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Update:  30th June 2022
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X    Local magistrate: X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis Varro, Varro Lucullus, 
Senatorial no cognomen, Culleo, Istra, Lucanus, Massiliota, Tuscivicanus, Varro Gibba, Varro Murena
Equestrian Hispo
Local magistrat. no cognomen, Taravus, 
Uncertain no cognomen, 
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Culleo, Geminus, Gentianus, Homullus Iunior, Priscus, Scaurianus, Strabo Homullus, Varro Murena
Senatorial no cognomen, Aquila Grattianus, Culleo, Hispo, Iunianus?, Pudens, Rufus, Varro
Equestrian no cognomen, Alexander, Etruscus, Iunior, Lentinus, Marcianus, Maximus, Priscus, Sabinianus, Scaurus
Equestrian (mil) no cognomen, Firmus, Ingenuus, Iunior, Quirinalis, Rufus, Valentinus, Valerianus,
Local magistrat. Fannianus, Felix, Rusticus, Tertius
Uncertain Clemens, Iulianus, Musaeus, Pollio, Scaurus, Scaurinus,
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 2 incl. Varro Lucullus
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 9 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: I follow Sumner / Arkenberg in the stemma below concerning Varro Murena, i.e. he is a Terentius Varro adopted by a Licinius Murena and not the opposite. The two 
Licinii Murenae  do not seem to have had sons (no mention by Cicero in Pro Murena). Uncertain whether Murena (RE92) is identical to Murena (RE91), 
since an aedil of 44 could be an elderly (ca aged 57) consul of 23. I assume the conspirator of 22 is not the same man as the cos desig for 23.
Articles dealing with the Varro Murena identity controversy are marked with "VM".
The fasti capitolini for Varro Murena cos ord 23 BC has a lacuna, which could be "[in mag. Mort.] est" or "[mag. damn.]est" or "[mag. Motus.] est".
C. Visellius C.f. Varro (RE3), q by 73, aed cur c.59 BC, waa possibly by birth a Terentius Varro. See Taylor VDRR p.266
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p.152 (A. Terentius Pudens Uttedianus, Raetia 198/211)
Andermahr: "Totus in praediis", (1998) p.447 (§518 Cn. L. Terentius Homullus Iunior, cos suff 146, Perusia), p.448 (§519 A. Terentius Varro Murena, from Lanuvium
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VM Arkenberg, Jerome S.: "Licinii Murenae, Terentii Varrones and Varrones Murenae, part II", in Historia vol.42, 1993, pp.471-491 (in general follows Sumner)
VM Atkinson, Kathleen M. T.: "Constitutional and Legal Aspects of the Trials of Marcus Primus and Varro Murena", in "Historia Band 9 (1960), p.440-473 with stemma p.473
(she argues for 22 BC and there were 3 people: the consul, the conspirator (L. Terentius Varro Murena, also the legatus in Syria) and the advocate (a  Licinius Murena))
VM Badian, E.: "Crisis Theories and the Beginning of the Principat", in Georg Wirth (ed) Romanitas-Christianitas (FestschriftJohannes Straub), (Berlin, 1982): p.18-41,
(supports Sumner and Swan in his assumption that Varro Murena died as consul designate)
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VM Bauman, Richard A.: "Tiberius and Murena" in Historia Band 15 (1966). p 420-432 (concludes for legal  reasons the conspiracy was in 22 BC, thus the consul and
 conspirator were not the same man)
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inscriptions are very similar, they belong to two different senators. Thus q Achaea and leg Aug pro pr Belgica in CIL-VI-1444 cannot be allocated to Scaurianus (CIL-XII-3169)
Fitz: Pannonien (1993-1995) p.46 (§3 A. Terentius Varro Murena, refutes Szramkiewicz' comment that he was procos Illyricum in 23 BC), p.171 (§73 D, Terentius Scaurianus,
likely not governor of Pann), p.356 (§279 L. Terentius Rufus  possibly received his decorations in 1st Dacian war when centurio in legio I Minervia),
p.837-838 (§508 Q. Terentius Ingenuus, praef alae, unknown dating), p.918 (§603 L. Terentius Valentinus, primus pilus of I Adi and praef legionis I Ita), 
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but only commanded a detachment), p.314-315 (D. Terentius Gentianus, Franke doubts whether Gentianus was a legatus legionis)
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he assumes the career on CIL-VI-1444 belong to Scaurianus, despite Eck's doubt in his 1983 article.)
