XIII Gemina   Update 2016-11-20    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1710-1727      
History from 58 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
57 BC raised by Caesar in Gallia Cisalpina        
57-45 Caesar's Gallic and civil wars        
45 demobilised        
41 reformed by Octavian        
38-36 Octavian's campaigns vs Sextus Pompeius        
30 reformed by Octavian from 2 legions (2x13th ?)       title Gemina = twin
30 moved to the Balkans     Illyricum  
15 Tiberius' conquest of the Alps Emona Ljubljana, Slovenia Pannonia  
6-9 AD Pannonian revolt        
9 transferred to the Rhine Mogontiacum Mainz Germania  
16/17 moved to Vindonissa Vindonissa Windisch in Schweiz Germania Superior  
45/46 moved to Pannonia Poetovia Ptuj Pannonia Superior to replace VIII Augusta
69 supported Otho, surrendered to Vitellius       1st battle of Bedriacum
69 returned to Poetovia and again marched on Rome supporting Vespasian       2nd battle of Bedriacum
69-70 suppressed Civilis' Batavian revolt        
70 returned to Poetovia Poetovia Ptuj Pannonia Superior  
80s moved to new base at Vindobonna Vindobona Vienna Pannonia Superior  
86-88 Domitian's Dacian war       battle of Tapae
92-93 Domitian's war against the Suebians and Sarmatians        
101-106 Trajan's Dacian wars        
106 in Dacia Apulum Alba Iulia, Romania Dacia  
118 Hadrian's Sarmatian war        
118 Dacia split into 3 provinces Apulum Alba Iulia, Romania Dacia Superior  
158 war vs the Dacians and Sarmatian Iazyges        
166-180 M.Aurelius Marcomannic wars        
183 Commodus' Dacian war       title Pia Constans and Pia Fidelis
193-194 supported Septimius Severus in civil war (vexillation)       battle of Issus
195-197 Septimius Severus' Parthian campaign (vexillation)        
211/217 titled Antoniniana after Caracalla        
222/235 titled Severiana after Alexander Severus        
238/244 titled Gordiana after Gordian III        
260s/270s wars against the Alamanni (vexillation)        
260s titled Pia VI Fidelis VI by Gallienus        
271 when Dacia was abandoned moved to Moesia Ratiara Arcar, Bulgaria Dacia Ripensis ex Moesia
284 still in Moesia  Ratiara Arcar, Bulgaria Dacia Ripensis