News and Updates

Updates are real changes to the data, not just "cosmetic" changes or minor spelling corrections.

Date Type Family, province, legion, book or other
20th December 2022 Addition added 1 book by Neudling
2nd December 2022 Addition Aelius Athens
2nd December 2022 Addition added 3 books by Liebenam, Stein (Severus Alexander) and Ultsch
28th November 2022 Addition added 3 books by Everson, Settipani (Athens) and Woloch
26th November 2022 Addition added 1 book by Kolbe
17th November 2022 Addition added 3 books by Byrne, Gordon and Mata Soler
3rd September 2022 Update Thorius
23rd July 2022 Update Tarquinius, Tarquitius
4th July 2022 Update Tettius
30th June 2022 Update Terentius
28th May 2022 Update Turcius
26th May 2022 Update Tettienus
21st May 2022 Update Trebel(l)ius
21st May 2022 Addition added 1 article by Prag
24th April 2022 Update Trebonius
13th March 2022 Update Trebellius
26th February 2022 Update Tineius
18th February 2022 Update Pompeius Hermippus
18th February 2022 Addition added 2 books by Pflaum (Scripta Varia I+II), book and article by Alvarez Melero, book by Cebeillac-Gervasoni
16th February 2022 Addition Sanquinius
14th February 2022 Addition Publicius
26th January 2022 Update Titinius
15th January 2022 Addition Pullaienus
14th January 2022 Addition added books by Eck/Heil and Kanatsoulis, articles by Badian, Duncan-Jones, and Pelletier
3rd January 2022 Update Accius
29th December 2021 Update Tullius
21st November 2021 Update Antonius Zeno
15th November 2021 Update Antonius
13th November 2021 Update Antonius (major update)
29th October 2021 Addition kingdom of Characene
17th October 2021 Update Arsacid dynasty of Parthia and Armenia
15th October 2021 Update Arsacid dynasty of Parthia and Armenia
4th October 2021 Addition kingdom of Osrhoene (Edessa) incl. Septimius Mannus
10th September 2021 Update Sasanid dynasty of Iran
9th September 2021 Update Antonius
6th September 2021 Addition kingdom of Media Atropatene
30th August 2021 Addition kingdom of Adiabene
28th August 2021 Addition kingdom of Sophene
20th August 2021 Update Kingdom of Commagene (Iulius)
16th August 2021 Addition Sasanid dynasty of Iran
30th July 2021 Update kingdom of Iberia
1st July 2021 Update Acilius
1st July 2021 Addition Added dissertation by Goldmann and article by Jacques
28th May 2021 Update Asconius
28th May 2021 Addition Added book by Andermahr and article by Alföldy on senators under Septimius Severus
15th May 2021 Update Aelius Lamia
15th May 2021 Addition Added books by Bane, Simon, Steiner and Whitfield
8th Apr 2021 Update Appuleius
2nd Apr 2021 Addition Added book by Nuorluoto
2nd Apr 2021 Update Annaeus (Anneius)
27th Mar 2021 Addition Lorenius, Lucanius
23rd Mar 2021 Addition Laecanius, Lappius
23rd Mar 2021 Addition Added book by Wojciech
13th Mar 2021 Addition Lucceius, Luccius
13th Mar 2021 Addition Added 5 items by Caballos Rufino, Eck, Groag, Pighi and Salomies
4th Mar 2021 Addition Lurius
2nd Mar 2021 Update Attius
13th Feb 2021 Update Aulius
10th Feb 2021 Update Armenius, Artorius
5th Feb 2021 Update Antistius
30th Jan 2021 Addition added 5 books by Bur, Kolb, Linderski (Questions 1 and 2) and Pisto
16th Jan 2021 Update Arrius
3rd Jan 2021 Update Aconius, Acutius
2nd Jan 2021 Update Gargilius
30th Dec 2020 Update Flavius Damianus
30th Dec 2020 Addition Vedius
