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Update:  16th August 2014
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial none
Equestrian none
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Alienus, Largus, Paetus, Primus, Severus, Tacitus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian Tuscus
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 9 (up to 275 AD)
Notes: Etruscan gens from Volaterrae in Etruria with tribus Sabatina
Articles Settipanni: "Continuite Gentilice" p.388-394
Anthony A. Barrett: "Aulus Caecina Severus and the Military Woman", in Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte, Bd.54, 2005, pp.301-314
Anthony R.Birley: "The Life and Death of Cornelius Tacitus", in Historia: Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte, Bd. 49, 2000, pp. 230-247
R. Syme:"The Consuls of AD 13", in The Journal of Roman Studies, Vol.56, 1966, pp.55-60 supporting that C.Silius A.Caecina were two separate persons.
R.Syme: "Clues to testamentary Adoption", in Tituli 4, 1982,pp.397-410 (also Roman Papers 4, pp.167-168), where fresh evidence indicates one person.
R.Syme: "Eight Consuls from Paravium", in Papers of the British School at Rome, vol.51, 1983, pp.102-124 (also Roman Papers 4, pp.376-377)
M.Torelli: "Senatori Etruschi della tarda Repubblica e dell'Impero", in Dialoghi di Archeologia 3, 1969, pp.285-363 (NOT AVAILABLE TO ME)
Changes 16.8.2014 New header and minor rework.; Q.Caecina Primus cos suff 53 added
RE6 RE Largus 2
A.Caecina ~ (Larga)   Largus  
eques protector of A.Caecina 46
ab Volaterrae † 43 proscribed
69/68 def by Cicero
RE5 RE7 cf RE2 RE4
L. Caecina Caecina A.Caecina A.f.   Caecina
eques 1st Century BC eques ment 57 envoy 41 BC from OCTAVIAN
ab Volaterrae expert on Etruscan religion ment in Cicero Att.16.8.2 in 44 BC
ment in Pli.NH 10.71 46 pardoned by Caesar ab Volaterrae
~ Caesennia (Paetina ?)
C96   RE3  
L.Caecina L.f. A.Caecina Largus
Q. pr. procos ment 46 with father as just Caecina (RE3)
early Aug.
IIIIvir Volsinii
AE 1994-610   C106 RE24
(Caecinia)           C.Caecina A.f. Largus               A.Caecina A.f. Severus
ment on inscription with Severus miles 26 BC cos suf 1 BC
? ~ P.Silius Nerva from Volaterrae leg Moesia 6-7 AD Germ Inf 14-16
cos 20 BC cos suff ? ment in Rome 20-21
from Volaterrae, trib Sab.
RE Silius 12 C101 RE19 C97 RE8
C.Silius P.f.P.n. A.Caecina Largus C.Caecina Largus   A.Caecina Largus Sex. Caecina .....A   5 other sons
cos 13 AD cos ord 42 or a son of cos 13 pr per 11 AD
or a A.Caecina adop by P.Silius frater Arvalis 38, a 57 ?
  C110 RE28 FOS160 AE 1977-18 C103 RE22
  Caecina A.f. Larga Q.Caecina Primus A.Caecina Paetus
  cos suff 53 cos 37 suicide 42
  ~ A.Larcius Lepidus Sulpicianus citizen of Patavium
  leg leg 70 ~ Arria (RE39)  †42 suicide
C109 RE26 C99 RE10   sub RE22 A1114 RE Arria 40 FOS159 C104 L33 RE23 RE Laecanius 6
C.Caecina Tuscus A.Caecina Alienus   A.Caecina Paetus (Caecinia) Arria     C.Caecina Paetus              (Caecinia)  
praef Aeg c 67 q Baetica 68 leg legio 69   a pater exiled 66 or  C.Laecanius Bassus Caecina Paetus
ment 55.69 cos suff 69 79 exc.   (test adop by C.Laecanius Bassus cos 64) ?
son of Nero's wetnurse from Vicetia   ~ P.Clodius  cos suf 70 procos Asia c 80/81 ~ Cornelius Tacitus
~ Salonina   Thrasea Paetus curator riparum Tiberis 74, living under Domitian procur Belgica
  cos suff 56 † 66
C98 sub RE10   L32   C1467  RE395  
Ti.Alienus Caecina   (Laecania)       C.Laecanius C.f. Bassus Caecina Flaccus P.Cornelius Tacitus Ca[ecina Paetus]
relative of RE10   80 Brundisium 18 years old , monetalis cos suff 97
  ~ Sex.Rosius Geminus trib Sabatina historian
  T.Prifernius Sex.f. Paetus Rosianus
  Geminus Laecanius (Bassus)
  cos suff c 125
  trib Quir.
C102 RE20
C.Caecina Largus
leg Aug propr Thracia 195/196-198
C107 RE25  
A.Caecina Tacitus               (C. Caecina Largus)
cos suff ca 230 PUR c 250
praeses Baetica, VIIvir epu
note relation to historian Tacitus above
~ (Appia Suetria Sabina)
dt of C.Octavius Appius Suetrius Sabinus
cos 214 240
S963 C100 RE17
Appius Caecina Suetrius Sabinus Caecina Largus  
clar vir mid 3rd century praef a(nnon?) 250
A.Caecina Tacitus  
cos 273 ?
~ Antonia
  C105 PLRE 12
(A.) Caecina Tacitus   Antonius Caecina Sabinus (Caecina Antonia Sabina)
vir clar start 4th cent cos 316
~ C.Caeionius Rufus Volusianus
cos 314
(Cae)cina Sabinus
~ dt of C.Ceionius Rufius Volusianus cos 314
Suetrius ? Sabinus ? PLRE 13 PLRE3
vir clar end IV century Rufius Caeionius Sabinus     Postumianus
friend of Paulin of Nola vir clar, ment 377 sen 396