Gens: FURIUS  
Created: 6th September 2013
Update:  5th February 2017
Status Republic: Patrician: X   Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X    Local magistrates  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician Bibaculus, Camillus, Crassipes, Fusus, Medullinus, Pacilus, Philus, Purpurio
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial Aculeo, Brocchus, Luscus,
Equestrian no cognomen, Flaccus, Tertius ?
Local magistrat. n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Camillus, Octavianus, Pontianus, Saturninus
Senatorial Rufus ?
Equestrian Celsus, Clemens, Felix, Festus, Rusticus, Timesitheus, Tiro, Victorinus
Local magistrat. n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 22
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 4 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: The Patrician family possibly came from Tusculum, at least M.Furius Camillus secured the grant of citizenship after 381 BC.
Stemma for the first Furii is very uncertain, many variations are possible.  Nomen often spellt Fusius or Fourius.
Literature Alfölfy: Konsulat (1977) p.176 prefers that P.Furius Saturninus was cos suff in 161, not 162,
Dietz: Senatus (1980) p.294 (C.Furius Sabinius Aquila Timesitheus F581)
Eck: Statthalter der germanischen Provinzen (1985) p.214-215 (§57 C.Furius Sabinius Aquila Timesitheus F581)
Fitz: Pannonien (1995) p.803-805 (§460 T.Furius Victorinus F584)
Jarrett, Michael Grierson: "A study of the Municipal Aristocracies of the Roman Empire in the West, with special reference to North Africa",  Durham University, 1980.
Piso: Fasti Daciae (1993) p.73-75 (§17 P.Furius Saturninus cos suff 161/162)
Remy: Carrieres Senatoriales (1989) p.122-123 (C.Furius Sabinius Aquila Timesitheus F581)
Rüpke: Fasti Sacerdotum p.701 (§1781 and §1782 Furius Bibaculus, §1783 M.Furius Camillus cos 8AD and §1784 his son Scribonianus cos 32)
Scheid: Freres Arvales (1975) p.176-187 (.M.Furius Camillus cos 8AD and his son Scribonianus cos 32). He argues that M.Furius Cxamillus F577 is identical to Scribonianus.
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.66 (stemma over Patrician gens which I have deviated from several places), p.144 (on descendents of Furia Caecilia F585. He proposes that her mother was a Pontia, 
sister to M.Pontius Varanus Sabinus).
Shackleton Bailey, D.R.: "Two Studies in Roman Nomenclature", in American Classical Studies Number 3, The American Philological Association 1976, p.
Sumner: Orators (1973) p.61 (L.Furius Philus cos 136 BC) believes RE82 and RE77 are the sons of RE80. Possible but more likely sons of RE81.
Taylor: Voting Districts (1960/2013) p.216-217. Tusculum is in tribus Papiria, but note Crassipes is in Oufentina..
Thomasson: Fasti Africani (1996) p.29 (M.Furius Camillus cos 8AD), p.237 (Furius Celsus F578)
Vogel-Weidemann: Statthalter (1982) p.69-73 (§4 M.Furius Camillus cos 8AD)
Changes 06.09.2013: RE41 was dictator 350, not consul,
05.02.2017 New header plus many updates
pater patratus under
king Tullus Hostilius
RE26 ? RE70 cf RE26
Sex.Furius (Medullinus ? Fusus ?)                           Sp.Furius Fusus
cos 488 tr mil ? 486 cos 481
procos 478
RE64 ? RE69   RE71
L.Furius Medullinus     P.Furius Medullinus Fusus   Sp.Furius Medullinus Fusus
cos 474 cos 472 cos 464 cos suff 453
III vir agris dandis for Antium 467
(first III viri college)
leg 464 of brother † 464 killed in battle
RE59 RE76 cf RE24 RE24 cf RE 76 RE65 cf son
Agrippa Furius Fusus C.Furius Pacilus Fusus   Q. (or C.) Furius (Pacilus Fusus ?) L.Furius Sp.f. Medullinus
cos 446 cos 441 cens 435 pont max ? 449 tr cos 432 425 420
tr cos 426 pont or aug 449 praenomen Q unlikely, = RE76 ? ? cos 413 409 ? see son
? probably fictitious
  RE60 RE74   RE65 cf father RE44   RE68 not in RE
Sextus Furius   M.Furius Fusus C.Furius Pacilus L.Furius L.f.Sp.n. Medullinus M.Furius L.f.Sp.n. Camillus           Sp.Furius L.f.Sp.n. Medullinus M.Furius
tr cos 403 cens ? 389 cos 412 tr cos 407 405 398 cens 403 tr cos 401 398 394 386 384 381 tr cos 400 tr cos ? 389 (Diod.)