27th Dec 2020 Update Aiacius
26th Dec 2020 Addition added 2 books by Badel and Boscs-Plateaux
14th Dec 2020 Addition Claudius Flavianus
14th Dec 2020 Update Claudius Orestes
2nd Dec 2020 Addition Claudius Agrippinus
26th Nov 2020 Addition Licinnius
26th Nov 2020 Addition added 2 books by Kreiler (Statthalter Kleinasiens) and Deline
24th Nov 2020 Update Claudius Andragathus, Claudius Attalus, Claudius Orestes, Axius
24th Nov 2020 Addition added 2 books by Kreiler and Campanile
20th Nov 2020 Addition Claudius Orestes
19th Nov 2020 Addition Claudius Andragathus, Claudius Attalus
19th Nov 2020 Addition added 1 book by Puech and 1 article by Kirbihler
11th Nov 2020 Addition Claudius Telemachus
11th Nov 2020 Addition added 1 book by Ozusaglam-Mutlu
1st Nov 2020 Update Axius
28th Oct 2020 Update Aebutius, Aedius
10th Oct 2020 Update Atrius, Attidius
6th Oct 2020 Update Acerronius, Atinius, Autronius
6th Oct 2020 Addition added 1 book by Polo
28th Sep 2020 Update Abudius, Aburius
28th Sep 2020 Addition added 1 book by Kavanagh
26th Sep 2020 Update Anicius, Aurius (dated 12th Sep), Aurunculeius
28th Aug 2020 Update Aradius (dated 21st Aug), Arruntius
28th Aug 2020 Addition added 1 thesis by Hussein
6th Aug 2020 Update Aradius
6th Aug 2020 Addition added 1 book by Harrison
28th July 2020 Update Asellius
25th July 2020 Update Articuleius
24th July 2020 Update Rubellius
19th July 2020 Update Publilius
10th July 2020 Update Poppaeus
8th July 2020 Update Anicius
8th July 2020 Addition added 1 book by Stech
11th June 2020 Addition royal families of Numidia and Mauretania (Iulius) with the Barcas family from Carthago
11th June 2020 Addition added 1 book by Soraci
10th June 2020 Update Ateius
7th June 2020 Update Plancius
29th May 2020 Addition added 1 book by Schneider
29th May 2020 Update Anteius, Arrecinud
13th May 2020 Update Iulius_Thraca, kings of Thracia
6th May 2020 Addition added 1 book by Fischer
6th May 2020 Update Porcius
6th May 2020 Addition added 5 books by Bennett, Dobo, Drumann-Groebe, Ertman and Faoro
24th Apr 2020 Update Aquillius, Aquinus,
24th Apr 2020 Addition added 4 books by by Moore, Schneider, Stumpf, and Tobalina
5th Apr 2020 Update Apronius, Apustius
29th Mar 2020 Update Servilius
29th Mar 2020 Addition added 3 books by Graindor, Niccolini and Stout
8th Mar 2020 Update Marius
8th Mar 2020 Addition added 3 articles by Leclerc, Mitford and Le Roux, 3 books by Baldwin, Craven and Houston, and volume 5 of Devijver
22nd Jan 2020 Update Bruttius
21st Dec 2019 Update Aburnius
15th Dec 2019 Addition Egnatius
19th Sep 2019 Addition Mevius
15th Sep 2019 Update Manlius
11th Apr 2019 Addition Ninnius
9th Apr 2019 Addition Novius
28th Mar 2019 Update Neratius
10th Mar 2019 Update Sextilius
26th Feb 2019 Update Avidius
21st Feb 2019 Update Iunius Silanus
24th Jan 2019 Update Octavius, Veranius
16th Dec 2018 Update Alfidius
12th Dec 2018 Update Aponius, Servenius
8th Dec 2018 Update Ampudius
7th Dec 2018 Update Afranius
17th Nov 2018 Update Ancharius
13th Nov 2018 Addition Servenius
9th Nov 2018 Addition Iulius Severus (extract from Iulius Galatia); includes Iulius Bassus, Quadratus and Verus
7th Nov 2018 Update Minicius
28th Oct 2018 Update Galatia (renamed from Iulius_Galatia)
8th Oct 2018 Update Allienus
7th Oct 2018 Update Allius
5th Oct 2018 Update Iulius kings of Cappadocia
