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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 0 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: Called Regnum Bosporanum or Cimmerian Bosporus (Crimea)
Articles Eder, Walter and Renger, Johannes: "Brill's Chronologies of the Ancient World , New Pauly Names, Dates and Dynasties", New Pauly Supplement I,Leiden, 2007
PIR J: stemma on p.203
Sullivan, Richard D.: "Dynasts in Pontus", in Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, Bd.II,7.2, 1980, pp.913-930 with stemma opposite p.928
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Mithradates VI Eupator Dionysos (I of Bosporus)
King of Pontus 120-63
King of Bosporus 107-63 (new dynasty) 
1 ~  Laodice, his sister
2 ~ c.89/8-c.72/71 Monime , dt of Philopoemen of Miletus
3 ~ 86-72/71 Berenice (RE19) of Chios
4 ~  until 63 Stratonike (RE12) from Kabeira in Pontus
5 ~  until 63 Hypsikrateia
6 ~  various concubines
1   6
RE2   RE15
Pharnaces II         Mithradates II
King of Pontus 48-47 of Pergamon
King of Bosporus 63-47 King of Bosporus 47
† 47 killed by Asandros appointed by Caesar
RE8   D211   P531 RE2 P1114 RE1
Darius         Arsaces         Dynamis Philorhomaios 3 ~ 1 Polemon I (Polemo I) 2 ~ Pythodoris
King of Pontus c.39-37 † rebel King of Pontus 37/6 Queen of Bosporus King of Pontus 37 - 8 BC † 23 AD
installed by Antonius, † 37/6 17/6 BC and 8 BC-7/8AD King of Bosporus 14 - 8  BC queen of Pontus
last Mithradatid king installed by Antonius King of Armenia Minor 34/3- p 31BC 8BC - 33? AD
of Pontus 1 ~ Asandros (or Asander) (A1197) son of Zeno of Laodicea
King of  Bosporus 47-c.18 BC (see stemma Antonius
2 ~ Scribonius, usurper King (S256) Zeno)
of Bosporus 15/14 BC
exc. By M.Vipsanius Agrippa
A1265 RE Asp 1   A900 RE130
Ti. Iulius Aspurgus Philoromaios see stemma of     Antonia Tryphaena  
King of Bosporus Antonius Zeno Queen of Pontus 33?-38
10/11 AD -38/39  ~ C.Iulius Cotys VIII
~ Gepaipyris, dt of Cotys VIII of Thracia King of Thracia, † by 19 AD
and grd dt of Polemo I
M455 RE Mith 16   C1556 RE10   G168 RE1   J472 RE Pol 3
Ti.Iulius Mithradates III      Ti.Iulius Cotys I   see stemma of   Gepaipyris     Iulius Polemon II
Philogermanicus Philopatris Philocaesar Philoromaios Eusebes kings of Thracia King of Pontus 38-64
King of Bosporus 38/9-44/5 King of Bosporus 45-63 deposed by Imp.Nero ~ Ti.Iulius Aspurgus King of Cilicia 41-68/9
deposed by Imp. Claudius 45 part of Roman province Moesia Inf 63-68 King of Bosporus KIng of Bosporus 38-41
† 68 exc. by Imp. Galba ~ Eunice 10/11 AD -38/39  64 Pontus part of Roman province of Galatia
J512 RE2 <== † 68/69
Ti. Iulius Rhescuporis I (or II)
King of Bosporus 68/9-91/2
J550 RE463
Ti. Iulius Sauromates I
King of Bosporus 93/4-123/4
J276 RE11
Ti. Iulius Cotys II  
King of Bosporus 124-133
J516 RE Roi 4
Ti. Iulius Rhoemetalces
King of Bosporus 133-153/4
J300 J551 RE463a
Ti. Iulius Eupator         Ti. Iulius Sauromates II
King of Bosporus 154/5-c.174 King of Bosporus 173/4-210/11
J513 RE3
Ti. Iulius Rhescuporis II (or III)
King of Bosporus 210/11-226/7
J277 RE12   J514 RE4
Ti. Iulius Cotys III       (Ti. Iulius) Sauromates III Ti. Iulius Rhescuporis III (or IV)
King of Bosporus 228-233 King of Bosporus 229/230-231/32 King of Bosporus 233-234
J514 RE5 + RE6 J360 RE282 P251
Ti. Iulius Rhescuporis IV (or V) Ti. Iulius Ininithimaeus Pharsanzes 
King of Bosporus 239/40-275/6 King of Bosporus 234/5-239/40 King of Bosporus 253-254
Ti. Iulius Tiranes (Teiranes) Ti. Iulius Sauromates IV
King of Bosporus 275/6-278/9 King of Bosporus 275/6
~ Aelia (A284)
King of Bosporus 279/80-285/6
King of Bosporus 286/7-308/9
King of Bosporus 308/9-322 ?
Rhescuporis V (or VI)
King of Bosporus 318/9-334/5