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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial no cognomen
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Celsus Plancianus,
Senatorial Varus
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. Caius, Pericles, Xenon,
Uncertain Plato
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 1 Celsus Plancianus
Notes: That Iulia (M. Plancius Varus' wife) was a sister of C. Iulius Alexander (see stemma in PIR P p.174) seems unlikely when he was a cos suff 30 years later.
Republican family from Atina. Very rare gens.
Literature Adak, Mustafa: "Civic Notables and Their Honorific Titles in Roman Pamphylia and Pisidia", in Philanthropy in Anatolia through the Ages, 
Koc University 2020, p.47-71 gives details about the Plancii of Selge.
Alexander: Trials (1990) p.52 (§98 Cn. Plancius or Cn. Munatius Plancus, defendant, acquitted), p.142-143 (§293 Cn. Plancius, defendant in 
54 BC de sodaliciis, acquitted)
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She also supposes (now known to be incorrect) that C. Iulius Plancius Varus Cornutus is the same as C. Plancius Varus, adopted by C. Iulius Cornutus 
Tertullus cos suff 100.
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p.355-356 (§319 C. Ru[tilius] et [C. Iuli]us Plafncius Varus], leg Aug pro pr Cilicia)
Rutledge: Imperial Inquisitions (2001) p.255-257 (§73 M. Plancius Varus prosecuted Cornelius Dolabella for conspiracy in 69 and  Dolabella was executed)
Sahin, Sencer: "Studien zu den Inschriften von Perge III. Marcus Plancius Rutilius Varus und C. Iulius Plancius Varus Cornutu Vater und Sohn der Plancia Manga", 
in Epigraphica Anatolica 27, 1996, 115-126. with stemma. His analysis of new inscriptions is followed below assuming that the quaestor M. Plancius Rutilius
Varus is identical to M. Plancius Varus, P443. Cf. RE1996-1512 and 1513.
Salomies: Nomenclature (1992) p.65-66 (C. Iulius Plancius C.f. Varus Cornutus is not the same as C. Plancius Varus, who is his uncle)
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Cn. Plancius (or a C. (Munatius) Plancus)
trial latest in 91
RE3 Nic273 RE1
Cn. Plancius       (C.?) Plancius
tribus  Terentina, uncle of RE4
eques Romanus from Atina, ment Cicero Planc.29
princeps of the publicani,
officer under P. Crassus 96/93
alive at trial of son in 54
RE4 Nic273bis
Cn. Plancius Cn.f.
* c.96
soldier 69-68 tr mil in Macedon 62
q Macedon 58 tr pl 56 aed cur 54 or 55
Pompeian, last mention 45
cf Cicero Pro Plancia from 54
~ (Manlia), dt of a T. Manlius Torquatus 
M. Plancius
P443 RE5 LP26-70 27-19 ?? R261 RE36
M. Plancius M.f.  (Rutilius?) Varus               T.  Rutilius Varus
trib Pollio, from Perge in Pamphylia, tr mil V Mac, praef alae,
X vir stlit iudic, q pro pr Bithynia-Pontus, q of Vespasian, aed cur,
tr pl, pr before 69 comes of emperor
leg of procos Achaia and Asia,
procos Pontus / Bithynia c.70-72 (for 2 years)
cos suff ?? (no evidence)
~ Iulia  sister of C. Iulius Tigranes, king of Armenia 60-62
father of C. Iulius Alexander, cos suff c.106/108
P442 RE7 P444 RE8 FOS609
C. Plancius Varus           Plancia M.f. Magna
honored as ktistes (founder of games) cousin of king C.Iulius Alexander
at Perge dedicated statues 119/122 and c.128
priestess at Perge (AE1988-1037),
~ C. Iulius Cornutus Tertullus
cos suff 100
R239 LP32-46 J470 RE393 J573 RE484
C. Rutilius Plancius Varus (Plancius) Varus C. Iulius C.f. Plancius Varus Cornutus C. Iulius Severus
office in Cyprus see Sahin's trib. Horatia, cos suff c.138/139
(q or legatus or procos) article leg Aug pro pr Cilicia
cos suff sub Hadrian ~ Claudia Aquillia C1072 FOS219
adopted ?
P445 RE9 FOS610 J574 RE485
Plancia Magna Aquillia       C .Iulius Severus
cos ord 155
Placia Magna Aquillia's realtionship to the Plancii is not satisfactory (above follows PIR).
Settipani's stemma on p.456 seems inconsistant; how can her father cos 138 be the nephew 
of C.Iulius Plancius Varus Cornutus and thus grandson of cos 100 ?
C650 RE Celsus 11 P441
Celsus Plancianus (Plancius?) Varus
cos suff 166 sophist from Pergaeus,
or 161/164 descendent from M.Plancius Varus P443 ?
a descendant of the son of Calliclidis
Plancii Vari ??
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                    
IGR-3-782 IGR-3-782 IGR-3-417
P. Plancius Magnianus Xenon M. Plancius Plato M. Plancius Plato Calpurnianus Proculus M. Plancius Cornelianus Caius
agonothetes and demiourgos at Selge, at Attaleia in Pamphylia, at Attaleia in Pamphylia, at Andeda in Pisidia
ktistes of Selge in Pisidia, ? freedman ? freedman archireus at Andela
3rd century
~ Aurelia Xenonia Maidates ? freedman
P440   P439 FOS611
P. Plancius Magnianus  Publia Plancia Aurelia P[lan]cilla
Aelianus Arrius Pericles Magniani Motoxaris clar fem,
imperial priest at Selge imperial priestess at Selge, attested at Smyrna
~ Aurelia Volussia  agonothetes for life
Quirinia Atossa A1671 ~ C. Valerius Eugenes
dt of senator philosopher