Hinard: Proscriptions (1985) p.527 (§133 M. Terentius Varro, RE84, proscribed 43), p.528-531 (§134 Hinard argues that M. Lucullus (RE Licinius 110), executed 42 by 
Mark Antony, was really named M. Terentius Varro Lucullus and was son of the cos 73; possible but not convincing)
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(§1351 D. Terentius Gentianus, cos suff 116) (NOT AVAILABLE TO ME)
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p.219-220 (§29 C. Terentius Istra, pr Sardinia 182 BC)
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Kreiler prefers the legate of Gallia to be identical to the legate of Syria and to the ex-praetor of SC de Mytilenais of 25 BC, but not to Varro Murena cos 23 BC)
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and makes the consul, the conspirator, and the advocat for M. Primus the same man)
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Murena is in 23 BC and he is the same man as the consul)
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p.314-316 (D. Terentius Scaurianus, from Narbonensis, possibly Nemausus (Nimes))
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Lucullus, q and proq in the East 86-83)
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her husband may have been L. Valerius Catullus, monet 3 BC, but Kajava is undecided)
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praef coh under Trajan)
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(D. Terentius Gentianus, cos suff 116) (NOT AVAILABLE TO ME) 
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(Q. Terentius Culleo, pont minor, tr pl 58 BC)
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p.132 (A. Terentius Varro Murena, RE91, presumed son of Murena cos 62 adopted by A. Varro leg 82), p.134 (C. Visellius Varro, possibly a Terentius Varro 
adopted by C. (Visellius) Aculeo.)
Sherwin-White: "The Letters of Pliny", 1998, p.434 suggests that Terentius Maximus T79 might be the brother of C. Terentius Iunior T76.
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Terentius Varro adopted by a Licinius Murena, likely between 48 and 46, not the other way around)
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(argues for 22 BC and thus the consul and the conspirator are separate; and tha the cos of 23 was only designatus, but died/was removed before taking office)
VM Syme: Augustan Aristocracy (1986) p.387-392 (discussion of Varro Murena, believes the elder Varro Murena was a Licinius Murena adopted by a Terentius Varro)
Syme: Danubian Papers (1971) p.161 (D. Terentius Scaurianus, governor of Dacia attested in 110, and possibly already in 106)
Syme: Tacitus vol. 1 (1958) p.366 (Syme still believes, as in his Roman Revolution, that the consul and conspirator are the same and the conspiracy was in 23 BC,not 22 BC)
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p.266 (Visellia; proposes that C. Visellius C.f. Varro, tribus Quirina, was adopted by a C. Visellius Aculeo from the Terentii Varrones of Reate, and that the 
adopted son retained both the tribe and the cognomen of this original family)
Thomas: Roman Epistrategos (1982) p.186 (§22 Terentius Alexander, epistrategos Thebaid 164), p.192, 206  (§81 M. Te[---] possibly a Terentius, proc Aug c.90)
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Zmeskal: adfinitas (2009) p.265-267 (Terentii: Hispones (RE49, RE102aa assumed daughter of RE49), Varrones (RE83, RE80, RE81, RE77, RE100, RE82, RE91,RE92,
RE96, RE98, M. Varro adoptive father of RE90, RE90, RE84,RE95, RE Tert20)
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RE83 RE30 RE23 EDR015574
C. Terentius C.f.M.n. Varro Q. Terentius L. Terentius L.f.
in Illyrian war 229/228 q by 222 envoy 218 q at Firmum in Picenum
aed pleb c.221 aed cur by 220? pr (Sardinia?) 218 pr if father to RE43 c.264 / 201
cos 216 procos Picenum 215-213
propr Etruria 208-207
amb 203 200 IIIvir col deduc 200 ?
