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Update:  7th February 2015
Status Republic: Patrician: X   Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician Augurinus
Pleb. Nobilis Augurinus, Aventinensis, Clespina
Senatorial Cipus
Equestrian n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian Priscus
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 8
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 0 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: The cognomen Aventinensis derived from Aventinus Hill, where the plebeians lived.
The cognomen Augurinus derived from the augur of 300 and has been "retrofitted" to his ancestors, even to the Patrican Genucii of 451 and 445
The question of Patrician Genucii and their relationship with the Plebeian Genucii is undetermined. Some believe RE12+ RE11 are interpolated. c.300, thus false.
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Patrician Genucii
L. Genucius
RE4 ? RE8  
Cn. Genucius       T. Genucius L. Genucius 473 † murdered 476
Plebian Genucii
  RE12   RE11
Genucius             M. Genucius T.Genucius L.f.L.n. Augurinus   M.Genucius L.f.L.n. Augurinus
cos ? 451 Xvir 451 cos 445
mention 445 patrician
Cn.. Genucius M. Genucius
M. Genucius M. Genucius Cn. Genucius M.f.M.n. Augurinus
tr cos 399 396
or grdson of cos 445
RE14   RE13  
L. Genucius M.f.Cn.n. Aventinensis Cn. Genucius M.f.M.n. Aventinensis
cos 365 362 † killed in battle cos 363
plebeian plebeian
L. Genucius 342
RE15   ? RE3 RE16
L.Genucius Aventinensis   C.Genucius Augurinus Genucius Cipus
cos 303 augur 300 pr uncertain date, very early
a myth ?
RE17   RE18
C.Genucius L.f.L.n. Clespina   L.Genucius L.f.L.n. Clespina
cos 276.270 cos 271
Genucius 241
L. Genucius
Amb 210
M. Gencuius
tr mil 193†
L. Genucius
not in RE
L. Genucius L.f.  
senator 129
trib Ter.
CIL 14-4710
A.Genucius A.f.
late Republic
IIvir 2x Ostia
G167 RE20
L.Genucius Priscus
praef castrorum in Aegypt 98 or 99 AD