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Imperial Family / Cognomen
Consular Septimius Mannus, Septimius Abgarus,
Senatorial Septimius Mannus
Imperial Consuls  1 plus king Ma'nu IX received the ornamenta consularia.
Notes: Osrhoene (Osroene) in Upper Mesopotamia with capital at Edessa under Abgarid dynasty. Name derives  from Orhai/Orhay, the Syriac name of Edessa.
The king list derives from Pseudo-Dionysios from Tell Mahrê (also called the Chronicle of Zuqnin) written in 775 AD as interpreted by Gutschmid and later historians and 
modified by the chronicle of Elias bar Sinnaya (metropolitan of Nisibis, lived 975-after 1047 dealing with the rulers from Abgar Ukkama onwards) from c.1019 
as interpreted by Anders Luther. Data in red are based on Luther.
Three (two) Roman senators named Septimius Mannus (S464, S465 and S466) from the 3rd century could be descendents of the royal Abgarid family. They are at the
bottom of the stemma with references.
Literature Babelon, E.: "Numismatique d'Edesse en Mesopotamie,", in Melanges numismatiques", 2eme serie, Paris, 1893, p.215-216 kinglist
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especially section "The Choronology of Edessa", by Bellinger p.142-154. (confirms that Abgar VIII 165-167 does not exist)
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The title of the rulers seems to have been Marya (Lord) before c.33 BC / 25 AD)
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Aryu (Arjaw, Orhai) Ma'zur
king of Osrhoene 132-127 (5 years)
name is eponym of city
king of Osrhoene 139/8-134/3 (5 yrs)  
Gebar'u Abdu
king of Osrhoene 127-120 (7 years)
Nabataean name
  king of Osrhoene 134/3-127/6  (5 yrs)
Fradast (Phradasht)
king of Osrhoene 120-115 (5 years)
king of Osrhoene 127/6-122/1  (5 yrs)
Bakru I
king of Osrhoene 115-112 (3 years)
king of Osrhoene 122/1-119/8  (3 yrs)
Bakru II
king of Osrhoene 112-94 (17 years 4 months alone) 
king of Osrhoene 94-92 (2 years 8 months with Abgar I and Ma'nu I)
king of Osrhoene 119/8-99/8  (20 yrs)
Abgar I Piqa (the stammerer or mute) Ma'nu I
co-king 94-92 (2 years 4 months) co-king 94
king of Osrhoene 92-68 (alone 23 years 5 months) 4 months
king of Osrhoene 99/8-75 (23 yrs 5 months) king of Osrhoene 75-75/4  (4 months)
Abgar II Ariamnes
king of Osrhoene 68-53 (15 years)
king of Osrhoene 75/4-49 (25 years, 9 mon)
deposed by Orodes II of Parthia 53
interregnum under Parthia 53-52
Ma'nu II Allaha           Abgar  Pacorus (Paqor, Paquiri)
king of Osrhoene 52-34 ( 18 years 5 months) king of Osrhoene 49-34 (15 yrs) king of Osrhoene 34-29 (5 years)
king of Osrhoene 33-15/4 (18 yrs, 5 mon) interregnum under Parthia 34-33 king of Osrhoene 15/4-10/9 (5 yrs)
RE3   RE4
Abgar III Abgar IV Sumaqa (The Red)
king of Osrhoene 29-26 (3 years) king of Osrhoene 26-23 (3 years)
king of Osrhoene 10/9-7/6 (3 yrs) king of Osrhoene 7/6-4/3 (3 yrs)
Ma'nu III Saflul (Safalou = Aristolochia)   Abgar Hewara (The White) 
king of Osrhoene 23-4 BC (18 years 7 months) king of Osrhoene Nov 25-31/2 (6 years)
king of Osrhoene 4/3 BC-16 AD (18 yrs, 7 mon) uncle of Abgar V Ukkama
~ Augustina
A5 RE5
Abgar V Ukkama (The Black)           Ma'nu IV
king of Osrhoene 4 BC-7 AD (10 years) king of Osrhoene 7-13 AD (6 years)
and 13-50 AD (37 years 1 month), attested 49 king of Osrhoene 16-22 AD
king of Osrhoene c.22-Nov 25 AD and 31/2-65/6
~ Shalmath of Osrhoene dt of Mithridates
?? ~ Queen Helena of Adiabene
Ma'nu V           Ma'nu VI
king of Osrhoene 50-57 (7 years) king of Osrhoene 57-71 (14 years)
king of Osrhoene 65/6-67/8 (2 years) king of Osrhoene 67/8-81/2 (14 years)
~ dt of Izates II, king of Adiabene
RE6 ? O156 RE2
Awde           Abgar VI           Izates (Ezed) Osroes I