? coopted pont or aug 390 397 395 394 391 dic 396 390 389 368 367
the priest may be  cos 413 409 ? see father interrex 396 391 389 triumph 396 390 389 367
Q.Servilius Q.f.P.f.Fidenas ? * c. 447 † 365
tr cos 6x 402-386
RE7     RE12 RE29   RE48   RE41   RE66  
Agrippa Furius Sex.f. Fusus ?   L.Furius L. or Sp. Furius Sp.Furius M.f.L.n. Camillus L.Furius M.f.L.n. Camillus L.Furius Sp.f.L.n. Medullinus
tr cos 391   tr mil tr cos 378 first pr 366 praef cast of father 389 tr cos 381 370
only in Livy   RE65 RE66 Lucius by Diodorus dic 350 cos 349 dic 345 ? cens 363
  Spurius by Livy   ??? cens 363
  L.Furius Sp.f.M.n. Camillus
  dic 345 ? cos 338 triumph 
  cos II 325
  RE14   RE15
C.Furius L.Furius L.Furius
pr 318 tr pl 308
C.Furius M.Furius  
RE75 RE9   Rüpke-1781
C.Furius C.f.C.n. Pacilus   Sp.Furius   Furius Bibaculus
aed cur 253 cos 251 Magister Saliorum 226/219
RE80                     RE36  
Sp.Furius           P.Furius Sp.f.M.n. Philus  C.Furius L.Furius Bibaculus
cos 223 triumph, pr urb 216 pr bef 219
cens 214 † 214 or early 213 Salius 226/219
augur ?
RE86 RE87 RE81   RE56 RE 20 ?=? cf RE56/RE20 PME-F97 RE35  
L.Furius Sp.f.Sp.n. Purpurio P.Furius P.f. Philus M.Furius Crassipes M.Furius C.f. (Fourius) L.Furius Bibaculus
tr mil 210 pr Cisalpina 200 at Cannae 216 envoy 201 leg 200 (RE20) tr mil before 200 q 216
envoy 199 cos 196 envoy 190-189 III vir col deduc 194-192 votive offering to killed at Cannae
cens cand for 184 envoy 183 pr Cisalp 187 expelled ? 179 Fortuna and Mars
pr II Sicilia 173 inscription Tusculum RE37 below
? ? = Crassipes RE56
not in RE RE82   RE77   RE30 RE17 RE11 RE31 cf RE10 RE10 cf RE31 RE63
Furius Purpurio   P.Furius Philus   L.Furius Philus L.Furius Crassipes S(p).Furius L.Furius L.f. C.Furius C.Furius Aculeo C.Furius M.Furius Luscus
mon Pur c.179/170 pr Hisp Cit 174         mon 189/180 mon c.189-180 senator 189 tr pl or pr q of L.Scipio 190 II vir navalis 178 aed pl 187
Crawford RRC §155 propr 173-172       pr 171 pont 176 † 170 before 169 (183?) later accused leg 170
? exiled 171 of bribery
not in RE RE16 RE78   RE55  
Furius Purpurio   L.Furius L.Furius Philus L.Furius L.f. Crassipes
mon Pur c.169/158 mon c 155-150 ment 159 155 129 trib.Ouf.
Crawford RRC §187 cos 136 Hispania pr or propr Macedonia 2nd century
initiated into mysteries of Samothrace
RE79       RE22 Nic160
M.Furius L.f. Philus     P.Furius
mon 119     son of freedman
    expelled from equites 102 tr pl 100 or 99
    acquitted 98 † 98 murdered by crowd
RE2 RE18 RE57 RE38 RE23 RE21 Nic161
L.Furius P.Furius (Crassipes ?) P. Furius Crassipes Cn.Furius Brocchus P.Furius Num. Furius
pr repet 75 (RE18) = ? RE57 →  aed cur 82? caught in adultery colonist at Faesulae 78 eques Romanus
leg 73 (RE2 Furius) mon 84 and punished Catilinarian 63 friend of orator L.Licinius Crassus cos 95
or L. Turius ? ? = ← unknown date † 63 killed in battle
? ?
RE40 RE6 RE47   RE53 RE54 RE39   RE62 RE37 RE58 Nic162 RE8 ? = ? RE94
C.  (Furius ?) Camillus Furius P.Furius P.f. (Crassipes ?) Furius Crassipes   Furius Crassipes L.Furius Cn.f. Brocchus Furius Leptinus M.Furius Bibaculus M.Furius Flaccus A.Furius A.Furius A.f. Tertius
ment Cicero 51-45 supporter of q bef 50 q 54/51 Bithynia mon 63 gladiator 46 from Cremona eques Romanus ment c.43 BC  consilium of 
jurist M.Antonius or officer under last mention 48 praetorian family poet on Gallic wars expelled from colleges of on Samothrace Lentulus Crus 49
killed D.Iunius Sex.Pompeius ?56 ~ Tullia, div 51? * c.90 † c.13 BC Capitolini et Mercuriales 56
Brutus 43 dt of M.Tullius Cicero descendent of
  cos 63 ? RE35 above ?
