Created: 28th August 2007
Update:  11th November 2013
Status Republic: Patrician   Pleb. nobilis   Senatorial X Eques Romanus  
Family Republic Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial Decianus, Pansa, Saturninus
Equestrian n/a
Family Imperial Consular Rufinus, Tappo
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Cos,Tr Cos, Dict, M Eq,Cens Republic: 1
Consuls Imperial: 4
Notes: Patrician after 29 BC. Spelling also Apuleius.
Articles: G.V. Sumner: Lex Annalis under Caesar (Continued), in Phoenix Vol.25, 1971, p. 361-363 with stemma.
John Pollini: Ahenobarbi, Appuleii and Some Others on the Ara Pacis, in American Journal of Archaeology, Vol.90, 1986, p.453-460, argues that the inscription assumed related to RE16a (pr, Flam Iulialis)
is the son cos 29BC and thus nothing is known of Octavia Maior's husbond. It would also be cos 29 who became a patrician in 30. Indeed the cos 29 could be the husbond of Octavia. If Octavia was born
c.70, the cos 29 (born earliest c.60/55 if he reached the consulate at very early age like Agrippa) can only with difficulty be a son. Rübke: Fasti Sacerdotum p. 539 prefers this.
tr pl 391
Q.Apuleius Pansa
cos 300
RE28 not in RE RE16
L.Appuleius Saturninus                           C.Appuleius Saturninus Q.Appuleius
Xvir agr dand 173 Vvir fin cognosc statuend 168 Xvir agr 173
pr 166 amb 156 or 155
  ? not in RE
(Appuleius Saturninus) (C. Appuleius) M.Appuleius M.f.
sen 129
trib Cam
RE29   ? RE21
L.Appuleius Saturninus Appuleia C.Appuleius Decianus
q 104 100 † 100 ?? ~ M.Lepidus cos 78 or 99
mon c 104 adopt by P.Decius pr 115
RE30   RE27 nonexistant person RE22 RE6
L.Appuleius Sex. Appuleius  Cn.Appuleius L.f. Saturninus C.Appuleius Decianus Appuleius
pr 59 ab Luna sen by 54 (Cic Planc.19+29) negotiator Asia procos Sicilia
??? = sen 44 Galeria ment 43 (ad Fam xii.26) ment 57 (Cic Pro Flacc 29) uncertain date
is a Sentius Saturninus
A960 RE16a RE13   RE15 not in RE not in RE RE2 RE3
Sex. Appuleius Sex.f.   M.Appuleius Sex.f. P.Appuleius L.Appuleius L.f. L.Appuleius  M.Appuleius Appuleius
?pr urb , Flam Iulialis 30 q 45/44 proscr 43 sen 44 Decianus q.48/47 praediator
became Patrician augur 45 ? q.48  ??? = pr 59 q.44/42 sub  Cic ad Att xii.14.17
~ Octavia Maior ? proq. Asia 47 trib Ser Sex.Pompeius
halfsister of AUGUSTUS
RE17 A961  RE14 A959  A967 RE31
Sex.Appuleius Sex.f Sex.n.     M.Appuleius Sex.f. C.Appuleius M.f.Tappo
cos 29, Spain + triumph 26 leg Aug 23/22 cos 20 ab Aquleia
aug, by 26/25 Illyria 8 q, tr pl, aed, pr ca 40/20 BC
Flamen Iulialis
~ Quinctilia dt of Sex.Varus q 49 ~ Fonteia
RE18 A962 A968 RE33
Sex.Appuleius Sex.f.Sex.n.   Appuleia Varilla
cos 14AD exile 17
? Frater arvalis by 21
~ Fabia Numantina ~ M.Aemilius Lepidus
 (~1 Plautius Silvanus)
RE19 A963
Sex.Appuleius Sex.f.Sex.n.Sex.pron.
  sp Galeria
A966 RE26
Apuleius Rufinus
cos suff 190
procos Africa 203/204