king of Osrhoene 71-91 (20 years)  king of W. Parthia 108/9-127/8
~ Meherdetes king of Osrhoene 81/2-101/2 (20 years) deposed by Rome 116-117
(Mithridates) attested 88/89    
king of Armenia 72/76    
  A6 RE7     P132 RE1
Sanatruces (Sanatruk) Abgar VII             Ma'nu VII Yalur (Yalud, Jalud) Ilud Parthamaspates
king of Armenia c.75-109/110 king of Osrhoene Nov 109-Aug 116  king of Osrhoene 123-139 co-king of Osrhoene 118-122 king of Parthia 116-117 installed by Trajan
king of Osrhoene 91-109 (6 years 9 months) (16 years 8 months) (3 years 10 months) co-king of Osrhoene 118-122 (3 years 10 months)  
not in Elias' list king of Osrhoene 101/2-c.108 (6 yrs 9 mon) king of Osrhoene  not in Elias' list installed by Hadrian, sole king 122-123 (10 months)
interregnum under Rome 116-118 125/6-165/6 (40 yrs) Roman occupied under Parthian overlordship 
see Parthia interregnum under Rome c.108-110 with Parthamaspates as ruler 116-121/2
king of Osrhoene 110-116 king of Osrhoene 121/2-125/6 (3 years 10 months)
  M169   A7 RE8
Arbandes Ma'nu VIII Philoromaios Sahru Abgar Abgar VIII
son, became favorite Mannos in Greek king mention c.155 king of Osrhoene 165-167
of Trajan king of Osrhoene 138/9-162/3 and 164/5-176/7 or = Manu VIII (2 years)
† c.115/116 (ruled 24 and 12 years) if Abgar is generic name does not exist
exiled in Rome 162/3-164/5  
king of Osrhoene 165/6-177/8 (12 yrs)  
A8 RE9  
Abgar VIII the Great Wa'el
L. Aelius Aurelius Septimius Abgarus king of Osrhoene 162/3-164/5 (2 years)
king of Osrhoene 176/7-211/2   installed by Parthians
(ruled 35 years) king of Osrhoene (2 yrs) during 125/6-165/6
converted to Christianity c.200 (disputed)
king of Osrhoene 177/8-212 (35 yrs)
A9 A10? RE10 A787  
Abgar IX Severus           Antoninus     Abgar Abgar Sapira (the beautiful)
L. Aelius Aurelius Septimius Abgarus or son of Abgar IX king of Osrhoene 218/9-220/1
king of Osrhoene 211/2-212/3 ? = Ma'nu IX
ruled  1 year, 7 months buried the Abgar aged 26
deposed by Caracalla 213/214
† aged 26 (A10) if this king,
Osrhoene became Roman province Jan 214
king of Osrhoene 212-213
Ma'nu IX
titular king of Osrhoene 212/3-238/9 214-240? (26 years)
but excluding city of Edessa, now a Roman colonia, founded 213
called crown prince (pasgriba)
ornamenta consularia,
king of Osrhoene 213-218/9+220/1-239 (total 26 yrs)
S428 A11 RE11
Abgar X Frahad (Phraates)     Salmath (Shalmath)
Aelius Septimius Abgarus dt of Ma'nu IX
king of Osrhoene 239/240-240/1 
annexed to Sassanid monarchy
king of Osrhoene 239- c.241/2
interregnum 241-248 end of kingdom 248
~ Hodda
S464 Hach258 LP30-67a === S465 Bar2100 Hach257  S466 Hach10 LP26-246
L. Septimius Mannus L. Septimius Mannus P. Aelius Septimius Mannus
clar vir from Selge,  clar vir, mention in concilium of Hisp Cit. clar vir, consularis,
in Pamphylia ? iuridicus Hisp Cit, 3rd century praeses (leg Aug pro pr) Phrygia et Caria 250/260
procos Lycia et Pamphylia ? ~ Fulvia Procula, clar fem, F566
mid 3rd century
AE1990-981 gives
praenomen Lucius
Literature Alföldy: Fasti Hispanienses (1969) p.111 (L. Septimius Mannus, probably iuridicus in Hisp Cit 3rd century)
Herz Peter: "P. Aelius Septimius Mannus. A Governor of the 3rd Century AD and his Origins", in Piotre Briks (ed.): Elites in the Ancient World, Szczezin, 2015, 
ÖZÜSAĞLAM-MUTLU, Zeynep: "Principatus devri’ned Lykia ve Pamphylia Kökenli Roma Senatörleri", Istanbul, 2013, p.86-87 (§P33 L. Septimius Mannus
with both S464 and S465 being the same man)
Roueché, Charlotte M.: "A New Governor of Caria-Phrygia: P. Aelius Septimius Mannus", in Splendidissima Civitas. études d'histoire romaine en hommage 
à François Jacques, 1996, p.231-239 (very likely a descendant of the royal house of Osrhoene)