24th Sep 2018 Update Iulius kings of Pontus
19th Aug 2018 Update Iulius kings of Bosporus
9th Aug 2018 Update Agrius
8th Aug 2018 Addition Gargilius
7th Aug 2018 Update Alfenus
4th Aug 2018 Update Albinius
3rd Aug 2018 Update Albucius
1st Aug 2018 Update Iulius_Commagene
18th Jul 2018 Addition Gallonius
11th Jul 2018 Addition Glitius
8th Jul 2018 Addition Granius
27th Jun 2018 Update Albinovanus, Albius
22nd Jun 2018 Update Oppius
12th Jun 2018 Update Ogulnius, Ovinius
23rd May 2018 Update Ostorius
22nd May 2018 Addition Opellius
19th May 2018 Update Opimius
18th May 2018 Update Ampius
17th May 2018 Update Afinius
14th May 2018 Update Pedanius
9th May 2018 Addition Iulius Lupus/Ursus
28th Apr 2018 Addition Iulius Asper
25th Apr 2018 Addition Iulius Candidus
18th Apr 2018 Addition Iulius Scapula
15th Apr 2018 Update Iuventius
13th Apr 2018 Update Munatius
11th Apr 2018 Update Coelius, Otacilius
8th Apr 2018 Update Pedius
2nd Apr 2018 Update Caelius, Coelius
24th Mar 2018 Update Minucius
14th Mar 2018 Update Minicius
7th Mar 2018 Update Mindius
28th Feb 2018 Update Mussidius
4th Feb 2018 Addition Pollienus (Pollenius)
27th Jan 2018 Addition Pescennius
25th Jan 2018 Update Mummius
24th Jan 2018 Addition Petillius
21st Jan 2018 Update Plaetorius/Platorius
16th Jan 2018 Update Gellius
7th Jan 2018 Addition Modius
5th Jan 2018 Update Mummius
30th Dec 2017 Update Aufidius
13th Dec 2017 Update Mescinius
12th Dec 2017 Update Metilius
8th Dec 2017 Update Mettius
4th Dec 2017 Addition Martius
2nd Dec 2017 Addition Maesius
24th Nov 2017 Update Maenius
17th Nov 2017 Update legio XX Valeria Victrix
1st Nov 2017 Update Maelius
31st Oct 2017 Update Maecilius
29th Oct 2017 Update Maecius
22nd Oct 2017 Addition Magius
19th Oct 2017 Update Parthia
12th Oct 2017 Update Manilius
4th Oct 2017 Update Lusius
9th Sep 2017 Addition Lartidius
7th Sep 2017 Addition Larcius
2nd Sep 2017 Addition Lucilius
27th Aug 2017 Addition Livineius
26th Aug 2017 Update Laetorius
25th Aug 2017 Update Lucretius
18th Aug 2017 Update Labienus
13th Aug 2017 Update Laberius
23rd June 2017 Update Avilius
21st June 2017 Update Matienus, Menenius
20th June 2017 Update Cornelius Lentulus
5th June 2017 Addition Desticius
4th June 2017 Addition Didius
27th May 2017 Addition Decidius
5th May 2017 Update Parthia
26th Apr 2017 Addition Dasumius
24th Apr 2017 Addition Decius
21st Apr 2017 Addition Ducenius
19th Apr 2017 Update Domitius
29th Mar 2017 Update Gratidius, Perperna
25th Mar 2017 Update Marcius
5th Mar 2017 Update Pinarius
3rd Mar 2017 Update Sextius
11th Feb 2017 Update Norbanus
9th Feb 2017 Update Cornelius Dolabella
6th Feb 2017 Update Mamilius
5th Feb 2017 Update Furius
21st Jan 2017 Update Atilius
14th Jan 2017 Update Memmius
5th Jan 2017 Update Mucius
3rd Jan 2017 Update Hirtius, Hirtuleius
2nd Jan 2017 Update Quinctilius
29th Dec 2016 Update Lollius
26th Dec 2016 Update Lutatius
23rd Dec 2016 Update Postumius
18th Dec 2016 Addition Flavius Damianus
17th Dec 2016 Update Flavius_Imperial, Vespasius separate entry, but refers to Flavius_Imperial
16th Dec 2016 Update Sicinius
13th Dec 2016 Update Sestius
11th Dec 2016 Update Sulpicius
6th Dec 2016 Update Sempronius
30th Nov 2016 Update 2 legions: X Fretensis, X Gemina
27th Nov 2016 Addition 5 legions: XX Valeria Victrix, XXI Rapax, XXII Deiotariana, XXII Primigenia, XXX Ulpia Victrix