RE80   ? RE76 RRC74 RRC126 RE58 RE51 RE20 Rüpke3222 RE43   RE56 RE75
A. Terentius Varro   C. (Terentius) Varro (Terentius) Varro L. Terentius Massiliota C. Terentius Istra Cn. Terentius Q. Terentius Culleo Terentius Lucanus P. Terentius Tuscivicanus
envoy 189 pr Hisp Cit 184 monet Sicilia c.209/208 monet c.206/200 aed pl 200 X vir amb 196 pr Sardinia 182 scriba pontificorum 181 Scipio's consilium 201 senator c.170 amb 167
procos Hisp Cit 183-182 ? = RE80 pr Sicilia 187 IIIvir col deduc 181 pont minor ? amb 195 tr pl 189 pr pereg 187 or = monet 147 ?
ovatio 181 amb 172 167 tr mil 182-180 envoy 180 cos cand for 184 amb 171
  "praetoria familia natus"    
RE81   ? or cousin RE77 RRC185   RE56 RRC217 RE74  
A. Terentius Varro                               M?. Terentius Varro (Terentius) Varro   C. Terentius Lucanus P. Terentius Tuscivicanus
amb X vir 146-145 q Hisp Ult 154 monet c.169/158   monet c.147 fell from Tarpeian rock
† 154 killed in battle ? = RE81   patron of poet Terentius Afer,
RE81     RE 103   RE33 EDR118615 RE17
(A. Terentius A.f. Varro) M. Terentius Varro L. Licinius Lucullus   Sex. Terentius C.f. A. Terentius
? inserting a generation pr 104   q at Aquileia, winess in trial of
~ Polla Terentia (RE100) adopted ~ Caecilia Metella   c.110 / 91 A. Caecina 69
mother of pr 78   dt of L. Caecilius Metellus Calvus cos 142   ??
RE82   ?? RE84 Nic336 Rüpke p.916 Laet374 RE95 T97 RE90 RE Licinius 109 Rüpke3234 RE Licinius 104   RE21 RE87 RE24   RE35
A. Terentius A.f. Varro   M. Terentius Varro (Reatinus) Terentia M. Terentius M.f. Varro Lucullus L. Licinius L.f.L.n. Lucullus   Cn. Terentius P. (Terentius) Varro L. Terentius A.f. T. Terentius A.f.
? q 88/87 leg classis 82 * 116 † 27, had estate in Reate, trib Qui, † aged 103 M.Licinius Lucullus before adoption cos 74   senator 63 monet 89/49 trib Velina, Firmum trib Velina, Firmum
pr 78? III vir capit, q c.86/5 leg Dalmatia 78-77 1 ~ M. Tullius Cicero cos 63 * 116 q or leg 83 propr Gallia 82-81   error ? Cf Crawford in Picenum, in Picenum,
propr Asia 77 leg Spain 76-71 tr pl c.70 pr c.68 divorced 47/46 aed cur 79 pr pereg/repetundis 76   consilium of consilium of
trial 76-75 or 75-74 leg pirate war 67 procos Asia ? C.66 2 ~ C. Sallustius Crispus † 34 cos 73 procos Macedon/Thracia 72-71   Pompeius Strabo 89 Pompeius Strabo 89
XX vir 59 leg of Pompeius Spain 50-49 ?3 ~ M. Valerius Messalla triumph 71 amb 70-66 pont by 73 † p.57   mention 87
chief librarian 47 proscribed 43 Corvinus cos 31BC  
  ~ Fundania    
RE91   RE123 RE119 RE Tert 20   RE78 RRC447 RE89 Nic338 RE44 Rüpke3225 RE2 cf 91 92 RE49 Nic337 RE25 RE29 RE32 RE79
A. Terentius Varro Murena L. Licinius Murena C. Licinius Murena Tertulla   (Terentius) Varro M. Terentius Varro Gibba Q. Terentius Culleo Terentius P. Terentius Hispo L. Terentius P. Te[rentius?] Ser. Terentius (Terentius ?) Varro
Pompeian amb 48 aed cur by 44 pr 65 cos 62 aedil 67/6 (likely) or 59 † 42 q 49 and proq 49 sub eques, defender of M. Saufeius 52 tr pl 58  tr pl 54 eques ab Mediolanium, mention 47 issued coins at friend of D. neighbour of Cicero 
