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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Alexander (royal family of Judaea), Sohaemus (royal family of Emesa)
Senatorial Agrippa (royal family of Judaea)
Equestrian Ariobarzabes, Artabasdes (both royal family of Atropatene, status uncertain)
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 2 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: Later kings of Armenia (from 35 AD) were nearly all members of the royal house of Parthia (not shown here).
Tigranes I is uncertain, if not king then the later kings named Tigranes must be renumbered one number lower.
Several Eastern royal houses provided kings for Armenia and Armenia Minor, relevant extracts of the full stemmata are given here.
Articles Eder, Walter and Renger, Johannes: "Brill's Chronologies of the Ancient World , New Pauly Names, Dates and Dynasties", New Pauly Supplement I,Leiden, 2007
This is the basis of these stemmata supplemented by the stemma in Sullivan on Armenia.
Halfmann: Senatoren p.119 (on C.Iulius Alexander and Tigranes V and VI) and  p.140-141 (on Iulius Agrippa and Iulius Alexander Berenicianus)
Ilan, Tal: "Julia Crispina, Daughter of Berenicianus a Herodian Princess in the Babatha Archive", in The Jewish Quarterly Review, vol. 82, 1992, pp.361-381 (stemma p.80)
argues that Iulia Crispina was the daughter of Berenicianus, son of King Herodes of Chalcis by his 2nd wife Berenice.
Kokkinos, Nikos: "The Herodian Dynasty: Origins, Role in Society and Eclipse", Spink & Son Ltd 2010 (1998), which needs to be consulted.
Settipani: Continuite Gentilice p.456-461 for several hypotheses linKing Iulius Alexander Berenicianus to C.Cassius Agrippa (cos suff 130) and C.Iulius Quadratus Bassus (cos suff 105)
Sullivan, Richard D.: "Near Eastern Royalty and Rome 100-30 BC", University of Toronto Press 1990, sections on Armenia (pp.96-105 and 280-291) with stemma 9 at bookend.
Sullivan, Richard D.: "Papyri Reflecting the Eastern Dynastic Network", in Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, Bd.II,8, 1977, pp.908-938 with stemmata at end
Changes 20.12.2014: added Sullivan's book as reference and note concerning Tigranes I,
Artaxias I (Artashes) Mithridates V Euergetes 
King of Armenia a.190-c.160 King of Pontus c.152/1-120
independent king 190 King of Armenia Minor 133-129
Artavasdes I         Tigranes I   Mithridates VI Eupator Euergetes 
King  of Armenia King  of Armenia King of Pontus 120-63
c.160-c.120 c.120-95 King of Armenia Minor c.107-66
RE1 RE1     RE9
G(o)uras         Tigranes II the Great 1 ~  Cleopatra     Ariarathes IX     see Pontus
surrendered Nisibis * c.140 † c.55 King of Cappadocia for rest of
to Lucullus King of Armenia 95-c.55 c.100-c.86 † dynasty
united Armenia Maior * c.108
King of Kings c.87
2 ~  Zosime
cf RE Tigr 1 cf RE Tigr 1   RE2 RE1 RE17 RE7 RE2
Zariadres     2nd filius     Tigranes       Artavasdes II   filia     Aryazate   filia ~  Mithridates Ariobarzanes III Deiotarus
eldest son † exc. after revolt fled to Parthia 66 King  of Armenia King of Atropatene a. 85 - c.66 Eusebes Philorhomaios tetrach of Tolistobogii
† in battle in revolt prisoner at Rome to 58 co-King from 69 ~  Pacorus I ~  Mithridates II King of Cappadocia 52/1-c.42 of Galatia 86-44
against his father ~  dt of Phraates III sole King c.55-34  co-regent  the Great King of Armenia Minor 47-42 recognised by Pompeius 63/2
King of Parthia 70-58/7 † 30 exc. by of Parthia King of Parthia 123-86 murdered by Cassius King of Armenia Minor 63/2-47
Cleopatra † 38 in battle or 124/3-88/7 unified Galatia 44 as King
A1167 RE2 T204 RE3   A1163 RE7   RE4b RE3  
filia         Artaxias II       Tigranes III       Artavasdes III Darius         Ariobarzanes I  Deiotarus II
King of Armenia 34-20 BC exile in Rome until 20 King of Armenia c.5 - c.2 BC King of Atropatene  66/65 BC King of Atropatene  c.65 - ? coregent of father 43
~  Deiotarus II † 20 BC murdered King of Armenia 20-c.8 BC † 1 BC † by 40
son of Deiotarus Roman nominee Roman nominee ~  dt of Artavasdes II
King of Galatia 44-40 ~ twice to ignota King of Armenia c.55-34
==> 1   2   <==
T205 RE4   E85 RE2 A1162
Tigranes IV ~ Erato Artavasdes II
King c.8 BC - c.1 AD queen c.8 BC-c.1 AD King of Atropatene a.36 - c.31
queen c.13 - c.15 alone Atropatene ruled by Parthia c.31-20
King of Armenia Minor c.31-20
* c.59 † 20 BC
P531 P1114 RE1 RE15 A1023 H153 RE14 A1044 RE4c   J44
Polemo I  ~ 1 Pythodoris 2~ Archelaus I Philopatris Herodes the Great Ariobarzanes II       Iotape
† 8 BC † 23 AD also called Sisines * c.73 King of Atropatene 20 BC- 6 BC
King of Pontus 37-8 BC queen of King of Cappadocia 36 BC - 17 AD King of Judaea 40/37-4 BC King of Armenia 2-4 AD ~  Mithridates III
King of Armenia Minor of Pontus King of Armenia Minor + Cietis 20 BC - 17 AD Atropatene ruled by  King of Commagene
34/3-p.31 Cappadocia Roman province 17 AD Parthian Kings frrom 6 BC 20 BC - ?
