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Notes: The Sasanian (or Sassanian or Sasanid) king of kings were rulers of Iranshahr (realm of the Iranians/Ayrans), called Eran and An-Eran (i.e. Iran and non-Iran). 
The names given below are generally their New Persian transcriptions with alternative spellings.
Ardashir took the title of šahan šah (Shahanshah) “King of Kings”. Sassanid princes were often kings (shahs) of provinces, i.e. Marvshah, king (ruler) of Marv.
The "spahbed" was the generalissimo of the army, later under Khosrow I (531-579) split into four: North, South, West,and East.
The date 262 (ca) refers to the famous inscription at the Ka'ba-ye Zartosht giving names of family and ministers of the empire.
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This cadet branch of the Sassanian dynasty ruled the Kushan territories in Bactria/Tokharistan. Scholars no longer believe that Hormizd, brother of Bahram II, 
was the founder. Their dynasty is provided below the main stemma.
Shahbazi, A. Shapur: “Studies in Sasanian Prosopography,” Archäologische Mitteilungen aus Iran 16, 1983, pp. 255-68 (on king Naseh and his wife Sahpuhrduxtak II,
since they were already married by 262 (she was titled Queen of the Sakas) , she cannot be the same as the wife of Bahram II)
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high priest at Istakhr (Fire Temple of Anāhid)
genealogy disputed,
he could be father-in-law of Pabag or even the real father of Ardashir I
~ Denag, alive under Ardashir I
Pabag (Papak)
King of Istakhr (capital of Pars (Persis))
crowned king at Istakhr (Stakr) 205/206
† c.207/210
~ Rodag, alive under Ardashir I
  son of Rodag
  A1166 sister brother
Shapur (Sabuhr)     Ardashir I       ~  Denag     Balash  
King of Pars after Pabag, King of Pars as Ardashir V 211/212 Queen of Queens (Walaxs)
probably killed by Ardashir Shahanshah Iran 224-242 mention 262 mention 262
in 211 or 212 ~ Murrod, mention 262
~ Casmag, mention 262
  son of Murrod  
Narseh Shapur I (Sabuhr)     Ardashir      Ardashir    Peroz   Narseh   Mihrshah   Ardashir    Ardashir
mention 262 coregent 240-242 Kermanshah Marvshah mention 262 mention 262 Meshanshah Nodshiraganshah  Sakanshah under Ardashir I
Shahanshah Iran 242-270 (or 272) under Ardashir I under Ardashir I (Mesan = (= Adiabene) under 
~ Kurdzad (Gurdzad) mention 262 no longer Characene) mention 262 replaced by 262
~ Xwar(r)ānzēm ruler by 262  
eldest son   3rd son, son of Kurdzad N28 4th son 2nd son eldest child  
Bahram I (Warahran or Wahram)       Hormizd I (Ohrmazd)   Narseh (Narses)               Shapur   Adur-Anahid Narseh Sasan
Gelanshah 262 (as heir Ohrmezd-Ardašir) King of Sagestan, Hindestan + Turan 262 Meshanshah  Queen of queens mention 262 royal prince 262
Shahanshah Iran 271-274 King of Armenia 252-270 King of Armenia 271/273-293 mention 262 mention 262
or 273-276 Shahanshah Iran 270-271 Shahanshah Iran 293-302 † before 270  
or 272-273 by 262 ~ Šābuhrduxtag, queen, his niece ? ~ Denag  Narseh
~ Staxryad ~ Narsehduxt, mention 262 mention 262 royal prince
supported Narseh 293
Bahram II (Warahran or Wahram) Hormizd Hormozdak Hormizd II (Ohrmazd) Hormizddukhtak Hormizd     Hormizdag Odabakht   Bahram   Shapur   Peroz   Shapurdukhtak
Shahanshah Iran 274-293 (or 291)  rebelled 280s (Hormezdag) Shahanshah Iran 302-309 (Ohrmezd(d)uxtag) Sakanshah 274 mention 262 (Odabaxt) (Wahram) (Sabuhr) mention 262 (Šābuhrduxtag)
or 276-293 (17 years) ? = his cousin mention 262 murdered by nobles mention c.262 revolt c.281-283 mention 262 mention 262 mention 262 supported Queen of Queens
274 ~ ? cousin Shapurdukhtak † executed by Bahram II Narseh 293 ? ~ Narseh
~ Quandida (Candida), Christian martyr ? or = brother to Bahram II ? ~ Bahram II ←
    3rd son, PLRE2
Bahram III (Warahran or Wahram) Adur Narseh   son     Hormizd         Shapur II (Sabuhr)   Ardashir II     Adurfrazgird Zamasp   Shapur Narseh Hormizddukht
Sakanshah under his father in 280s Shahanshah Iran 309 blinded 309 imprisoned 309 * 309 king of Adiabene 344-376 king of  king of Sakanshah king of
Shahanshah Iran 293 (4 months) murdered by nobles escaped to Rome 323 Shahanshah Iran 309-379 Shahanshah Iran 379-383 S. Arbayistan N. Arbayistan 311 Armenia  ~ Mamikonian
deposed by Narseh, possibly not king Roman general deposed by nobles with Nisibis 360s 330s prince Vahan
fate unknown as Hormisdas 362-363   360s  
Hormisdas Shapur III (Sabuhr)       Zurvandukht Peroz-Gushnasp
proconsul Asia 365/6 Shahanshah Iran 383-388 princess
comes rei militaris c.379 murdered by nobles ~ Khosrov IV of Armenia
Hormisdas Bahram IV (Warahran or Wahram) Yazdegerd I (Yazdgerd, Yazdgird)
PPO Illyricum 448 Kermanshah under father Shahanshah Iran 399-420
PPO Oriens 449-450 Shahanshah Iran 388-399 probably killed by nobility
son or grdson of PLRE ? killed by nobility ~ Shushandukht (Sosanduxt)
? dt of Jewish exilarch (Huna bar Nathan ?)
