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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial:      Eques Romanus: X    Local magistrates X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis Varus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian no cognomen
Local magistrat. no cognomen
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Avitianus, Senecio, Varus
Senatorial Avitianus, Iulianus, Primus
Equestrian Apollinaris, Arignotus, Varus
Equestrian (mil) Avitianus, Fortunatus, Paternus
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 1
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 3 incl. 0 emperors
Literature Absil: Prefets du Pretoire (1997) p.147 (§21 P. Alfenus Varus, PP 69)
Alexander: Trials (1990) p.63 (Trial §121 Sex. Alfenus was procurator in 83 BC in a civil suit vs P. Quinctius), 
Alföldy: Gallia Cisalpina (1999) p.314-315 (P. Alfenus Varus cos suff 39 from Cremona in tribus Aniensis and his son cos 2 AD)
Bastianini, G: "Lista dei prefetti d'Egitto dal 30a al 299p", in ZPE Bd. 17 (1975), p.304 does not accept Alfenus Apollinaris as praef Aegypti.
Berard, Francois: "La carrière de Plotius Grypus et le ravitaillement de l'armée impériale en campagne", in MEFRA tome 96, 1984. p.319-323 (§10 T. Antonius Claudius Alfenus Arignotus' career;
Berard proposes that his task as praepositus for corn supply at Seleucia Pieria was not in 175 (as suggested by Pflaum), but during Caracalla's Parthian campaign 215.
The otherwise unknown title "proc arcae Liviana" is presumably to absorb into the imperial fiscus the estates of a man called Livius.
Birley: Roman Government of Britain (2005) p.188-192 (§39 L. Alfenus Senecio, governor 205-207)
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p.46 (§11 L. Alfenus/Alfenius Virius Iulianus)
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p.159, 231-232, 263, 363 (L. Alfenus Senecio A521) 
Nitschke: Dignitas (2006) p.23-24 (P. Alfenus Varus cos 2 AD)
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p.106 (Alfenus Apollinaris, praef Aegypt 199/200; later scholars to not accept he was praef Aegypti, possibly vice praefect)
Robert, L.: "Une famille de Thyatire", in "Études anatoliennes: recherches sur les inscriptions grecques de l'Asie Mineure", Etudes Orientales vol.5, Paris 1937, p.124-127 (NOT AVAILABLE TO ME)
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Rüpke: Fasti Sacerdotum (2008) p.523 (§569 L. Alfenius Avitianus cos 213; he prefers A524 and A525 to be his sons by a late wife)
Sablayrolles: Vigiles (1996) p.530 (§5 L. Alfenus Senecio , subpraef of vigiles 161/166), p.556 (§22 L. Alfenus Avitianus, tr III vigiles shortly before 167)
Scheid: Freres Arvales 69-304 (1990) p.118, 448-449 (§147 L. Alfenius Avitianus cos suff 213; he considers A524 and A525 to be his grandsons, 
and not his sons, as earlier scholars have assumed)
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.367-368 (his stemma of L. Alfenius Avitianus, cos suff 213, prefers that Viria Iuliana was married to his otherwise unknown son;
he gives an age-gap of 60 years between the consul and A524 and A525, but the gap could be just 50 years, and cos 213 a late father).
Stein: Präfekten von Ägypten (1950) p.109-110 (Alfenus Apollinaris, praef Aegypti 199/200?; not accepted today)
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Wiseman: New Men (1971) p.211 (§18 P. Alfenus Varus cos suff 39 BC)
Zmeskal: adfinitas (2009) p.27 (Sex. Alfenus RE1)
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RE1 Nic16
eques romanus, from Picenum?
