Update:  20th September 2013
Status Republic: n/a
Imperial: Plebeian
Cognomen Republic: n/a
Imperial: Flaccus, Quadratus, Pastor
Cognomen Republic: 0
Imperial: 1
Corrections A1413/RE2c Cn.Avilius Firmus (leg Vespasian) is identical to Cn.Avidius Celer Fiscillinus Firmus A1403 and has been removed from stemma. (See RE Suppl 14 p 67)
A1414 RE3 A1415
A.Avillius Flaccus Avillius Pastor
praef Aeg 32-37 praetor aerarii 28
executed 39 or 38
A1416 RE4
Avillius Quadratus
frater Arvalis 155
A1417 RE5
A. Avillius Urinatius Quadratus
cos suff 156
frater Arvalis