? adopted by C. Licinius Murena → ? adopted Varro Murena RE91 ~ M. CRASSUS POMPEIUS q of Brutus in Cisalpina 46 tr pl 43 pont minor 57 publicani at Ephesos, ad Att. XI-17a Panormus on Brutus 43 in 54, not a Visellius
~ ignota ? III vir † 42 at Philippi (or RE91?) leg of Lepidus 43 relative of Cicero's wife Sicilia,
(who 1 ~ L. Proculeius, with progeny,   (or his son)  attested 56-47 end republic
eques, friend of OCTAVIAN)  
T96 RE92 Rüpke3235 Laet375 T102 RE98 T98 RE96 L218   PIR T p.27 LP33-4 T94 T95 RE86 Laet373 T69 RE45 LP1-3 Laet372 T72 Rüpke p.916
A. Terentius A.f. Varro Murena   Terentia A.f. Terentia   L. Licinius Varro Murena (Terentius? Licinius?) Terentius Varro [M.Terent]ius M.f. Varro Q. Terentius Culleo (Cn.) [Teren?]tius P.f. Hispo
augur c.31 ment 16 BC orator and conspirator, Varro leg vs Salassi in trib Pap. ment in SC 25 BC procos Sicilia sub AUGUSTUS homo novus, X vir stlit iudic,
cos ord 23 † before or in office ? ~ M. Seius sister to L218 defended M. Primus 23 leg Aug Syria 25-23 the Alps (27)-25 of Mytilene q pro pr Sicilia,
patron of Ptolemais in Cyrene (ILS897), eques ~ C. Maecenas † 23/22 exc  ? = T96 T95 T94? ? = T95 or T96 ex-praetor ? = T94 ? ~ Albia leg/comes sub TIBERIUS
divorced  ? adopted by Murena cos 62 A485 RE14 FOS43 sodalis Titius ??
  by 12BC    
Dem331 PME-T8 S322   T64 RE28 Dem275 T381 RE73 RE Tullius35 LP20-17 Laet1133 T70 RE46 Laet802   A486 RE Albia13 FOS44 T105 FOS756 RE102a
C. Terentius C.f. Bassus L. Seius Strabo M. Terentius C. Terentius Tullius Geminus Q. Terentius Culleo   Albia Terentia Terentia Cn.f. Hispulla
Mefanas Etruscus praef praet eques Romanus, procos Macedonia ? cos suff 40 1st century
trib Fabia, Brixia, Venetia, father of Sejanus friend of Sejanus, cos suff 46 or grandson of T69 ~ L. Salvius Otho ~ Sex. Teidius L.Valerius Catullus
praef ala Augusta at Clunia accused and leg Aug pro pr Moesia 47/53 leg Aug pro pr Cilicia? cos suff 33 † c.55 cos suff 31
in Tarraconensis 40 acquitted 32 AD delator 62 see Tullius
T79 RE60 PME-T11 T86 RE66 Laet1554 T93 RE71 Stech208 T77 RE54 Dem545 PME-T7 Pf52 CIL-X-1019 V54   EDR121545, cf Meiggs
Terentius Maximus M. Terentius M.f. Quirinalis Terentius Rufus Terentius Strabo Erucius Homullus Terentius Lentinus M. Te[rentius?] [M.f.?] T. Terentius T.f. Felix Valerius Catullus L. Terentius Tertius
from Nemausus, tribus Pollia, vice leg X Fretensis 70 cos suff 83 eques Romanus, trib Terentina ?, praef fabrum, trib. Menenia, the elder, ? L. Valerius L.f Catullus II vir at Ostia 92
procur Bithynia 81/96 praef alae Syria 91 ? related  to T76 and T73 possibly from Gallia, adiutor procuratris, aedil at Pompeii, pontifex Catullus
condemned de falsis 61 tr mil XXII Rapax, Germ Sup 88-89 50/62 † young ~ Statilia Messalina, dt of 
proc Aug epistrategiae Pelusi 90 ~ Fabia Sabina T. Statilius Taurus cos ord 11
? adlectus ad census accipiendos in ?
