III Augusta   Update 2.11.2016    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1493-1505      
History from 30 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
30s BC probably raised by Octavian        
 after 30 moved to Africa Ammaedara Haidra, Tunisia Africa  
? 19 Augustus granted the title "Augusta"       after Cornelius Balbus' victory ?
14 AD first date attested in Africa        
17-24 Tacfarinas revolt        
39 Caius Caligula shifted control of legion from the proconsul of Africa to a legatus Augusti propraetore        
68-69 supported Clodius Macer        
by 75 moved to new base in Africa Theveste Tebessa, Algeria Africa  
101-106 ? Trajan's Dacian wars (vexillation)        
113-117 ? Trajan's Parthian wars (vexillation)        
c.115/120 moved to new base in Africa Lambaesis Tazoult-Lambese Numidia  
161-165 L.Verus' Parthian war (vexillation)        
166-180 M.Aurelius' Marcomannic wars (vexillation)        
193 supported Septimius Severus       received title "pia vindex"
195-197 Septimius Severus' Parthian wars (vexillation)        
215-218 Caracalla's Eastern expedition (vexillation)        
231-235 ? Severus Alexander's Eastern wars        
238 suppression of revolt by Gordian I and II        
238 disbanded by Gordian III because it was responsible for the deaths of his father and grandfather       damnatio memoriae
253 reformed by Valerian Lambaesis Tazoult-Lambese Numidia received title "Valeriana Galliena"
253 Valerian and Gallienus' German campaigns (vexillation)        
284 still in Africa     Numidia