  C.Servilius Brocchus
  a Furius Brocchus adopted
  by a C.Servilius ?
  tr mil 49
F576 RE45 F574 A1130 RE8 F582 RE90 cf PME-F96 Dem 155
                    M.Furius P.f.P.n. Camillus L.Arruntius L.f. Furius Saturninus C.Furius C.f. Tiro L.Furius Clemems
                       cos ord 8 AD procos Africa 17/18 trib.Ter. famous declamator 5 AD trib.Clust. from Carsulae in Umbria
ornamenta triumphalia 18 cos 6 AD  pont at Carsulae in Umbria II vir iure dicundo at Carsulae
                          frat Arv (F574) † 37 scriba queastorius q at Carsulae, quinq at Carsulae,
~ (Livia Scriboniana), dt of IIII vir quinq 3x at Carsulae praef fabrum
dt of M.Livius Drusus Libo cos 15 BC under Augustus
F577 RE46 F575 RE43   L304 RE Livius 40 FOS500 A1140 RE14 RE Furius 49 PME-F96 Dem 363
M.Furius Camillus L.Furius M.f. Camillus Livia Medullina (Camilla?) L.Arruntius L.f.L.n. Camillus Scribonianus C.Furius C.f. Tiro   Furia C.f.   Furia C.f.
coopted frat Arv 38 † aged 16 †8 AD cos 32 † 42 exc (? = brother F577) trib.Clust., pont at Carsulae Secunda Polla
possibly = A1140 uncertain whether he was 8 AD engaged to augur by 32, fetialis IIII vir quinq at Carsulae
after adoption a Patrician Furius or a CLAUDIUS imp 41-54 ~ Vibia, dt of ? C.Vibius Marsus cos suff 17 praef fabrum ~ L.Nonius L.f. Asprenas
client praef equit 1AD/50 quinq at Carsulae
married one of the sisters
RE50 A1147 RE Arr 21 A1152 RE Arr 28 FOS103
L.Arruntius L.f. Furius Scribonianus   Arruntia Camilla  
trib Ani(ensis?), augur,  domina figlinarum
praef urbi feriarum Latinarum, 
exiled 52 † 52 shortly after exile
F586 RE97 PME-F95bis
Furia Prima Furius Felix
ment c.112 by Pliny praef coh in Dacia Porolissensis
c.120/140 or 120/154
? F588 RE99 FOS397 F583 RE91 F584 RE95 PME-F100 Pf139
L.Furius       F[uri]a T.f. Varanilla P.Furius Saturninus T.Furius L.f. Victorinus
from Moesia Sup ? (or Flavia Varanilla) leg Aug pro pr Dacia 161 trib.Palat., tr coh, tr mil II Adi, praef alae,
clar fem cos desig 161 proc Hisp Cit-Asturia-Callaecia c.145 proc ludi magni,
~ M.Pontius Sabinus  cos suff 161 or 162 praef classis Misenum + Ravenna, proc a rationibus c.152
cos suff 153 cf F582 above praef vigilum (?), praef Aegypti 159-160, PP 161-168
ornamenta consularia † 168
F585  RE96 FOS396 F585  RE52 PME-F99bis
Furia L.f. Caecilia M.Pontius M.f. Varanus Sabinus Furius V[….]
clar fem trib.Pup., clar vir, sevir turmae,  tr mil ? 188
X vir stlt iudic,tr mil laticl III Aug,
~ (cousin M.Pontius?) q, tr pl, XV vir sf,
~ (Octavius ?) † c.180
F496 RE85 RE Fu-1 F580 RE73 RE72? F579
P.Fu[rius] Pontianus   C.Furius Octavianus Amphilochius  Furius Festus
cos suff c 215 clar vir, patron Canusium tr coh VII praetorio 202-203
leg Moesia Inf 217/218 cos suff bef 223 (by 217?) curator operum minorum
Moesia Sup ??? ? = A.Furius Festus ILS8554
F578 RE51   F581 RE89 PME-F99 Pf317
Furius Celsus   C.Furius Sabinius Aquila Timesitheus
Maur Tingit 223/235   praef coh, proc rationis privatae per Belgicam et duas Germanias c.219
led successful war   proc Arabia vice praesidis 221/2, logista thymelae c.224 prov XX hereditatium c.224
  proc Syria-Palaestina c.232 proc patrimonii Belgica et 2 Germaniae c.233/4
  vice praesidis Germ Inf c.233/4 proc Bithy-Pont-Paphl 235/6, proc XXXX portus Bithynia,
  proc Asia and vice proc XX hered and XXXX portus Asia 237,  
  proc Lugd et Aquit 238/9 PP of Gordianus III 241-243, ementissimus vir
  † 243
  F587 RE98
  Furia Sabinia Tranquillina AUGUSTA
  * c.226
PLRE4 cf RE73
Furius Octavianus
curator aedium sacrarum 307/12
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                                                      
RE88 PME-F98
C.Furius C.f. Rufus P.Furius Rusticus
honoured at Pergamum praef coh in Brit Inf
either procos or proc of Asia tr mil III Aug in Numidia
†aged 40
3rd century