XIIII (XIV) Gemina Update 2016-11-20    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1727-1747      
History from 58 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
57 BC raised by Caesar in Gallia Cisalpina        
57-45 Caesar's Gallic and civil wars        
45 probably demobilised        
c.41 probably reformed by Octavian        
31 ? fought for Octavian at Actium        
30 combined with other legion, received title Gemina       Gemina = twin
30 possibly stationed in Illyricum, later in Gaul     Illyricum  
6-9 AD Pannonian revolt        
9 based in Germania Superior Mogontiacum Mainz Germania Superior after Varus' defeat
14-16 Germanicus campaign in Germania     Germania  
21 revolt of the Turoni in Gaul (possibly full legion)        
40/41 Caligula's war vs the Chatti        
43 invasion of Britain        
43 stationed in Britain Viroconium Wroxeter Britannia  
60-61 Boudicca revolt        
61 received title of Martia Victrix for defeat of Boudicca       Martia Victrix = warlike and victorious
68 moved to Pannonia or Dalmatia Carnuntum ? Petronell-Carnuntum Pannonia designated for Nero's Eastern war
69 fought for Otho       1st battle of Bedriacum
69 Vitellius sent legion back to Britain Viroconium Wroxeter Britannia  
70 moved to the Rhine by Vespasian against Civilis' revolt       battle of Vetera (Xanten)
71 based in Mogontiacum Mainz Germania Superior  
83 Domitian's Chatti war        
89 supported governor Saturninus' revolt        
92 moved to Pannonia Mursa Osijek Pannonia Inferior to replace destroyed XXI Rapax
92-93 Domitian's war against the Suebians and Sarmatians        
100 moved to Vindobonna Vindobonna Wien Pannonia Superior  
101-106 Trajan's Dacian wars        
by 114 moved to Carnuntum Carnuntum Petronell-Carnuntum Pannonia Superior  
144-152 war vs the Moors in Africa (vexillation)        
161-166 Lucius Verus' Parthian wars (vexillation)        
166-180 M.Aurelius Marcomannic wars        
193 proclaimed Septimius Severus emperor at Carnuntum        
193-194 for Septimius Severus vs Pescennius Niger (vexillation)        
195-197 Septimius Severus' Parthian campaign (vexillation)        
211/217 titled Antoniniana after Caracalla        
222/235 titled Severiana after Alexander Severus       also Severiana Alexandriana
by 230 no longer used title Martia Victrix        
235/238 titled Maximiana after Maximinian        
238/244 titled Gordiana after Gordian III        
244/249 titled "Philippiana"        
260s titled Pia VI Fidelis VI by Gallienus       for support against usurper Postumus
269-271 supported the Gallic emperor Victorinus        
284 still at Carnuntum Carnuntum Petronell-Carnuntum Pannonia Superior