VIII Augusta   Update 2016-11-13    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1642-1664      
History from 30 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
58 BC 8th legion commanded by Caesar in Gaul        
58-45 Caesar's Gallic and civil wars        
46/45 legion demobilised and veterans received land        
44 reformed by Octavian from veterans        
43 fought against M.Antonius at Mutina       legion titled Mutinensis
42 fought for Octavian at battle of Philippi        
41 Octavian's siege of Perusia        
31 ? battle of Actium (likely, no evidence)        
30 no evidence for where legion was placed        
15/14 inscription in Beirut uses title Gallica        
by 6 AD moved to Pannonia-Noricum        
6-9 Pannonian revolt        
6-9 title Augusta first attested        
9 based at Poetovia Ptuj Pannonia  
14 involved in mutiny after Augustus' death        
43 vexillation with Claudius in Britain ?        
by 45 stationed in Moesia Novae Svistov, Bulgaria Moesia  
46 conquest of Thracia        
c.57 Nero gave legion title "bis Augusta" for valorous service       wars against various tribes on Danube
68 tile "bis Augusta" dropped after Nero's death        
69 supported Otho and marched for Italy, but too late        
69 supported Vespasian       2nd battle of Bedriacum
70 put down the Civilis' Batavian revolt in Gaul         
70 moved to Germania by Vespasian   Mirebeau, Burgundy Gallia Lugdunensis  
83 or 89 moved to base at Argentoratum Argentoratum Strasbourg Germania Superior  
83 Domitian's war against the Chatti        
119 vexillation sent to Britannia to put down revolt        
166-180 M.Aurelius' Marcomannic wars        
185/187 received title "Pia Fidelis Constans Commoda"       reason unknown
192 after Commodus' murder "Commoda" was dropped        
193 supported Septimius Severus        
196-197 Septimius Severus' civil war against Clodius Albinus        
211/217 titled Antoniniana after Caracalla        
213 Caracalla's war against the Alamanni        
222-235 titled Severiana Alexandriana after Alexander Severus        
233 Severus Alexander's Persian campaign (vexillation)        
235 Severus Alexander's German campaign        
260's honored by Gallienus with title "V Pia V Fidelis"       also titled VI and VII.
284 still in Germania Argentoratum Strasbourg Germania Superior