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Update:  31st December 2013
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus:  
Family Republic Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial no cognomen
Equestrian n/a
Family Imperial Consular no cognomen, Aquila, Camillus, Celer, Stella
Senatorial no cognomen, Claudianus
Equestrian Frugi, Maximus
Cos,Tr Cos, Dict, M Eq,Cens Republic: 0
Consuls Imperial: 8 excl Pompeius Vopiscus Arruntius
Notes: Patrician after 29 BC.. Note a M.Aquila C.f. Iulianus (cos 38) (RE Aquila 9), who Syme conjectures might have been an Arruntius.
Articles: Ronald Syme: "Eight Consuls from Patavium" in Papers of the British School at Rome, Vol.51, 1983, p.102.124 especially p.372, 384-386
E.J. Weinrib: "The Family Connections of M. Livius Drusus Libo", in Harvard Studies in Classical Philology, Vol.72, 1968, p.247-278 with stemmata 274-275
Suggests it was L.Arruntius cos 6 who was married to an Aemilia and was father of Faustus and Paullus Arruntius.
But his explanation of why then adopt a Furius, when he has two sons, is not convincing.
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RE5 RE27 RE2
 L. Arruntius Arruntia Arruntius
ment 53 in Cicero Ad.Fam. 7.18 vestal virg 69 proscribed 43 killed
ab Atina in Latium
RE7 A1129 RE2   A1127
L. Arruntius L.f.L.n. Arruntius   C.Arruntius
proscibed 43 leg 31 cos 22 BC proscribed 43 tr pl, propr bis, pr
XVvir sf by 17BC (28 BC?) escaped, died at sea of Interamna Nahars
novus homo, patrician 29
RE8 A1130 F576 A1125 A1126 A1137 C1510 RE Cornutus 4
L. Arruntius L.f.L.n. M.Furius Camillus Arruntius C.f.   Arruntius C.f. Cornutus (Arruntius) Aquila
cos 6 AD  † 37 cos 8 procos Africa 17 pr sub Augustus sen leg Aug pr pr Galatia 6 BC
trib Ter. triumph ab Patavium
XVvir sf? adop natural
  A1140 RE14   A1149 RE24 A1133
L.Arruntius L.f.L.n. Camillus Scribonianus       ~ ? Aemilia L.Arruntius Stella M.Arruntius Cornuti f.   L.Arruntius Hermacotas Moschos
cos 32 †42 exc, ment 41 ab Xanthos, Lycia from Xanthos
augur by 32 fetialis patronus coloniae teacher at imperial court in Lycia
Dalmatia 42
~ Vibia  
A1147 RE21   A1152 RE28 A1128 A1135 RE10 RE25 A1150 A1134 RE9 RE12 A1138  
L.Arruntius L.f. Furius Scribonianus   Arruntia Camilla   Faustus   Paullus L. Arruntius Stella M.Arruntius (Aquila?) M.Arruntius L.f. Aquila M.(Arruntius)       M.Arruntius Teithonos  
praef urbi feriarum Latinarum,  Arruntius Arruntius curator ludorum 55 cos suff 66 eques, tr mil III Cyrenaica from Xanthos from Xanthos
trib Ani(ensis?), augur, exiled 52 ment 41 as  ? = A1138 eques, procurator Pamphyila 50 archiereus
adnepos POMPEIUS companion of ? = A1134 presumably took Roman ~ Arruntia Apollonis
CALIGULA son or grandson name from A1138
P662 RE15 A1132 RE6 A1145 RE20 RE26 A1151 RE9a RE13 A1139  C801, C753 RE16a   FOS104
L.Pompeius Vopiscus L.Arr(run)tius (or Arrtius ?) L.Arruntius Maximus L. Arruntius Stella M.Arruntius M.Arruntius M.f. Aquila M.Arruntius M.f. Claudianus 1 ~ Arruntia Hegetoris Arruntius
C.Arruntius Catellius Celer cos suff a. inc (22nd Nov) procur Aug Asturia et pr 93 cos suff 101 cos suff cos suff 77, Teretina ab Xanthos in Lycia, trib Ter archiereus
cos suff 77 with T.Flavius Bassus Gallaecia 79 XVvir sf, patrician with L.Nonius XVvir sf adlectus as aedil by DOMITIAN, pr
frat Arv 75-92 of Patavium, poet unknown year leg in Achaia and Asia
Lusitania 75-77, Hisp Cit ~ Violentilla leg II Traian c.101, procos Maced
A1143 RE17a 2 ~ Claudia Arruntia Marcella
see Pompeius M.Arruntius M.f.Frugi
trib Sergia, 1st half of 2nd century
procur Aug Brit for census, procur Cilicia 
procur Capp et Armenia minor et Ponti mediter
A1148 RE23
Arruntius Silo
praeses in a province ?
rescript to MARCUS and VERUS