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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus:      Local magistrates  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial no cognomen
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian no cognomen, Silus
Equestrian (mil) Candidus
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) n/a incl. 0 emperors
Literature Alexander: Trials (1990) p.17 (Trial §32 T. Albucius prosecuted Q. Mucius Scaevola (cos 117) de repetundis in 119 BC; aquitted), p. 34 (Trial §67 C. Iulius
Caesar Strabo Vopiscus prosecuted T. Albucius de repetundis c.103; condemned and exiled)
Eck, Werner and Pangerl, Andreas: "Nochmals: "vater, Mutter, Schwestern, Brüder…"" in ZPE Bd. 165 (2008), pp. 213-218 a military diploma mentions
an Albucius Candidus as praef alae in 121. Could be the father of A490.
Forsyth, Phyllis Young: "A Treason Case of A. D. 37", in Phoenix, Vol. 23, 1969, p.204-207 on the trial of Albucilla.
Gruen, Erich S. Gruen: "Politics and the Courts in 104 B.C", in Transactions and Proceedings of the American Philological Association, Vol. 95, 1964, p.100-105, 
proposes that RE2 was pr in 107 and propr in 106 and his trial in 105 or 104.
Klein: Sicilien und Sardinien (1878) p.236-237 (§48 T. Albucius governor of Sardinia 103)
Lebek, W.-D.: "Zur Vita des Albucius Silus bei Sueton", in Hermes, 94. Bd., 1966, p.360-372 attempts to date the rhetor.
His conclusion is a birth date c.50 BC and that he returned to his hometown Novaria shortly after 16 AD to die there.
Sumner: Orators (1973) p.77-78 (R89 T. Albucius)
Wiseman: New Men (1971) p.210-211 (§16 T. Albucius pr.c.105 or 107)
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T. Albucius
prosecuted Q. Mucius Scaevola 119
pr.c.105 or.c.107  propr Sardinia c.106 or c.104 BC
prosecuted for extortion by C. Iulius Caesar Strabo 105/103
exiled to Athens
A489 RE3
C. Albucius Silus
famous rhetor
aedil in Novaria near Milano
ment 5 BC
† post 16 AD voluntary suicide
A487 RE Albucilla
condemned for impietas vs Tiberius
† 37 AD in prison
~ Satrius Secundus
Albucius Candidus ?=? M. Albucius
praef alae in Dacia Sup 121
A490 RE5
Albucia Candida M.f.
flaminica diva Iulia in Novaria (Titus' daughter Iulia ?)
flaminica diva Sabina in Ticinum post 136 (Hadrian's wife Sabina deified 137)
~ C. Valerius Pansa
proc Brit sub Pius
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                    
M. Albucius
vir egreg, eques Romanus,
from Ticinum
2nd half 3rd century