  Aquitanica c.92  
LP21-1 36-1 Devreker850  
T88 RE68 Stech1563 Lamb312 T76 RE53 PME-T10 Pf69 PME-T12 Dobson110 T82 RE63  
D. Terentius Scaurianus C. Terentius Iunior L. Terentius M.f. Rufus Terentius Priscus T. Terentius
from Narbonensis,  probably from Perusia in Etruria, trib Quir, Bracara Augusta, eques Romanus from Hisp Ult, aedil cand at
IIII vir viar cur, tr mil I Ita in Moesia Inf, q pro pr prov, friend of Pliny, 3 x eques milit, in Tarraconensis, praef coh, friend of Martial 101 Pompeii,
tr pl, pr c.96 leg leg in Dacia 98/100 leg pro pr 100/103  procur (CC) Narbonensis 81/96 centurio in I Min with donis
dona militaria, cos suff 102 or 104 comes/leg Aug Dacia 105 never senator donatus in Dacian War,
2nd leg Aug pro pr Dacia 109-110 patron Sarmizegesuta, primus pilus XV Apo,
~ Pompeia Marullina from Nemausus, tr coh II Vig,
T71 RE48 Lamb127 Rüpke3229 LP23-19 T99 FOS753 RE97  
D. Terentius Gentianus       (Terentia) (Terentius)
* 89/90 visited pyramids 130 mention by Pliny
tr mil c.108/110 q 112? tr pl, pr 115? in Epis.9,1,2
leg Aug (leg?), pont, cos suff 116
leg Aug pro pr censitor Macedon 117/8-120 ~ L. Hedius Rufus Lollianus Avitus
patron Sarmizegesuta, comes of Trajan, cos suff 114 ?
† by 130  
T100 FOS754 H40 RE Lollianus3   T73 RE50 Lamb493 Stech1086 T92 RE70 T61 cf T73 Lamb540 T68 RE41
(Terentia)   ~ L. Hedius Rufus Lollianus Avitus Cn. L. Terentius L.f. Homullus Iunior Q. Terentius Scaurus Tere[ntius?] Terentius Clemens
cos ord 144 leg leg VII Gem in Hisp Cit c.142 grammaticus latinus sub leg Aug pro pr Moesia Sup jurist mid 2nd century
cos suff 146 related to T61? HADRIAN post 140/144
curator operum publicorum et aedium sacrarum 151
adopted by a Cnaeus ?
H42 RE Lollianus5 Rüpke1871 Lamb210 cf Setälä T66 RE39 Pf p.1091 T91 RE69 Pf p.1032 T89
    Q. Hedius L.f. Rufus Lollianus Gentianus Terentius Iulianus Terentius Alexander Q. Terentius Scaurus   (Terentius) Scaurinus
from Pollentia, dominus of praedia, epistrategus Thebaid 164 procur 164 grammaticus latinus,
cos suff c.186 procos Asia 201/2 under MARCUS AURELIUS
see Hedius
H34 H37 RE47 Okon537 Bar498 Rüpke3228 H44 RE102 FOS411 Rüpke3219 T85 RE65 Okon959 Bar499 LP15-26 T90  
(Hedius Lollianus) (Hedius Lollianus) Terentius Gentianus (Hedia) Terentia Flavola   A. Terentius Pudens Uttedianus (Terentius) Scaurinus
† by 209/210 vir clar, flam dialis, patricius, virgo vestalis 204 from Carthago in Africa Proconsularis, grammaticus latinus sub
pr tut c.209 cos ord 211 virgo vestalis max 209 215 leg XIII Gemina in Dacia, SEVERUS ALEXANDER
~ Pomponia Paetina, ? Related to † between 215 and 240 leg Aug pro pr Raetia 198/209
  Pomponius Bassus cos ord 211 praenomen called Olus (ILS 3923).
