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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular anonymus (Aconius ??)
Senatorial Callistus, 
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) Callistus, Statura
Local magistrat. Callistus, Porrus
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors n/a
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 1 ?? incl. 0 emperors
Notes: The Aconii reached the consulate in 349 AD outside this scope with Aco(nius) Catullinus Philomathius and his father Aco Catullinus, procos Africa 317-318.
They may descend from L. Aconius Callistus, signo Cynegius.
Literature Dietz: Senatus (1980) p.39 (L. Aconius (L.f. Pomptina) Callistus signo Cynegius, probably not the tr mil)
Dobo: Verwaltung Pannonien (1968) p.120-121 (§100 L. Aconius ?, cos suff start 3rd century)
Fitz: Pannonien (1993-1995) p.338 (§244 L. Aconius Statura), p.1022 (§665 Anonymus, could be a L. Aconius, but this is just one possibility, another is the clar vir 
C. Rufius Festus Laelius Firmus from Volsinii), p.1115 (§754 L. Aconius Callistus, tr mil XIIII Gem)
Jacques: Curateurs (1983) p.305-306 (§XXIV bis L. Aconius Callistus, signo Cynegius, there are possibly four Aconii in Volsinii, (1) the curator (2) the aedil,
(3) the tr mil and (4) the Laurens Lavinas).
Leunissen: Konsuln (1989) p.189, 259 (Ignotus CIL-XI-2699 = ILS5013, cos suff before his governorship of Pann Sup under Severus Alexander)
Reidinger: Pannonien (1956) p.107-108 (§XXI Anonymus, Reidinger suggests he was a L. Aconius, father of the tr mil who set up the inscription)
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Fitz 244 CIL-XI-5992
L. Aconius L.f. Statura
tribus Clus, from Tifernum Mataurense,
centurion in 4 legions,
finally centurion under Trajan in 1st Dacian war,
promoted eques by Trajan,
flamen and pont at Ariminum and Tifernum Mataurense,
quinq at Ariminum,
cf father
L. Aconius L.f. Statura  
set inscription over father,
Bar1156 or 1196  ILS5013 Fitz665 LP18-50
Anonymus (= L. Aconius ??)
from Volsinii
sacerdos Caeninensium (equestrian priesthood)
pr Etruria XV populorum (equestrian and senatorial)
q, tr pl cand, (pr), (cos suff),
governor (praeses) Upper Pann 222/226 or 228/235
A94 RE1 PME-A13 Okon Bar922 Fitz754 cf A94 Rüpke436 Okon5
L. Aconius Callistus   L. Aconius L.f. Callistus
trib Pomptina, priest Laurens Lavinas (CIL-XI-7281)
tr mil XIII Gem in Pann Sup (ILS5013) inscription Volsinii,
sometime 222/226 or 228/235 ? = A94
aedil at Volsinii (CIL-XI-2708) 2nd century or Severan period
under Severus Alexander
A93 RE1 Bar922 PLRE Okon1203
L. Aconius Callistus, signo Cynegius
trbus Pomptina from Volsinii,
eques Romanus, 
IVvir iure dicundo bis (in Volsinii?)
curator rei publicae Cortona in Etruria,
curator kalendarii in unnown city,
† aged 72 as clar vir,
1st half 3rd century,
~ [H]oratia Maxima, H200
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                    
RE2 not in PIR AE1979-224 ILS6586
C. Aconius L.f. Porrus
inscription Falerii Novi, 1st century,
local quaestor, X vir s(enatus) c(onsulto) pro IIII vir,
(appointed X vir by Roman senate for town replacing normal IIII viri)
note: RE Suppl 1, p.9 says he can be deleted, with no explanation. But he is in AE1979-224
AE1979-225 ILS6585
C. Aconius C.f. Porrus
IIII vir iure dicundo,
local pontifex,
praefectus perpetuus