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Notes: Sophene was originally a province in Armenia. Borders on Armenia Maior, Cappadocia, Commagene and Mesopotamia.
Descent from Zariadris is uncertain.
Note that king Abdissares is no longer considered a king of Sophene, but of Adiabene.
Literature Barrett, Antony A.: "Sohaemus, King of Emesa and Sophene", in The American Journal of Philology, Vol. 98, 1977, p.153-159 (argues that the Sohaemus appointed
king of Sophene is Sohaemus, king of Emesa)
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p.68-77 (coin name Mori is not the name of a king Morphilig, as proposed by most scholars, but of a mint Morima in Cappadocia), p.113-156 (kinglist p.154-156)
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Xerxes         Orontes III (IV)
king of Armenia-Sophene last Orontid
post 228-post 212 king of Armenia Maior 220-before 190
besieged c.212 overthrown by Artaxias I
murdered by his wife
~ Antiochis, dt of Seleucus II,
king of Syria 246-225
Zariadris (Zareh)       Ptolomaeus
strategos of Sophene c.202-c.163 grandson og Arsames
king of Sophene 188-c.163 founder of the dynasty
of Commagene c.163
king c.163-c.130
  see separate stemma
king of Sophene c.163 (or earlier) -??
name Morphilig is an error
king of Sophene between Mithrobuzanes and Artanes
attested only through coins
Artanes (Arsakes, Orontes IV) Tigranes the Great
king of Sophene ??- c.95 * c.140 c.55 aged 85
no coinage known, King of Armenia 95-c.55
deposed by Tigranes II of Armenia King of Syria 83-69
no ruling dynasty in King of Kings c.87
Sophene until 54 AD 2 ~ Cleopatra dt of Mithridates VI of Pontus
Mithrobuzanes Tigranes the Younger
viceroy of Sophene fled to Parthia 66
69 killed in battle King of Sophene 66/65 appointed by Pompey and deposed by him 66/65
annexed 69 imprisoned, released 58, no further mention
~ dt of Phraates III king of Parthia c.69-c.57 BC
J541 RE Samp2
C. Iulius Sampsiceramus II
priest King of Emesa 14-42 AD
~ Iotape, dt of Mithridates III, KIng of Commagene from 20BC
J582 RE Sohaemus 4
Gaius Julius Sohaemus Philocaesar Philorhomaeus,
King of Emesa 54-73 , succeeded his brother Azis
King of Sophene 54-c.60 appointed by NERO
ornamenta consularia,
~ Drusilla, dt of king Ptolemy of Mauretania
see dynasty of Emesa