Created: 13th October 2009
Update:  8th July 2015
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial: X?    Eques Romanus: X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis no cognomen
Senatorial Capito ?
Equestrian Capito
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Barbarus Pompeianus, Secundus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian Asper, Barbarus, Cosmianus, Graph (?), Modestus
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 1
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 3 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: Gabinius Capito are related to A.Gabinius cos 58 but perhaps more remotely than indicated here, if pr.88/89 is not a Capito.
Literature Badian, E.: "The Early Career of A. Gabinius (cos.58 BC)", in Philologus, Zeitschrift für das Klassische Altertum, Bd. 103, 1959, pp.87-99, with stemma of Gabinii.
Birley, E: "A Severan Governor of Upper Moesia", Arheoloski Vestnik, Vol.28, 1977, pp.180-182 and see l'Annee Epigraphique 1976 no.610
Demougin, Segolene: "Nouveaux Representants du Prince en Égypte", in Cahiers du Centre Gustave Glotz, 2007, vol.18, pp.83-92
Eck, Werner: "C. Gabinius Barbarus Pompeianus als Statthalter Obermösiens im Jahr 197 n.Chr.", in ZPE, Bd.51, 1983 pp.291-294
Lörincz, Barnabás: "C. Gabinius Barbarus Pompeianus, Statthalter von Moesia Superior", in ZPE, Bd.33, 1979, pp.157-160
Linderski, Jerzy and Kaminska-Linderski, Anna: "A. Gabinius A. f. Capito and the First Voter in the Legislative Comitia Tributa", in ZPE, Bd.12, 1973, pp.247-252
Changes 3.12.2013 Header restructured; complete rework of stemma with many additions.
9.12.2013 added sister to Gabinius Barbarus Pompeianus (PUR 408/9 AD).
8.7.2015: Geminius Modestus (G149) (epistrategus 207 AD) is now known to be a Gabinius Modestus (cf Demougin article p.87 footnote 23) and is added.
A.? Gabinius
praef Scodra 167
A.? Gabinius
leg envoy 146 tr pl 139
RE9 cf RE7+RE8 RE13 RE10
A.Gabinius (A.f.?)         P.Gabinius (A.f.?) (Capito ?) A.Gabinius
q 101/100 leg 89 † pr 88/89 convicted post 76 tr mil 86
pr by 90 envoy 76 ment as Xvvir sf envoy 81
Badian argues = RE11
RE374 RE11 xf RE10 RE15   not in RE
Cornelius Sisenna A. Gabinius A.f. P.Gabinius Capito (Cimber??) A.Gabinius A.f. Capito
pr 78 tr pl 67 cos 58 † 48/47 eques ment 58 on stone
procos Syrua 57-54 leg 48-47 † exc 63 as Catilinarian
? ~  Lollia dt of M.
  Lollius Palicanus tr pl 71
A.? (Gabinius) Sisenna
pleaded for father
G9 RE19 G8 RE18
P.Gabinius Secundus     A.Gabinius Secundus
cos suff 35 cos suff c.43 
leg Germ Inf 41
G6 RE14aa
L.Gabinius L.f. Cosmianus
patron Venafrum, eques
trib mil
G4 RE14aa not in RE or PIR ? G5 RE14a
(Gabinius) L.f. Asper             Gabinius Graph[ ]         Q.Gabinius Barbarus  
trib Ter., procur Augusti see under FOS240 vir egregius
sub SEPTIMIUS/CARACALLA procur Sicilia
~ (Claudia Macrinia) (FOS240) dt of  praef Sardinia 198/211
M.Claudius Macrinus Vindex Hermogenianus  possibly c.209/211
cos c.185
G10 RE14aa G149 REGeminius 15a
Gabinius Vindex Pompeianus Gabinius Modestus
? = C.Gabinius Barbarus Pompeianus (RE14b P566) epistrategos 207
cos suff c.194
Moesia Sup c.197-199
procos Asia 211/12 or 212/13
Pfaum, Carrieres p.708-12 identifies C, Gabinius Barbarus Pompeianus as = Gabinius Vindex Pompeianus, supported by Raepsaet-Charlier in FOS.
Eck in Realencyclopaedie and Birley (see article reference above) doubt this identification and believe C.Gabinius Barbarus to be the older brother of Q.Gabinius Barbarus.
If Q.Barbarus' governorship of Sardinia  is to be dated 209/211 then I see no reason why he could not be a younger brother of C.Barbarus rather than an uncle.
Barbarus Pompeianus
consularis Campaniae 333
vir clar
(Barbarus Pompeianus)
PLRE2 in Vol.2
Gabinius Barbarus Pompeianus       (Gabinia)
procos Africa 400-401
PUR 408-409 sought in marriage
  by Fulvius in 394/401
PLRE1 (PLRE Fulvius in Vol.2)
clar iuvenis 396/398