envoys before a quaestio extraordinario, acquitted),
p.40 (Trial §77 in c.100: Saturninus prosecuted Q. Caecilius Metellus Numidicus , cos. 109, for perduellio, exiled), p.40-41 (Trial §78 in 99: C. Appuleius
Decianus prosecuted L. Valerius Flaccus (cos 86), acquitted), p.41-42 (§79 in 99 or 98: C. Appuleius Decianus prosecuted C. Canuleius tr. pl. 99;; killed by mob), 
p.42 (§81 in 98 or 97: Decianus convicted and exiled), p.122 (§247 in 59: C. Appuleius Decianus (RE22) as subscriptor de repetundis vs L. Valerius Flaccus 
gov. Asia 62; acquitted), 
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and adopted by a C. Appuleius)
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as the two year period of Sex. Appuleius' proconsulate of Asia)
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mentions IMP(erator) before COS; this seems unconvincing to me)
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Pollini, John: "Ahenobarbi, Appuleii and Some Others on the Ara Pacis", in American Journal of Archaeology, Vol.90, 1986, p.453-460, argues that the inscription 
assumed related to RE16a (pr, Flam Iulialis) is the son cos 29BC and thus nothing is known of Octavia Maior's husbond. It would also be cos 29 who became
a patrician in 30. Indeed the cos 29 could be the husbond of Octavia. If Octavia was born c.70, the cos 29 (born earliest c.60/55 if he reached the consulate
at very early age like Agrippa) can only with difficulty be a son. Rübke: Fasti Sacerdotum p. 539 prefers this.
Polo: Quaestorship in the Roman Republic (2019) p.215 (M. Appuleius, RE13, q 45, proq Asia 44), p.215-216 (P. Appuleius, RE2?, RE15, proq 46 tr pl 43)
p.216-217 (L. Appuleius Saturninus, q either 105 or 104 BC), p.217 (C. Appuleius Tappo, possibly q in the 40s BC), p.307-308 (Cn. Saturninus, q 68?)
Raepsaet-Charlier: PFOS (1987) stemma XIII (Appuleia Varilla)
Rüpke: Fasti Sacerdotum (2008) p.539 (M Appuleius, A959, RE13 not an augur), p-539 (§686 Sex. Appuleius, cos 29 BC; Rüpke opines he cannot be the son of 
Octavia Maior for chronological reasons, he must be her husband, and the flamen Iulialis must be his son)
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co-opted probably in 21)
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Lepidus cos 78, who died of grief after the divorce; other M. Lepidi are possible)
Syme, Ronald: "Senators, Tribes and Towns", in Historia 13, 1964, p.111 (also in Roman Papers II, p.600-601, 611),  (concludes that L. Appuleius, pr 59, had 
had no cognomen and was not a Saturninus), p.121-122 (the Saturninus of Pro Plancia was a Sentius not an Appuleius)
Szramkiewicz: Gouverneurs Vol.2  (1972) p.376-377 (Appuleius, RE6, procos Sicilia possibly after 27 BC; M. Appuleius, cos 20 BC,  q.45 etc; Sex. Appuleius cos 29)
Taylor: Voting Districts (1960/2013) p.192 (Appuleia: L. Ap(p)uleius? L. f., Sergia, . S.C. 44 , no. 5; M. Appuleius M. f., trib Cam, Consilium 129 , no. 26; .
Sex. Appuleius Sex.f. Sex. n. Sex. pron., trib. Gal. A963, from Luba, "ultimus gentis suae"; L. Appuleius Saturninus, pr 59, from Atina, hence tribus Ter.,
he was first of his family in senate thus must derive from collateral line of tr pl 100)
Thomasson: Fasti Africani (1996) p.80 (§105 Rufinus, procos Africa 203/204, possibly = A966)
Villaret, Alain: "Les dieux augustes dans l’Occident romain : un phénomène d’acculturation", Annexe 3, Notices prosopographiques, Bordeaux, 2016 p.35-36
discusses numerous Appuleii in Dalmatia, incl. Balbinus,, eques Romanus. These Appuleii may have derived their gens from Sex. Appuleius, legatus 8 BC)
Wiseman: New Men (1971) p.213 (§33 Sex. Appuleius, A960), p.213 (§34 C. Appuleius M.f. Tappo, A967)
Zmeskal: adfinitas (2009) p.35-37 (Republican Appuleii)
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L. Appuleius
tr pl 391
Q. Apuleius Pansa
cos 300
RE28 not in RE RE16
L. Apuleius Saturninus                           C. Appuleius Saturninus Q. Appuleius
Xvir agr dand 173 Vvir fin cognosc. Statuend. 168 Xvir agr dand assig 173
pr pereg 166 amb 156 (or 155) ?