24th Nov 2016 Addition 7 legions: XV Apollinaris, XV Primigenia, XVI Flavia, XVI Gallica, XVII, XVIII, XIX
20th Nov 2016 Addition 4 legions: XI Claudia, XII Fulminata, XIII Gemina, XIV Gemina
13th Nov 2016 Addition 4 legions: VIII Auga, IX Hispana, X Fretensis, X Gemina
5th Nov 2016 Addition 4 legions: VI Ferrata, VI Victrix, VII Claudia, VII Gemina
4th Nov 2016 Addition 6 legions: IV Macedonica, IV Martia, IV Parthica, IV Scythica, V Alaudae, V Macedonica
2nd Nov 2016 Addition 6 legions: III Auga, III Cyrenaica, III Gallica, III Italica, III Parthica, IV Flavia
28th Oct 2016 Addition 4 legions: II Auga, II Italica, II Parthica, II Traiana
29th Sep 2016 Addition New section on legions added, including 8 legions: I Adi, I Ger, I Ill, I Ita, I Mac, I Min, I Par, II Adi
7th Sep 2016 Addition Vibullius
2nd Sep 2016 Update Vinicius, Vitellius
30th Aug 2016 Addition Venuleius
29th Aug 2016 Update Veturius, Volcatius
28th Aug 2016 Addition Villius, Vipstanus
27th Aug 2016 Addition Virius
18th Aug 2016 Addition Volumnius
13th Aug 2016 Addition Volasenna, Volusenus
12th Aug 2016 Addition Voconius
9th Aug 2016 Addition Ulpius
9th Aug 2016 Update Carminius
6th Aug 2016 Update Carminius
12th Feb 2016 Addition Ummidius
3rd Feb 2016 Addition Visellius
2nd Feb 2016 Addition Vettius
28th Jan 2016 Addition Vergilius
24th Jan 2016 Addition Veranius
23rd Jan 2016 Addition Valerius (patrician)
16th Jan 2016 Update Sosius
15th Jan 2016 Addition Iulius Philippus
13th Jan 2016 Update Sergius
10th Jan 2016 Update Herennius
2nd Jan 2016 Update Hostilius
30th Dec 2015 Update Iunius
18th Dec 2015 Addition Pomponius
9th Nov 2015 Addition Paccius, Paconius
1st Oct 2015 Addition Papinius, Pactumeius
1st Oct 2015 Update Home page restructured and merged with entry page. Abbreviations and Guidance page split into two pages.
26th Sep 2015 Addition Prifernius
23rd Sep 2015 Addition Pontius,Prastina,Trebatius
16th Sep 2015 Addition Triarius, Turranius, Tutilius
6th Sep 2015 Update all pages about the equestrian office-holders receive major revisions
1st Sep 2015 Addition pages added for equestrian office-holders with 5 subpages
16th Aug 2015 Update Aemilius, Cassius, Titius
14th Aug 2015 Update Calpurnius
7th Aug 2015 Update Hortensius, Hosidius
22nd July 2015 Update Burbuleius, Helvius
21st July 2015 Update Aemilius, Messius
11th July 2015 Update Haterius
10th July 2015 Addition Veturius
9th July 2015 Update Aemilius, Alfius, Appius, Gabinius, Nonius, Plautius, Pompeius
22nd June 2015 Addition Vitellius
13th June 2015 Addition Volcatius (Volcacius)
8th June 2015 Addition Volusius
5th June 2015 Addition Vinicius
13th May 2015 Update Ceionius
12th May 2015 Addition Plautius
10th Apr 2015 Addition Sallustius
29th Mar 2015 Addition Saenius, Salvidienus, Satrius, Saturius, Serius
22nd Mar 2015 Addition Stertinius, Suellius, Suetonius, Suetrius, Sufenas, Suillius
14th Mar 2015 Update Scribonius
14th Mar 2015 Addition Sentius
12th Mar 2015 Update Livius, Scribonius
8th Mar 2015 Update Quinctius
1st Mar 2015 Update Fabius
21st Feb 2015 Update Fannius, Flaminius, Fulvius, Geminius, Iulius Kings of Thracia
12th Feb 2015 Addition Fufidius, Geminius
12th Feb 2015 Update Fonteius, Fufius, Furnius, Genucius
7th Feb 2015 Addition Burbuleius
7th Feb 2015 Update B-various, Bellienus, Betitius, Kings of Pergamon
