VII Gemina   Update 5.11.2016    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1629-1642      
History from 30 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
68 AD raised 10th June by Galba in Spain     Hispania Tarraconensis called Hispana and Galbiana by Tacitus
69 sent to Pannonia by Galba Carnuntum Petronell, Austria Pannonia  
69 declared for Otho after Galba's murder and marched to Italy       missed 1st battle of Bedriacum
69 sent back to Pannonia by Vitellius        
69 declared for Vespasian and marched to Italy       2nd battle of Bedriacum, heavy losses
70 combined by Vespasian with the I Ger into VII Gemina and returned to ? Pannonia Carnuntum Petronell, Austria Pannonia Gemina = twin. Also titled Felix ?
73-74 Clemens' campaign on upper Rhine (vexillation?)       Possibly received title Felix now.
74 moved to Legio in Spain Legio Leon Hispania Tarraconensis  
89 moved against Saturninus' revolt on the Rhine       commanded by Trajan
119 helped put down revolt in Britannia (vexillation)        
150 campaign in Mauretania (vexillation)        
196 called Pia (faithful) Felix under Septimius Severus        
211/218 titled Antoniniana after Caracalla        
222-235 titled Severiana Alexandriana after Alexander Severus        
235 Severus Alexander's German campaign (vexillation)        
235/238 titled Maximiana after Maximinian        
238/244 titled Gordiana after Gordian III        
244/249 titled Philippiana pia fidelis after Philip the Arab        
284 still at Legio Legio Leon Hispania Tarraconensis