Update:  22nd October 2013
Status Republic: plebeian
Imperial: plebeian
Cognomen Republic: Canus, Poplicola
Imperial: Longus, Maximus,Poplicola,Severus
Consuls Republic: 2
Imperial: 0
Notes: Wiseman in Cinna the Poet and other Roman Essays p.122 argues that L.Poplicola cos 36 was a grandson of the cos 72. See stemma in Settipani p. 204, 
or alternative on p.205 that the cos 36 was a Valerius Poplicola adopted by the cos 72, who was thus not a Poplicola but had no cognomen.
The cognomen Poplicola was used by the Valerii in ancient times. However as RE points out, Poplicola could also just mean "popular", defender of the people.
Changes 22-10-2013 major rework of old stemma from 15-10-2009.
Statius Gellius
Samnite general 305
trial 149
maybe the annalist
mon 138
L.Gellius L.f. Poplicola
RE17 RE1 cf RE5
L.Gellius L.f.L.n.  Poplicola     Gellius L.f.L.n.Poplicola   L.Gellius L.f.
* ca 136 pr 94 cos 72 cens 70 ment 57-56 Sullan time
trib Tro   55/52 eques, trib Tro built temple in Tibur
1= Polla stepson of L.Philippus cos 91
( 2=  M.Messalla) + stepbrother to cos 56
RE18 RE15 RE5 RE7
L.Gellius L.f.L.n Poplicola Q.Gellius Canus L.Gellius M.Gellius M.f. Maec.
* ca 80 q propr 41 cos 36  d c 31 proscribed 43 ment 43 in Gallia senator 44
=Sempronia, sis to but saved in Cic fam 10.17
L.Atratinus cos 34
cf RE15
(Gellia) Cana
G133 RE19
Gellius Publicola
q 20/21 AD, accused 22
R250 RE Rutilius 22
Gellius Rutilius Lupus
procos Achaia after 44
Gellius seems to be a praenomen
Q.Gellius Longus
leg Aug propr Cicilia 92/3
G135 RE Sentius 8 G136 RE22
Q.Gellius Sentius Augurinus L.Gellius L.f Severus
procos Achaia uner Hadrian tribu Teretina
q 138
G131 RE16a
L,Gellius Maximus
physician of Caracalla
RE16 G130 G137 RE24 FOS405
Gellius Maximus   Gellia Agrippiana
leg leg IV Scythica 219 clar puella
usurpator 219 † end 2nd / 3rd century