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Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
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Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 0 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: All the Parthian kings of the Arsacid dynasty took the name Arsaces after the founder. 
The genealogy of the Arsacid dynasty is not fully known, there are several variants and the connection of some kings is conjectural. Also many regnal dates are uncertain.
My main pupose to include this stemma is to illuminate the dynastic connections to the other Eastern royal houses and not to document the many variants, therefore I have made a choice
based on "Brill's Chronologies" and Sullivan's stemma.
Articles Eder, Walter and Renger, Johannes: "Brill's Chronologies of the Ancient World , New Pauly Names, Dates and Dynasties", New Pauly Supplement I,Leiden, 2007 p.121-122
Sullivan, Richard D.: "Near Eastern Royalty and Rome 100-30 BC", University of Toronto Press 1990, sections on Parthia (pp.112-120 and 300-318) with stemma 10 at bookend.
Sullivan, Richard D.: "Thrace in the Eastern Dynastic Network", in Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, Bd.II,8.2, 1977, stemma Parthia at book-end
Arsacid Dynasty
Kings of Parthia
Arsaces I             Tiridates I
King of Parthia c.247/238-c.217 King of Parthia 246-238 ? and 217-211 ?
founder of the dynasty possibly unhistorical
Arsaces II (Artabanus I)
King of Parthia 217 (211?)-191
King of Parthia 191-176
Phraates I     Mithradates I       Valarsaces   Artabanus II    
King of Parthia 176-171 King of Parthia 171-138 RE6a 970 King of Parthia 128-124/3
killed in battle
~ Ri-in-nu
regent 138
sons   Phraates II     Rhodogune Mithradates II the Great     Orodes I     Sinatruces       Azate   Siace   Isbubarza  
King of Parthia 138-128 King of Parthia 124/3-87 King of Parthia or Sanatruces ment 88 ment 88 ment 76/75
killed in battle ~ Aryazate (ment 88), dt of 86-80/79 * c.157
~ Laodice,sister to ~ Demetrius II Nicator Tigranes II of Armenia expelled King of Parthia 77/6-70/69 ~ brother King ~ brother King ~ brother King 
Antiochus I Grypus ~ Azate, sister rebelled c.92/1 ~ sister Isbubarza Mithradates II Mithradates II Sinatruces
~ Siace, sister
Gotarzes I   Phraates III
ruled Babylonia from c.110-91/90  King of Parthia 70-58/7
when expelled by his father, murdered by his sons Orodes
King of Parthia 91/0-87/86 and Mithradates
rival king to his father
~ Ashiabatum
see Armenia "Arsaces" Philopater Euergetes Mithradates III       daughter     Orodes II     ~ 1 Laodice, dt of
King of Parthia 80/79-78/7 King of Parthia 58/7-55,  King of Parthia 58/7-38 Antiochus I
? son of Gotarzes I King of Atropatene 67 ~ Tigranes of killed by his son Phraates K. of Commagene
name not known † 54 exc by Orodes II Armenia 2 ~ ignota
~ daughter of
Tigranes II
RE2 A1162 T236   P395
Artavasdes II Tiridates II total 30 sons   Pacorus I         Phraates IV
King of Atropatene a.36 - c.31 rival King of Parthia 31-25 BC most exc. By coruler with father 51 King of Parthia 38-2 BC
Atropatene ruled by Parthia c.31-20 † p 23 in exile in Roman territory Phraates IV general 51 and 40-38 murdered by wife Musa and their son
King of Armenia Minor c.31-20 a possible son or descendent is a † 38 BC in battle Phraates V
* c.59 † 20 BC C.Iulius son of Tiridates, who was a ~ daughter of 1 ~ Thea Urania Musa from Italy
 ~ Athenais, dt of decurion of a from Parthian deserters  Tigranes II coruler 2 BC-3/4AD with her son
Antiochus I of Commagene recruited ala. K. of Armenia 2 ~ ignota
RE4c A1044   J44 P394 1 R65 S515   P396 V670 S151
Ariobarzanes II       Darius II         Iotape Phraates V       Rhodaspes   Saraspadanes Phraates         Vonones I Orodes III
King of Atropatene 20 BC- 6 BC prince of Media Atropatene King of Parthia 2BC-3/4AD † at Rome as (Seraspadanes) † 35 AD hostage of Rome 10/9BC King of Parthia 
King of Armenia 2-4 AD RE18-1997 ~  Mithridates III overthrown and killed hostage of Rome † at Rome as hostage of Rome King of Parthia 8/9 AD-c.12 c.3/4-6/7 AD
Atropatene ruled by  ~ Arsacid princess King of Commagene  ~ Musa his mother ? since 10/9BC hostage of Rome 10/9BC Roman candidate murdered
Parthian Kings frrom 6 BC possibly dt of Phraates IV 20 BC - ? since 10/9BC King of Atropatene
King of Armenia 12-18
exiled 18  † 19 exc.