Armenia Minor part of Roman province of Cappadocia 17-38
 ~ ignota (of Armenia?)
A900   A1168 RE Art 3 A1024   G176 A498 A1050 RE8 A1164 J175
Antonia Tryphaena Zeno-Artaxias III Archelaus II     Glaphyra  ~ Alexander       Aristobulus Artavasdes III (IV of Arm.)   [C.Iu]lius Ariobarzanes
queen of Pontus King of Armenia King of Cietis in Cilicia 18/17BC † c.8 BC exc. by † c.8 BC exc. by King of Armenia c.4-c.6 AD inscription at Rome
33?-38 18-34 c.19-36 his father his father son of King Ariobarzanes
~ Cotys VIII † 35 AD  ~ Berenice
King of Thracia (B108)
c.12-19 AD (C1554)   PARTHIA      
C1555 T206 RE5 A499   RE2 H156 RE18 J176    
Cotys IX         see Thracia Tigranes V Alexander   Vonones I Herodes   C. Iulius C.f. Artabasdes C.Iulius (Ariobarzanes?)
King of Armenia Minor 38-a.54 for rest of † 36 AD C.Iulius Alexander King of Parthia 8/9 AD * c.10/9 BC † 48 AD trib.Fabia
after Roman rule 17-38 dynasty King of Armenia King of Armenia King of Chalcis 41-48 inscription at Rome
c.7-c.12 AD c.17-c.16 1  ~ Mariamne (M274) sic: spelling ArtaBasdes correct
grdson of King Ariobarzanes
M644 RE33 P341 T207 RE6 RE10 A1052 A1045
Mithridates        Pharasmanes   Tigranes VI Aristobulus Ariobarzanes
King of Armenia † by 75 C.Iulius Tigranes King of Armenia Minor 54-71/72
35-38 and 42-51 King of Iberia King of Armenia 60-62 from 71/72 Armenia Minor was part
† 51 exc. by nephew ~ Iamasaspoi Roman nominee of the Roman province of Cappadocia
~ niece  Tetrarch of Chalcis 72-by 93
 ~ Salome, dt of Herodias
  Z6 R7 RE1   M638 RE34 J136 A500 RE57 A1053 RE11   H158 RE19 A461 Artabasdes
sons   Zenobia  ~ Radamistus   filia   Mithridates  C.Iulius Alexander Aristoboulos Herodes   Agrippa King of Armenia
† 51 exc. King of Armenia  King of Iberia King of Cietis in Cilicia 72- sub Domitian false
exc. By 51-54 ~ uncle  c.75- senator of Rome, cos suff 106 or 108
cousin father King ~ Iulia Iotape (J48)
Mithridates dt of Antiochus IV
King of Commagene 38-72
J130 RE50   ? J141 RE60
C.Iulius Agrippa       C.Iulius Alexander Berenicianus
q pro pr Asia leg Aug pro pr in Parthian war
cos suff  116
procos Asia 132/133
?? ?
cf J130, AE 1976-677+678    
L.Iulius C.f. Agrippa     Iulia Crispina
trib. Fabia ab Apamea in Syria   overseer in Aegypt 132
also attested as a son of a   see article by Ilan
"C.Iulius Agrippa"  
EMESA but the inscription honours  
S761 only his grt grd father,  AE 1964-57
C.Iulius Sohaemus a Dexandros, tetrarch of Syria, Ti.Claudius Antoninus Calpurnius Atticus Iulius Berenicianus
cos suff a 164 so his Herodian descent c.150/200
client King of Armenia 144-161 is very uncertain
and 163/4-ment 172