  T84 RE64 Okon958 Bar1170 Rüpke3233
  A. Terentius Pudens
  sodalis Augustalis Claudialis coopted 229
  † 230 when replaced
T87 RE67 Okon538 Bar1732
Q. (Hedius Lollianus?) Terentius Rufus
descent from H37 or H34, see Hedius
vir clar c.254/257
~ Caenia Verissima, C147
T107 RE103 PLRE Rufilla Rüpke3220
(Hedia?) Terentia Rufilla
vestal 254/257
vestal max 300 301
T78 RE57 PLRE Marcianus22 LP30-74 T83 Rüpke3232  EDR093491
Terentius Marcianus A. Terentius Priscus
from Sagalassus in Pisidia, clar vir, q cand, pr cand,
vir perfect, curator rerum publicarum of
praeses Lycia/Pamph 278/9 Vercellarum and Eporediae,
cos suff an inc, XV vir sf,
patricius, 271 / 300
? related to T84 and T85
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                                                                              
T75 T67 RE40 Bar2268 T104 FOS755 RE101 T106 EDCS-19000790 T81 RE61 PLRE Musaeus RE67a Curchin136 RE26
L. Terentius Iunianus L. Terentius Aquila Grattianus Terentia P.f. Claudiana Terentia Marcella Terentius Musaeus Q. Terentius Rusticus A. Terentius A.f. Rusticus L. Terentius L.f. 
fistula aquaria, q Africa after mid 2nd century clar fem, fem nobilis ? 3rd century aedil, X vir, local pont, trib Gal, Isturgi in Cordubensis, trib Pollia
senator ? inscription at Roma, Christian ? ab Hispania Baetica aedil, II vir,  local pont.
c.151 / 200 ~ Hydria Tertulla, H236 sub ANTONINES c.171/230
clar fem
cf Bar2183
RE72 EDR071981 T74 EDCS-00800010 T101 A1692 T103 RE99 FOS757 CIL-VII-1345 Dobson1-434 Dobson264
T. Terentius T.f. T.n. Taravus C. Terentius Iulianus Sabinianus Terentia Axia Aeliana Terentia  [Pris?]ca Q. Terentius Firmus L. Terentius Valentinus, 
tribus Claudia, trib. Papiria, from Thugga, 1st century clar fem, from Seana Gallica in Regio VI,  primus pilus I Adi,
IIII times dictator at Fidenae vir egreg, flamen perpetuus, femina nobilis ? SEVERAN age, praef castro III Victrix, praefectus legionis I Ita in Moesia Inf,
under the republic lived not before Septimius Severus, ~ Domitius, D117 ab Concordia sub M. Aurelius or later, (= praefectus castrorum legionis)
  AE1975-352 EDR077128 PME-T6 EDR129563 PME-T9 PME-T13 EDCS-74700053
P. Terentius T.f. T. Terentius T.f. Q. Terentius C.f. Senecio Fannianus  C. Terentius  Q. Terentius Ingenuus [Tere]ntius Valerianus Terentius Iunior
† before father † before father trib Velina from Firmum, Picenum, from Mutina, Regio VIII, praef alae in Pann Sup, tr coh in Brit 3rd century, tr mil V Mac in Moesia Inf, 
aged 21 aged 27 II vir quinq, pontifex, tr mil, under M. Aurelius or later, c.100/150
1 / 40 AD 1st century had quarta militia, ? son of T76
cf Mihailescu-Bîrliba