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Notes: The Kingdom of Media Atropatene, named after the Persian satrap Atropates, was the lesser Northwestern part of the larger satrapy of Media.
Many of the dates provided here are very uncertain.
Literature Eder, Walter and Renger, Johannes: "Brill's Chronologies of the Ancient World , New Pauly Names, Dates and Dynasties", New Pauly Supplement I,Leiden, 2007, p.128-129
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(he argues that this king was also of Arsacid descent on his father's side, his father being a prince of the Dahae tribe. However it seems more likely to me he was
an Atropatid, since he became king of Atropatene before becoming king of Parthia, and had a son named Darius)
Schottky, Martin: "Gibt es Munzen atropatenischer Konige ?", in Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran vol. 23, 1990, p.211-227 (concludes no coins can be attributed to
the Atropatene kings before Artabanos II)
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the presumed father of Artabanos II, was a son of King Darius of 66/65 BC)
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p.435-472 (supports Artabanus II being an Atropatid on his father's side)
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satrap of all Media until c.330 under Darius III of Persia,
satrap of all Media 328/7-323 under Alexander the Great
satrap of Lesser (Northwestern) Media after 323, later dynast or king
anonymous       daughter
dynast of Media Atropatene
324 ~ Perdiccas, general of Alexander the Great
regent of Macedonia 323-321
Artavasdes I (Artabazanes)
dynast of Media Atropatene
very roughly c.270- after 220
became vassal kingdom under the Seleucids 220
"a very old man" in 220
King of Media Atropatene before 85 - c.66
~ daughter of Tigranes II the Great
King of Armenia 95-c.55 King of Syria 83-69
King of Kings c.87
RE7   ? RE4b
Darius         Ariobarzanes I 
King of Atropatene  c.66-c.65 King of Atropatene  c.65 - ?
only known as father of A1162
RE2 A1162
Artavasdes II Asinnalus
King of Atropatene before 36 - c.33/31 King of Atropatene c.30-20s BC
Atropatene ruled by Parthia c.33/31-20 only known through coinage
King of Armenia Minor c.30-20 appointed by AUGUSTUS
* c.59 † 20 BC
~ Athenais, dt of Antiochus I, king of Commagene c.70-c.36
A1044 RE4c J44 RE3 not in RE
Ariobarzanes II         Iotape             Darius
* 40 BC † 4 AD 34 betrothed to Alexander Helios, prince of Media Atropatene
King of Atropatene c.20 BC- 6 BC son of M. ANTONIUS and CLEOPATRA name deduced,
King of Armenia 2-4 AD appointed ~  Mithridates III ~ Arsacid princess
by AUGUSTUS. Atropatene ruled by  King of Commagene 20 BC - ? probably dt of Phraates IV, 
Parthian Kings from 6 BC King of Parthia 38-3/2 BC
A1164 not in RE J175 RE91 A1155 RE7   V995 RE3
C. Iulius Artavasdes III (IV of Arm.)   [C.Iu]lius Ariobarzanes Artabanus II (IV)       daughter     Vonones II
* 20 BC † 6 AD killed inscription at Rome King of Atropatene 6 BC-10/11 AD King of Atropatene 10/11-51
King of Armenia 4 AD-c.6 AD son of King Ariobarzanes King of Parthia 10/11 AD-c.40  ~ King of Hyrcania King of Parthia 51 †
King of Atropatene 4 AD-c.6 AD
? See Parthia
J176 RE92 IGRR-IV-149 P31 RE2
C. Iulius C.f. Artabasdes C. Iulius (Ariobarzanes?) Kings of Parthia   Pacorus
trib.Fabia King of Atropatene 51-c.72
inscription at Rome last known king of Atropatene
sic: spelling ArtaBasdes correct See Parthia
grdson of King Ariobarzanes
† aged 38
possibly related