see Armenia    
A1155   V671 T237 M443  
Artabanus III (II)           daughter                                   Vonones II Tiridates III Meherdates
King of Atropatene 6BC-10/11 AD King of Atropatene 10/11-51 King of Parthia 35-36 Roman hostage
King of Parthia 10/11 AD -38  ~ King of King of Parthia 51 † grd son of Phraates IV attempted rebellion
Hyrcania by hostage vs Gotarzes II in 49 but
Roman candidate captured and mutilated
  adopted ?  
M441 V175 A1156 A1153 D10 O152 M453-454 G195 V629   P31 T238
Megabates Vardanes I   Artabanus   Arsaces     Dareus Orodes      daughter   Gotarzes II   Vologaeses I     Pacorus       Tiridates I
King of Parthia † 39 killed King of Armenia Roman King of Armenia King of Parthia 38 + 43/44-51 King of Parthia 51-78 King of Atropatene King of Armenia
38-45 by Gotarzes II 34-35 hostage 35 and 37-42 son or nephew of  51-c.72 51-60 and 63-75
~ ignota  ~ Mithradates Artabanus III
† 39 or the son of "Gev" ? children
RE8 A371     V176 V630 P32 A1157   O156 ? M444
filius Vardanis   son   Vardanes (II)   Vologaeses II   Meherdates   Pacorus II         Artabanus IV     Osrhoes I         Mithridates IV  
King of Parthia 55-58 † 39 rebel K of Parthia King of Parthia 112 King of Parthia 78-108/109 rival King of Parthia King of Parthia 108/9-127/8 (Meherdates)
? = Vardanes II, son of c.50/55 78-80 + 89/90?? 80-81 deposed 116-117 King of Parthia 129-140
Vologaeses I ? ? King of Armenia 90 rival king 116-117
V631   S169   E136   P131 P132 S171   ? V635
ignotus Vologaeses III     Sanatruces Exedares     Parthamasiris   Meredates   daughter Parthamaspates Sanatruces II   Vologaeses IV  
King of Parthia 104-108 King of Parthia 111/2-147/8 King of Armenia or Axidares King of Armenia (Mithradates)   King of Parthia 116-117 rival king of Parthia King of Parthia
King of Armenia 117/8-144 c.75-c,110 King of Armenia 113-114 King of   installed by TRAJANUS 116-117 147/8-191/2
110-113 deposed by Characene in   King of Osrhoene 118-123 † ante father
      TRAJANUS Mesopotamia   in battle
  V632 A1161     V636 T179  
Ghadana Vologaeses    Artases     Vologaeses V          Tiridates  
regent 135 King of Armenia  King of Armenia            King of Parthia 191/2-207/8 King of Armenia c.215
 ~ Pharasmanes II 116/7-p.136 ruled 41 years     King of Armenia (as II) 180-191
K. of Iberia unknown kings     1  ~ sister to Amazasp II
p.136-160     K of Iberia c.185-189
S546 A1566 A1558 V637 A1158   A1154 O157
Sohaemus Aurelius Pacorus Aurelius Merithates Osrhoes II Vologaeses VI     Artabanus V       Arsaces II     Rev I   Chosroes I (Khosrov I)
King of Armenia  King of Armenia † aged 56 King of Parthia 190 King of Parthia  rival King of Parthia 213-224 King of Armenia King of Iberia King of Armenia
c.164-175/180 160-163 controlled Media 207/8-221/2 King of Atropatene 213-224 c.220 189-216 c.191-217
from Emesa 227-228 † 224 by Ardashir I
expelled by Sassanid 1st king of Sassanid dynasty
  A1165 T241  
daughter     Artavasdes Vachagan I   Tiridates II
† 226/227 King of Albania King of Armenia 217-252
in Cayxasus
Khosrov II (Chosroes II)   Tiridates (III)  
King of Armenia 252 subking of Armenia
† 252 murdered 272 - p-293
Sassanid kings 252-293
Tiridates IV or (III)           Khosrovidukht  
King of Armenia 287-296 *252
and 298-c.330 (or 318) Christian lady
1st Christian king 301
or son of Tiridates II if the boy
who was saved in 252 is the same
Kings of Armenia