II Traiana Fortis Update 28.10.2016    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1484-1493      
History from 30 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
c.105 AD raised by Trajan for his Parthian war        
105 shipped to Syria Laodicea Laodikeia Syria  
106 possibly participated in annexation of Arabia        
113-117 ? Trajan's Parthian war.         
117 based at Caparcotna Lejjun Judaea  
127/128 attested in Egypt Nicopolis near Alexandria Aegyptus  
132-135 ? 2nd Jewish revolt        
161-165 ? Lucius Verus' Parthian wars (vexillation)        
175 supported Avidius Cassius against M.Aurelius        
193-194 supported Pescennius Niger against Septimius Severus        
195-197 ? Septimius Severus' Parthian wars        
213 Caracalla's war vs the Alamanni (vexillation ?)       received title Germanica
c.213/217 titled Germanica Fortis Antoniana        
231-233 Severus Alexander's Persian war       titled Fortis Germanica Severiana
260s vexillation sent to support Gallienus in Gaul        
284 still in Egypt Nicopolis near Alexandria Aegyptus