31st Jan 2015 Update Bellicius, Betilienus, Betitius, Silius
26th Jan 2015 Update Claudius (patrician), Iulius (patrician)
24th Jan 2015 Update Claudius Marcellus
23rd Jan 2015 Update Caecilius Metellus
19th Jan 2015 Addition Kings of Galatia (Iulius), Pergamon
19th Jan 2015 Update Kings of Pontus (Iulius), Antonius Zeno
8th Jan 2015 Update Kings of Cappadocia (Iulius), Emesa (Iulius), Syria and Thracia (Iulius)
1st Jan 2015 Addition Kings of Bithynia and Cilicia (Iulius)
1st Jan 2015 Update Kings of Cappadocia (Iulius)
28th Dec 2014 Addition Kings of Egypt, Kings of Syria and Babylonia, new section on Eastern dynasties
28th Dec 2014 Update Kings of Armenia, Cappadocia, Commagene, Pontus
7th Dec 2014 Addition Kings of Arabia, Bosporus (Iulius), Iberia, Judaea (Iulius) and Parthia,
7th Dec 2014 Update Kings of Cappadocia (Iulius)
16th Nov 2014 Addition Iulius of Thracia (Kings of Thracia)
9th Nov 2014 Addition Iulius of Pontus (Kings of Pontus)
9th Nov 2014 Update Antonius Zeno
5th Nov 2014 Addition Iulius of Armenia (Kings of Armenia Maior and Minor)
3rd Nov 2014 Addition Iulius of Cappadocia (Kings of Cappadocia)
3rd Nov 2014 Update Statilius
1st Nov 2014 Addition Iulius of Emesa (Kings of Emesa)
1st Nov 2014 Update Iulius Antiochus (Kings of Commagene)
30th Oct 2014 Update Antius, Cornelius Plebeian, Iulius Antiochus (Kings of Commagene), Licinius, Petronius, Roscius, Rufius, Statilius
30th Oct 2014 Addition Rabirius, Seius
26th Oct 2014 Addition Curius, Hedius, Horatius, Hordeonius, Iulius Antiochus (Kings of Commagene)
23rd Oct 2014 Addition Caecilius (excl. Metellus), Helvidius
18th Oct 2014 Addition Petronius
10th Oct 2014 Addition Roscius, Rubrius, Rufius, Rufrius, Rupilius
2nd Oct 2014 Addition Raecius, Ragonius, Ranius, Rubrenus, Rustius
28th Sep 2014 Addition Rutilius
26th Sep 2014 Update Papirius
24th Sep 2014 Addition Eggius, Fabricius, Folius, Naevius
19th Sep 2014 Addition Nonius
13th Sep 2014 Addition Salvius
11th Sep 2014 Update Cornelius Scipio
31st Aug 2014 Update Annius, Baebius
22nd Aug 2014 Update Carminius, Cassius, Cocceius, Cornificius, Cosconius, Curiatius
17th Aug 2014 Update Asinius, Barbatius, Bassaeus, Bruttius
16th Aug 2014 Update Caecina, Calidius, Calvisius, Cestius, Cornelius Cethegus, Cornelius Patrician
12th Aug 2014 Update Caninius, Cornelius Cinna, Cornelius Sulla
11th Aug 2014 Addition Licinius (other)
7th May 2014 Addition Licinius Crassus
1st Apr 2014 Addition Tarius, Tarquinius, Tarquitius, Terentius, Tettienus, Tettius, Thorius
19th Mar 2014 Addition Tineius, Titinius, Titius, Trebellius, Trebonius, Tremellius, Tullius, Turcius
13th Mar 2014 Update Acilius
8th Mar 2014 Update Aelius
4th Mar 2014 Update Annius Verus
2nd Mar 2014 Update Aurelius
10th Feb 2014 Update Aemilius
27th Jan 2014 Update A_various (now incl.Aedinius, deleted), Aebutius, Aelius Lamia, Accius
27th Jan 2014 Addition Aconius, Aedius, Appius, Armenius, Artorius, Asconius, Atrius, Aulius
22nd Jan 2014 Addition governors of Cappadocia
20th Jan 2014 Addition governors of Galatia
18th Jan 2014 Addition Antonius Zeno (split off from Antonius)
18th Jan 2014 Update Aburius, Acutius, Annaeus, Antistius, Antonius, Attius
7th Jan 2014 Update Abudius, Aburnius, Acerronius, Aiacius, Atinius, Attidius, Aurius, Aurunculeius, Autronius, Axius