Khosrow Shapur IV (Sabuhr)     Bahram V Gor (Warahran or Wahram) Narseh
Shahanshah 420 King of Persamenia 415-420 Shahanshah Iran 420-438 king of Abarshahr 420
installed by nobility Shahanshah Iran 420 (Khorasan)
after death of Shapur IV killed by nobility ~ Indian princess
deposed by Bahram V  
considered usurper  
Yazdegerd II (Yazdgerd, Yazdgird)   Sisan
Shahanshah Iran 438-457 ancestor of the
~ Denag, regent 457-459 during civil war
Hormizd III (Ohrmazd)     Peroz I (Firuz)       Balash (Wardakhsh, Walakhsh)     Zarer (Zarir)         daughter
Sakanshah under father Shahanshah Iran 459-484 Shahanshah Iran 484-488 rebelled 485 or sister to Yazdegerd II
Shahanshah Iran 457-459 † killed in battle vs Hepthalites deposed by nobles † 485 executed ~ Aswagen
war with brother Peroz 457-459 King of Albania c.415-c.440
† 459 executed
daughter       Balendukht Kavadh I     ~ Sambice     Zareh     Jamasp (Zamasp) Perozdukht (Perozduxt) Vache II Bawi       sister
or dt of Peroz I * 473, aged 15 in 488 Shahanshah Iran  captured 484 King of Albania c.440-462 of the Ispahbudhan family
~ of Varsken,  ~ Vakhtang king Shahanshah Iran 488/9-496 ~ brother 496-498/9 484 ~ Akhshunwar abdicated no king until 485 (called Aspebedes  ~ Kavadh I
Viceroy of Gugark 470-482 of Iberia deposed 496 Kavadh I deposed, pardoned ? ruler of the Hepthalites ~ sister or niece to Peroz I by Procopius)
and later Albania Shahanshah Iran 499-531 wen't to Armenia, † 532 exc by Khosrow I
† 482 killed by Vakhtang I ~ niece   ~ also sister of Bawi † 530/540   ??  
oldest son mother sister of Bawi   2nd son        
Kawuz         Khosrow I Anushirvan (Khosrau, Xusro)     Jamasp (Zamasp) Xerxes Narsi Balas daughter Vachagan III Shapur
* 492 son of Sambice * 512/514 † 532 exc after general 528 last Arsacid king spahbed of the West
King of Tabaristan c.520 Shahanshah Iran 531-579 conspiracy ~ uncle Kavad I King of Albania 485-510 † 586 executed by Hormizd IV
† 533 rebelled and exc.         rulers of also called son of Yazdegerd II  
        Yemen or nephew of Vache II  
  eldest son   son      
Shapur Anoshazad       Hormizd IV (Ohrmazd) Yazdandad   Kavadh Piruz daughter   Vistahm (Bistam)   Vinduyi
hostage revolted c.550 * c.540 † 541 exc by Khosrow I ruler of Gilan † 642 spahbed of the West 586 1st minister of Khosrow II 590
† 579/590 blinded Shahanshah Iran 579-590 ~ Hormizd IV spahbed of the East 590 † 590 exc. by Khosrow II
deposed and killed 590   rival Shahanshah Iran
PLRE vol3A by Vistahm   590/1–596 or 594/5–600  
Bahram Gushnasp ~ sister to Vistahm   ruled the Iranian East. Murdered  
general, mention 573   ~ Gordiya,  
PLRE vol3A                                      
Bahram VI Cobin (Chubin) Gordiya Khosrow II Parvez (Khosrau, Xusro)   Kavadh     Mihran Chahardukht Tiruyih Vinduyih Hormizd V (Ohrmazd)
(Warahran or Wahram) Shahanshah Iran 590-628 ~ Shahrbaraz (Shahrvaraz)  general general called Farrukh Hormizd
of the house of Mihran, ~ Vistahm overthrown and killed by son Kavadh II of the house of Mihran, ~ Mah-Adhur Gushnasp 635 635 spahbed of the North,
rival Shahanshah Iran 590-591 Parvez = the Victorious spahbed of the South by 614 (Jushnasmar) Shahanshah Iran 630-631
general 572-591  ~ Maria of Byzans   Shahanshah Iran 630 (6 weeks) regent for Ardashir III 628-630 killed by Azarmidokht
† assasinated 591 ~ Shirin, Christian, † 628   succeeded Ardashir III, murdered † 630 exc. by Shahrbaraz
  and overthrown by Farrukh Hormizd
  Khosrow III (Khosrau, Xusro) Shapur V -i Shahrvaraz (Sabuhr) Peroz II     Khosrow IV Rostam (Rustam)    Farrukhzad (Farrukhzadag)