ment in trial 83, related to Sex. Naevius
proscribed 81
RE8 Nic17 ILLRP578
P. Alfenus P.f. Varus   Alfenus P.f.
from Cremona ? (in trib. Arn.),  II vir at Cupra Montana
jurist, eques,
pr by 42 (no evidence he was pr)
leg (or III vir) agr.divid. 41-40
cos suff 39
A523 RE9 A515
P. Alfenus P.f.P.n. Varus P. Alf(ius?) or Alf(enus ?) Primus
leg Aug pro pr of procos Africa leg pro pr of procos Achaea 
cos ord 2 AD late Republic / early Augustan
A522 RE7 Dem681 Dobson29(84)
P. Alfenus Varus
from Nuceria
trecenarius Aug (= rank after having been centurion of vig coh, urb coh and praet coh) 56 (praenomen Publius)
praef Castrorum 69
praef praet for Vitellius 69
joined Vespasian
A518 Dobson27(144) A520 RE5 Rüpke572 Pf176 LP41-19 ILS3374 Dobson28
L. Alfenus Avitianus L. Alfenus M.f. Senecio Alfenus Fortunatus
from Acci in Hisp Tarracon, trib Qurina from Cuicul in Numidia praef castrorum of III Aug in Africa 161/169
primus pilus;  subpraef classis Misenum (LX), 
tr coh III vig before 167 subpraef of vigiles (C ) 161/166
tr coh XII urb 167 proc Aug Maur Caesar (CC) 169/176
proc Aug Belgica et 2 Germ (CC) 169/176
sacerdos of Neptune at Cuicul (flamen minor ?)
  A521 RE6 LP14-36 LP33-71  Rossner A517 Pf218bis Pf308bis LP37-83
(Alfenus) L. Alfenus (L.f.?) Senecio  Alf(enus) Modestus         Alf(enus) Apollinaris
trib Qui, vir clar,  strategos at Kyzikos from Thyateira in Lydia
cos suff ante 200 Asiarch sub Septimius Severus a censibus Augusti Aegypt c.188
leg Aug pro pr Syria Coele 200 probably not praef Aegypt 199/200
leg Aug pro pr Brit c.205-207/8 uncle of A821
A519 A735 RE4 Rüpke569 LP19-50 LP35-39 A821 RE Alfenus3 PME-A132 Pf218ter
L. Alfenus (or Alfenius) Avitianus T. Antonius Claudius Alfenus Arignotus
from Acci in Hisp Tarracon, trib. Quir, from Thyateira in Lydia, vir egreg,
leg Aug pro pr Arabia 211-213 his father and grandfather were Asiarchs
cos suff c.213 praef coh et praepositus coh in Dacia Sup, 
leg Aug pro pr Pann Inf 214-(216?) tr coh et praepositus coh in Moesia Inf,
frater arvalis 218 (promag) 231 praef alae et praepositus alae in Syria,
~ (Viria Iuliana), sister to  praepositus for corn for army at Seleucia Pieria c.215 (or 175 Pflaum)
L. Virius Lupus Iulianus cos ord 232 proc Augusti arcae Liviana (C ) sub Caracalla c.215/6 (or c.190 Pflaum)
(L. Alfenius Avitianus)                     (Alfenia)  
~ (Viria Iuliana), sister to  ~ L. Iulius Apronius Maenius Pius Salamallianus
L. Virius Lupus Iulianus cos ord 232 cos suff 227
A525 Rüpke570 A524 Rüpke571 J159   J160 J646 J647 AE2007-1346
L. Alfenius Virius Iulianus   L. Alfenius Virius Avitus Avitianus L. Iulius Apronius  L. Iulius Apronius  Iulia Apronia    Iulia Apronia    T. Fabius Alfe(nus) Apollinaris
arval camillus 240+241 arval camillus 240+241 Maenius Avitianus Maenius Pius Alfena Agrippina Maenia Salamallias epistrategus (from Thyateira)
max aged 15 in 240 max aged 15 in 240 clar puer clar puer sub Gordianus
or son of A519 or son of A519 descendent of A517 above
? ? = A517 above
(Alfenia Iuliana)  
~ M. Caeionius Proculus
cos suff 289
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                                    
A516 PME-A101
Alf(enus?) L. Alfenus Paternus
proc s(ummarum) or s(icilia) trib. Pal.
praef alae in Brit,
2nd or 3rd century