3rd Jan 2014 Update Arrius, Arruntius, Ateius, Asinius
29th Dec 2013 Update Apronius, Apustius, Aquillius, Aquinus, Aradius, Arrecinus, Articuleius, Asellius, Poppaeus
23rd Dec 2013 Addition Iulius (Caesar), Pinarius, Rubellius
17th Dec 2013 Addition Plancius, Pompeius, Pompeius Hermippus
17th Dec 2013 Update Gabinius, Iuventius, Poppaeus, Statilius
10th Dec 2013 Update Antius, Gabinius, Iuventius, Marius, Publilius, Statilius
9th Dec 2013 Addition Papirius, Popillius, Poppaeus, Porcius
3rd Dec 2013 Update Anicius, Aponius, Ceionius, Gabinius, Marius
29th Nov 2013 Update Afranius, Agrius, Albinius, Alfidius, Ampius, Anteius, Ceionius, Marius, Servilius
27th Nov 2013 Update Afinius, Albinovanus, Albius, Albucius, Alfenus, Alfius, Allienus, Allius, Ampudius, Ancharius
20th Nov 2013 Update Appuleius, Caelius, Coelius
10th Nov 2013 Addition Ogulnius, Opimius, Oppius, Ostorius, Otacilius, Ovinius
2nd Nov 2013 Addition Mescinius, Mindius, Munatius, Mussidius, Neratius, Octavius, Pedanius, Pedius
24th Oct 2013 Addition Ceionius, Laberius, Labienus, Laetorius, Minicius
24th Oct 2013 Update Avidius, Gellius
19th Oct 2013 Addition Lucretius, Lusius, Maecilius, Maecius, Maelius, Maenius, Manilius, Plaetorius
17th Oct 2013 Addition Gratidius, Matienus, Menenius, Messius, Metilius, Mettius, Mummius
13th Oct 2013 Addition Manlius, Norbanus, Perperna
10th Oct 2013 Addition Marius
7th Oct 2013 Addition Marcius
4th Oct 2013 Update Aufidius, Cornelius-Plebeian
1st Oct 2013 Update Cornelius Dolabella, Cornelius Lentulus, Iunius Silanus
15th Sep 2013 Update Avidius, Avilius, Cornelius Dolabella, Iunius Silanus
6th Sep 2013 Update Atilius, Cornelius-Plebeian, Domitius, Furius, Sextilius, Sextius
6th Sep 2013 Addition Memmius, Mamilius
17th Mar 2013 Addition Hirtius, Hirtuleius, Iuventius, Mucius
4th Dec 2012 Addition Laelius, Quinctilius
11th Sep 2012 Addition Lollius, Lutatius
6th Sep 2012 Addition Postumius, Publilius
9th March 2012 Addition Flavius (Imperial) Sestius, Sicinius
29th Dec 2011 Addition Sextilius, Sextius, Silius, Sosius, Statilius
19th Nov 2011 Addition Sulpicius
4th Oct 2011 Addition Scribonius, Sempronius
25th Sep 2011 Addition Sergius
23rd Sep 2011 Addition Servilius
7th April 2011 Addition Haterius. Helvius, Herennius, Hortensius, Hosidius. Hostilius,
10th Feb 2011 Addition Iunius, Livius, Minucius
10th Feb 2011 Update Iunius Silanus
4th Oct 2010 Addition Accius
4th Oct 2010 Deletion Aedinius moved to A_Various
4th Oct 2010 Update A_Various,Aburius,Acutius,Acilius,Aebutius, Aelius Lamia
2nd Sep 2010 Addition Iunius Silanus plus notes
3rd Aug 2010 Update Fabius incl. added notes
19th Apr 2010 Addition Fannius, Flaminius, F various, Gellius, Quinctius
13th Oct 2009 Addition Fabius, Fonteius, Fufius, Furius, Furnius, Gabinius
8th May 2009 Addition Fulvius
26th Apr 2009 Addition Genucius
23rd Apr 2009 Correction The previous 2009 families could not be read, now corrected to readable Web version. The missing families from 18th Aug 2008 added
27th Mar 2009 Addition Betilienus, Betitius
27th Mar 2009 Update Annaeus, Bellicius, Bellienus
27th Jan 2009 Addition Domitius
18th Aug 2008 Addition Calpurnius, Claudius Marcellus, Claudius patrician, Curiatius
6th Aug 2008 Addition Carminius, Cassius, Coelius, Cornificus, Cosconius
25th May 2008 Corection Link to Annius restored. Annius entry updated.
