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Update:  10th February 2015
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: x     Senatorial: x    Eques Romanus:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis Capito
Senatorial no cognomen, Balbus, Capito
Equestrian n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Agrippa, Capito, Frontinianus, Fronto
Senatorial Maximus
Equestrian Flavianus
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 1
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 5 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: gens from Tusculum
Literature Christol, Michel and Drew-Bear, Thomas:  "D. Fonterius Fronto, Proconsul de Lycie-Pamphylie", in GRBS (Greek, roman and byzantine studies) 
vol.32, 1991, pp.397-413, who correct Fonteius Fronto's proconsulship to Lycia-Pamphylia and thus set a date for the transfer of this province to the senate.
French, D: "D Fonteius Fronto, proconsul (Asia)", in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik, Bd. 29, 1978, pp.211-212, thought
Fonteius Fronto was procos of Asia, but later inscription shows him to be procos of Lycia-Pamphylia.
Settipani: Continuite Gentilice p.147-148
Vogel-Weidemann: Statthalter p.249-253 (F470 - cos 12AD), p.465-467 (F466 - cos 58)
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RE14 cf 27
leg 211
RE26 RE24 RE17 RE11 RE1 RE7a
T. Fonteius Capito P. Fonteius Capito P.Fonteius Balbus M.Fonteius Fonteius Q.f. M'.Fonteius C.f. 
pr Hisp Ult 178 pr 169 Sardinia pr Hisp 168 pr Sardinia 166 trib Pap.
propr 177-176 propr 168-167 sen ca 161 sen c 166
T? error for C?
RE2 cf RE6 and RE8 RE6 cf RE2 RE8 cf RE2
Fonteius C.Fonteius M'.Fonteius
leg 91/90 † killed mon c.114/113 mon c 108/107
~ ignota, alive 69
RE7 RE12   RE31 RE10 RE9
C.Fonteius M.Fonteius       Fonteia   M'.Fonteius M'.Fonteius C.f.
leg of RE12 in monet a.87 q 84 leg 81 77-76 vestal a.91 - p.68 tr mil 75-72 mon c.85
Gallia 74-72, but  pr 76/75 propr Transalp 74-72 ? = RE 12?
not his brother prosecuted 69
RE7 RE25 RE13 not in RE RE5
C.Fonteius P.Fonteius P.f. Capito P.Fonteius Fonteius A.Fonteius
(ment Cic Pro Font.18) mon c.55 adopt Clodius 59 pr? urb ? 54 tr mil 46 sub CAESAR
leg 74-72 ? = RE13 when ca 20 years old expelled from army
? = RE25
F469 RE20 F464 RE19 F462 RE3
C.Fonteius C.f. Capito […us] Fonteius C.Fonteius Capito Fonteius Q.f.
tr pl ? 39 leg 37 cos suf 33 ? = F469 praef classis of q Africa under Augustus
priest c.39 (pont?) ANTONIUS or late Republic
? = RE20
F470 RE21 F475   F465 RE15
C.Fonteius C.f.C.n. Capito (Fonteia) Fonteius Agrippa
cos 12AD ab Tusculum,, † p19
procos Asia 22/23? ~ M.Appuleius Sex.f. accusator 16AD and rewarded by a
cos 20 BC pr extra ordinem
F471 RE22 F467 F468 RE18 F466 RE16 F476 FOS386
C.Fonteius Capito (P?) Fonteius Capito C.Fonteius Agrippa     (Fonteia)  
cos 59 cos 67 cos suf 58
Germ Inf 68 † curator aquarum 66-68 candidate for Vestal 19
Asia 68-69
Moesia 69-70 † killed in battle
F472 RE28 AE1978-788 AE1993-1548 Rüpke 1737
D. Fonteius Frontinianus L.Stertinius Rufinus   D.Fonteius Fronto     L.Fonteius Flavianus
cos 162 or 163 in absentia Lycia-Pamph c.164/165 pont + dict Albanus
leg Numidia 160-162 (not Asia, and thus not cos suff a.164) ducenarius haruspex 2 Aygusti
~ Numisia P.f. Celerina magister publicus of haruspices
2nd half of 2nd century or 
  beginning of 3rd century
F477 FOS387 RE32 ?
Fonteia Celerina     (Fonteius)
clar fem
Fonteius Maximus
leg leg I Italica in Moesia Inf 233
F478 RE33
Fonteia Frontina  
consularis femina
~ C.Maesius Titianus
cos 245