Update:  2nd November 2013
Status during the Republic: Patrician   Pleb. nobilis   Senatorial   Eques Romani  
Family Republic Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Family Imperial Consular Marcellus, Pansa, Priscus, Proculus
Equestrian Rufinus
Cos,Tr Cos, Dict, M Eq,Cens Republic: 0
Consuls Imperial: 7 inc. Hirrius
Notes: There are several possible scenarios., much is conjecture. For example that Proculus descends from cos 97 or the position of Neratia Anteia in the stemma.
Stemma is mainly based on Settipanni's conjectures.
Articles: Syme: The Jurist Neratius Priscus (Hermes 1957), republished in RP Vol. 1,  p.339-352, some is obsolete
Ladislav Vidman: Die Familie des L. Neratius Marcellus, in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik Vol. 43 1981, p.377-384
W. Eck: Zur Familie der Neratii aus Saepinum, in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik Vol. 50, 1983, p.195-201. Concludes that
both the cos 97 and cos 95 could be the husbond of Corellia and thus father of cos 122.
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.311-316 and 323-328 analyses the scenarios.
family from Saepinum in Samnium
RE Neratius RE19 N64 FOS567
C.Neratius Sex.f.           Neratia  
Iivir at Saepinum sub early Augustus
~ M.Antistius Labeo
† by 22
? ~ (Naevia Pansina) dt of L.Naevius Pansa, ment 6
(M.Hirrius Fronto) Neratius Pansa         L.Neratius Priscus ~ (Anteiia Rufina)
sister of P.Anteius Rufus cos 51
RE10 N56   RE12a N59   ? CIL IX-2516 RE20 N65 FOS568
M.Hirrius Fronto Neratius Pansa L.Neratius L.f. Priscus L.Neratius L.f. Rufin(us)   Neratia L.f. Anteia Rufina 
cos suff 73 or 74 cos suff 87 magistrate at Saepinum Naevia Deciana
Armenia 75-76 Galatia/Cappa 78/79 trib Vol trib Vol dt of a L.Neratius Priscus N61 RE14
Xvvir sf, patricios 73/74, Pann 95 ~ Iulius Augurinus, eques
RE9 N55   RE12a N60 RE15 RE13 ? FOS570 AE1990-220
(M.Hirrius Fronto) L.Neratius Marcellus             L.Neratius L.f. Priscus         (Neratia)   L.Neratius […].ianus
* ca 59 cos suff 95 cos ord 129 * ca 58 cos suff 97 from Seapinum c 98/117
patricios 73/74, salius Pal,  Xvir sf trib Vol, plebeian ~ L.Varius Ambibulus (cannot be Annianus RE3 below)
Brit 103 jurist, VIIvir Epul eques procur
1 ~ Corellia Hispulla C1296 dt of Q.Corellius Rufus cos suff c 78 Germ Inf 97-101 Pann 102-5
2 ~ Domitia Vettila, dt of L.Domitius Apollinaris
1 C1293 2 N50 RE8 N51   N68 FOS572
L. Neratius Corellius Pansa  Neratius (Marcell)lus   C.Neratius Proculus     Neratia Quartilla  
cos 122 misread as "Neratiolus" ment inscription as ment 123
co-owner of property with  or dt of cos 97 or 95
RE16 N63 RE22 N67 FOS571
L.Neratius C.f. Proculus       Neratia Procilla  
cos suff c 145
trib Vol ~ C.Betitius Pietas
? ~ Eggia dt of L.Eggius Marullus cos 111 eques
RE12 N57   cf RE22 N67 N57
Neratius Priscus Neratia Betitia Procilla C.Neratius C.f.C.n.C.pron. Proculus
cos suff c.180  flam Faustina Maximillianus Betitius Pius
? ~ Accia dt of Accius Iulianus cos
? RE21 N66 FOS569
L.Iunius Macer ~  (Neratia)     Neratia Marullina
cos suff 180 clar fem
~ C.Fufidius Atticus
cos suff 180/200
RE7 N53   RE3 F501 RE5 RE11 F506 N58 RE4 F504 RE6 N54
(Neratia Procilla)   L.Neratius L.f. Iunius Macer     C. Neratius    C. Neratius         C. Neratius […]P.Neratius [,,..M..,]
Arabia, Thracia Fufidius Annianus Fufidius Priscus Fufidius Atticus tr pl, pr, leg Aug pr pr
~ LFlavius Septimius Aper trib Gal inscription boy 204 (RE11 as Neratius Priscus) inscription ca 200/250