    RE9 not in RE not in RE
(Appuleius Saturninus) C. Appuleius P. Decius Subulo M. Appuleius M.f. Appuleius
tr pl 120 pr 115 trib Cam, tr pl an inc, post 241
adopted sen 129  a Lex Appuleia de sponsu
      in SC de Agro Pergameno
RE29   RE133 RE21    
L. Appuleius Saturninus Cn. Cornelius Dolabella C. Appuleius Decianus
mon c 105 q Ostia 104  "frater" of RE29 (99?) exiled 97 (98?) 100 tr pl desig 99  † 100 murdered
 † 100 murdered
RE32   RE30 RE22 Nic28 RE27 nonexistant person RE11 not in RE
Appuleia Sex. Appuleius  L. Appuleius C. Appuleius Decianus Cn. Appuleius L.f. Saturninus L. Appuleius Appuleius
tribus Galeria, pr Maced 59  exiled 97 negotiator Asia for 30 years, from Atinum, subscriptor to leg c.50/1 BC
?? ~ M. Aemilius Lepidus, cos 78 ab Luna in procos Maced 58 subscriptor vs L. Valerius Flaccus sen by 54 (Cic Planc.19+29) Caecilius Niger,
Etruria ? = senator 44 60/59 (Cic Pro Flacc 29) ment 44 (ad Fam xii.26) Cic Div. in Caec. 47
  ? = RE11 is a Sentius Saturninus year 70, ? = RE30
A960 RE16a Laet36 RE13 A959 RE4 Laet35   RE5 not in RE not in RE RE2 RE15 Curchin547 RPC155-156 RE3
Sex. Appuleius Sex.f.   M. Appuleius Sex.f. Apuleius L. Appuleius L.f. L. Appuleius Decianus Appuleius ?=? P. Appuleius L. Appuleius Rufus Appuleius
q, pr urb ,  augur 45 q Asia 45 proscr 43 trib Sergia, 5th on q.44, proq 43-42 sub  q.48 supported Cicero 63 II vir quinq 42/23 (32?) praediator
flamen Iulialis 30 or 29 proq Asia 44 proscribed 43 fled to  Brutus senatus consultum  44 Sex.Pompeius proq. Asia 47-46 at Carthago Nova, Cic ad Att 
became Patrician 33 (or 29) proscr 43 (= RE5) ? = pr 59 Cic ad Fam xiii-45/46 xii.14.17
~ Octavia Maior leg of Brutus in Bithynia 42
halfsister of AUGUSTUS
LP3-3 17-5 26-4
A961 RE17 RE17a Laet37 Rüpke686 A959 RE14 Laet35 A967 RE31 Rüpke p.540 Laet441 PME-A154 Dem22 RE6
Sex. Appuleius Sex.f Sex.n.         M. Appuleius Sex.f. C. Appuleius M.f. Tappo L. Appuleius L.f. Appuleius
cos ord 29 BC procos Hisp Cit 28/27 triumph 26 leg Aug 23/22 (of legio ?) ab Aquleia, thus trib Velina, from Nomentum in Latium, procos Sicilia
augur by 26/25 procos Asia 2 years 23-21 (or 26-24) cos ord 20 BC q, tr pl, aedil, iudex quaestionis, tr mil shortly after 40 AD uncertain date
? frat Arv 29 pr c. 40/20 BC or (Dem) 44/30 BC post 27 BC ?
leg Aug pro pr Illicum 8 BC (RE17a) ~ Fonteia ILS906 son of L. Appuleius L.l. Asclepiades
patron Aesernia, Assiorum, Samiorum, local pont thus a freedman
~ Quinctilia, Q31 
dt of Sex. Quinctilius Varus q 49
A962 RE18 Laet38 Rüpke687 A968 RE33 FOS85 ?? PIR-add ILLRP540 cf A967 cf RE31 CIL-IV-3526
Sex. Appuleius Sex.f.Sex.n.     Appuleia Varilla     P. Appuleius Varus C. Appuleius C.f. Tappo Appuleius
cos ord 14 AD honoured c.23/22 BC honored at Athens ca 1/25 AD pontifex at Aquileia, II vir cand at Pompeii 50/79
frater Arvalis attested 21 exiled 17 AD senator ? ~ Sepstnia = Q. Appuleius Severus
~ Fabia Numantina, FOS353, dt of  ~ M. Aemilius Lepidus aedil c.55/56 II vir mid 50s
Paullus Fabius Maximus A370 see Castren 136
cos 11 BC  (~ 1 or 2  M. Plautius Silvanus)
A963 RE19
(Sex.) Appuleius Sex.f.Sex.n.Sex.pron.
tribus Galeria, 
A965 RE23
Appuleius Nepos
heir to Dasumius 108
II vir at Madaura in Numidia,
A958 RE9 PIR1 V551 
(L.?) Apuleius Madaurensis M. Ulpius Apuleius Eurycles
* c.125 † c.170?? from Aizani, 
platonic and sophist , high priest of Asia 161 high priest II 180/192
author of the Golden Ass, KEARSLEY R.A. 1987, ‘M. Ulpius Appuleius Eurykles 
sacerdos provincia, of Aezani. Panhellene, Asiarch and Archiereus of Asia’,
accused and acquitted 158 Antichton 21, 49-56.
RE Rufinus5 LP39-118 Lamb1025
A966 RE26 R140 Bar447 Bar 648 Okon90 Okon879
Apuleius Rufinus
leg Augusti provinciae Africae dioeceseos Numidiae,
leg leg VIII Aug, praef frumenti dandi,
praefectus aerarii Saturni, cos suff 190 or 189
procos Africa 203/204 (R140)
curator Bovianensium, Albensium, Fucentium, Concordiensium
not = Atulenus Rufinus XVvir sf 204, A1372
Okon138 AE2003-1674 A1372
P. Attius Clementinus Rufinus
from Ephesus
cos suff
~ Ulpia Apuleia
AE1977-22 Okon141 LP33-80 PIR-V-p.423 RE8
P. Attius Ulpius Apuleius Clementinus Rufinus Apuleius
clar vir, reeceived rescript 245
leg Aug pro pr Syria Coele 241 (Attius Rufinus)
~ Fl(avia) Veratia Peticianilla, clar fem
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                                  
Fitz588 CIL-III-9997 CIL-III-2977
L. Appuleius C. Appuleius C.f. Balbinus Appuleius P.f. Fronto
II vir at Celeia in Noricum, trib. Sergia, at Iader in Dalmatia, aedil, II vir quiquennalis, pont
AIJ p.6-7 nr 9 eques Romanus,  at Aenona, Dalmatia,
centurion in legio X Gem, local pont,
2nd century † aged 21