III Cyrenaica   Update 2.11.2016    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1506-1517      
History from 30 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
c.31 BC probably raised by M.Antonius in Cyrenaica     Cyrenaica  
30 moved by Octavian to Egypt Thebes ? Luxor Aegyptus  
26-24 ? Aelius Gallus' Arabian campaign        
11 AD first secure attestation date        
14/35? moved to Alexandria Alexandria Alexandria Aegyptus double legonary base with XXII Dei
63 Corbulo's Parthian war (vexillation)        
69-70 Jewish revolt in Judaea (vexillation)        
106 invaded kingdom of Nabataea        
106 based at Bostra in Arabia Bostra Bosra, Syria Arabia  
113-117 Trajan's campaign against Parthia        
119 attested in Egypt again Alexandria Alexandria Aegyptus  
120/127 probably left Egypt (for Syria or Arabia, unknown)       replaced by 128 by II Tra
132-135 2nd Jewish revolt in Judaea        
by c.140 returned to Arabia Bostra Bosra, Syria Arabia  
161-166 ? Lucius Verus' Parthian wars        
175 supported Avidius Cassius against M.Aurelius        
193-194 Pescennius Niger's civil war against Septimius Severus        
195-197 ? Septimius Severus' Parthian wars        
211/218 had title "Antoniniana"        
218 Caracalla's Parthian campaign        
222/235 had title "Severiana"        
231-235 ? Severus Alexander's Eastern wars        
258-260 ? Gallienus' campaigns against the Alamanni anf Franks (vexillation)         
260 ? Valerian's campaign against the Persians        
272-273 Aurelian's campaign against Palmyra       or III Gal
284 still in Arabia Bostra Bosra, Syria Arabia