19th Apr 2008 Addition Caecilius Metellus, Caecina, Calvisius, Caninius, Cestius, Cocceius
23rd Mar 2008 Update Cornelius Lentulus, Cornelius Dolabella
9th Mar 2008 Addition Cornelius Cinna, Cornelius Dolabella, Cornelius Lentulus
2nd Mar 2008 Addition B_various, Barbatius, Bassaeus, Bellienus
27th Jan 2008 Update Atilius, Attius, Aufidius, Aurelius
27th Jan 2008 Addition Atinius, Aurius, Avilius
1st Jan 2008 Update Annaeus, Antistius, Aponius, Arrecinus, Arrius, Arruntius, Ateius, A-various
1st Jan 2008 Addition Anteius, Antius, Aquinus, Aradius
18th Nov 2007 Update Albinovanus, Alfenus, Ampudius, Ancharius, Anicius
18th Nov 2007 Addition A various, Afinius, Agrius, Albinius, Albius, Albucius, Alfidius, Alfius, Allienus, Allius, Ampius, Caelius
29th Oct 2007 Update Acerronius, Anicius, Arrius, Articuleius, Asellius, Avidius, Autronius, Calidius, Cornelius Sulla
21st Oct 2007 Addition Cornelius Cethegus
21st Oct 2007 Update Acilius, Acutius, Aiacius, Ancharius, Annius Verus, Antistius, Antonius, Aponius, Apronius, Aquillius, Asinius, Ateius, Attidius, Attius, Aufidius, Aurelius, Axius, Baebius, Bellicius, Bruttius
7th Oct 2007 Addition Aedinius, Annaeus
7th Oct 2007 Update Aebutius, Aelius, Aelius Lamia, Aemilius, Afranius, Albinovanus, Alfenus, Arrecinus, Arruntius
8th Sep 2007 Addition Abudius, Aburius, Aburnius, Acutius, Aiacius, Apustius, Attidius, Baebius, Bellicius, Bruttius
8th Sep 2007 Update Aelius Lamia, Appuleius, Antonius, Afranius
23rd Aug 2007 Addition Acilius, Aemilius, Albinovanus, Ancharius, Atilius, Aurelius, Aurunculeius
23rd Aug 2007 Update Antistius, Apronius, Aquillius, Arruntius, Asinius
9th Aug 2007 Addition Aponius, Apronius, Arrecinus, Arruntius, Ateius, Attis, Aufidius, Avidius, Axius
6th Aug 2007 Addition Arrius, Asinius
29th Jun 2007 Addition Aburius, Alfenus, Ampudius, Anicius, Autronius
22nd Jun 2007 Addition Aebutius, Articuleius and Asellius
16th Jun 2007 Addition Antistius and Aquillius
13th Jun 2007 Addition Acerronius and Calidius
9th Jun 2007 Addition Aelius, Aelius Lamia,and Afranius
3rd Jun 2007 Addition Cornelius Sulla and Appulieus

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