  rival Shahanshah Iran 630-(632) Shahanshah Iran 630 after Boran (Gushnasp-Bandeh) Shahanshah Iran  Iranian general 631-636 ruler of Tabaristan 651-665
  ruled in Khorosan, killed, deposed Shahanshah Iran 630 630-636, † 635/6 in battle vs muslims † c.665 murdered
  he succeeded Shahrbaraz, rival king at Susa
  coins known up to year 3 coins known up to year 7 Bavand dynasty
son of Maria dt of Maria   son of Shirin son of Shirin
Kavadh II     ~ Boran (Burandukht)   Azarmidokht      Khosrow V   Mardanshah Shahriyar   (prince)   Arwandrang Guranshah   Afrudshah   Khurrah   Pusdil   Juvansher    
(Sheroe, Shiroye) Queen of Iran 630 (Azarmigdukht) (Farrukhzad Khosrow) † 628 † 628 exc one of the † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc (Javanshir)  
* 590 † 628 plague succeeded Shahrbaraz Queen of Iran 630-631 escaped 628 designated heir by Kavadh II executed  by Kavadh II by Kavadh II by Kavadh II by Kavadh II by Kavadh II mention in  
Shahanshah Iran 628  deposed by Shapur V 630 succeeded Shapur V Shahanshah 631 of Khosrow II brothers one source,  
(for 5½ months)  Queen of Iran 631-32 † 631 killed by (March-April) but no coins  
killed 18 brothers † 632 strangulated Rostam Farrokhzad  overthrown and killed      
succeeded Khosrow II      
~ Anzoy of Byzantium      
      Perozanshah Sadman Zarafrudsah Sadrang Arwanddast Pusbeh  
      † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc
Ardashir III       Manjanah   Sabryar       Yazdegerd III (Yazdgerd, Yazdgird) Hormizd VI (Ohrmazd)  
* 621, aged 7 when shahhanshah (Mandane) in Sirwan * 624, aged 8 in 632 Shahanshah Iran 630-631  
Shahanshah Iran 628-630 (29/4) last Shahanshah Iran 632-651 succeeded Shapur V Mardkhurrah Zadankhurrah Serzad Jihanbaxt          
(19 months) ~ Yazdegerd III, her cousin succeeded Boran, † 651 murdered overthrown † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc † 628 exc
succeeded Kavadh II ~ Manjanah his cousin
† 630 exc. by Shahrbaraz
Khosrou   Peroz (III)             Bahram (VII)   Izdundad   Shahrbanu     Adrag Mardawand Sahen Narse Mihrgusnasp Khamkar Muxdaj Adarak
* 636?, titular king 651-c.679 in Chinese Aluohan, daughter (Shehr Bano) daughter daughter cripple
fled to Tang China 651 Chinese general † 658 fled to fled to China the Munajjim
king of Sistan (really Tocharistan) 663/6-674 † 710 in exile ~ Bustanai  ~ Husayn ibn Ali China
fled again to China, in China ben Haninai * 626 † 680
Chinese general  grandson of Muhamed
† 678/679  
Narsieh         Yazdegerd   Shahafrid Khosrow
titular king 678/9-c.712 † c.728 in Chinese Juluo,
fought the Arabs for 20 years ~  Al-Walid  attempted to
mention as Chinese general 708 ibn Abd al-Malik return to Iran 728/9
  caliph 705-715 last mentio 730/1
Pu-Chan-Huo Mu-Shanuo
(Bo Qiang Huo) called king of Persia 731
titular king c.712
= Pusang mentioned as Persian king 723
Chronology and list of rulers are still disputed, almost all information is based on coinage, mainly minted at Marv and Balkh.
Dates are from David Jongeward and Joe Cribb: "Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian, and Kidarite Coins", New York: American Numismatic Society, 2015, p.4
Martin Schindel in his many writings dates the dynasty beginning to the 290s.
Kushanshah = king of Kushan
Ardashir I
Kushanshah c.230-245
could possibly be Ardashir Marvshah, brother of Sapur I of Iran.
Peroz I
Kushanshah c.245-270
Hormizd I (Hormozd)
Kushanshahanshah (Kushan King of Kings) 270-300
Hormizd II (Hormozd)
Kushanshah 300-303
possibly = Hormizd I with different coin image
Peroz II
Kushanshah 303-330
Bahram (Warahran)
Kushanshah 330-365
replaced by the Kidarite dynasty of Huns