XV Apollinaris Update 2016-11-24    
1 Real-Encyclopädie article Legio by Ritterling p.1747-1758      
History from 58 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
53 BC raised by Caesar in Gallia Cisalpina as his 15th legion        
50 transferred to Pompey        
49/48? ? possibly reraised by Caesar        
45 probably demobilised        
42/36 reraised by Octavian       title from Apollo, Octavian's' patron
c.30 based in Illyricum Aquileia ?   Illyricum  
14-9 Pannonian war        
6-9 AD Pannonian revolt        
9 after revolt possibly stationed at Emona Ljubljana, Slovenia Pannonia  
14 mutinied with VIII Aug and IX His        
by 41/54 stationed at Carnuntum Carnuntum Petronell-Carnuntum Pannonia  
62 transferred by Nero to the East for Armenian war        
62-66 Corbulo's Parthian campaigns     Armenia  
66 moved to Egypt Alexandria Alexandria Aegyptus  
67-70 moved to Judaea to fight the Jewish revolt       commanded by Titus 67-69
69 supported Vespasian in civil war (vexillation)        
71 moved back to Pannonia Carnuntum Petronell-Carnuntum Pannonia  
101-106 Trajan's Dacian wars       likely but no direct evidence
106? possibly moved to Egypt        
114-117 Trajan's Partian wars       likely but no direct evidence
117/123 based in Cappadocia Satala Sadak in Turkey Cappadocia  
135 Arrianus' campaign vs the Alans        
161-166 Lucius Verus' Parthian wars        
166-180 M.Aurelius Marcomannic wars (vexillation)        
175 loyal to M.Aurelius when Avidius Cassius revolted       titled Pia Fidelis
252 fought against Shapur I's invasion        
284 still at Satala Satala Sadak in Turkey Cappadocia