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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:  
Family Republic Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Family Imperial Consular Zeno
Senatorial Lupus
Equestrian n/a
Cos,Tr Cos, Dict, M Eq,Cens Republic: n/a
Consuls Imperial: 2
Notes: Covers the descendents of Pythodorus of Tralles and Zenon, rhetor of Laodicea.. Many are not in RE or PIR or are covered by different ID's.
This stemma follows the final proposal from Settipani in addenda 2002. Alternatives are eminently possible.  Antonia, Mark Anthony's eldest daughter, may well not be an ancestor.
Also M.Philopator, priest,  may not be the dynast of Olba. The wives of M.Antonius Polemo II may be the wives of Iulius Polemon II. King Artaxias III may not be the same man as the Etc.etc.
Articles: Barrett, A.A.: "Polemo II of Pontus and M. Antonius Polemo", in Historia 27, 1978, 437-48  concerning Polemo A864. He argues that they are two separate individuals.
Dmitriev, Sviatoslav: "Claudius' Grant of Cilicia to Polemo", in The Classical Quarterly, Vol. 53, 2003, pp.286-291
Settipani: Continuite p.362-367 for the descendents of Queen Pythodoris. Also his addenda p.51-55 with new stemma and two more versions on p.109-111 (p.111 version followed below).
Sullivan, Richard D.: "Dynasts in Pontus", in Aufstieg und Niedergang der Römischen Welt, Bd.II,7.2, 1980, pp.913-930 with stemma opposite p.928. 
He believes they descend from Anthony's daughter and that A864 (M.Antonius Polemo) is the same as King Iulius Polemon II (J472).
Sullivan, Richard D.: "King Marcus Antonius Polemo", in The Numismatic Chronicle Vol. 19, 1979, pp.6-20 argues that the dynast of Olba (A864) is the same man as the king of Pontus (J472).
Thonemann, Peter J.: "Polemo, Son of Polemo (Dio. 59.12.2.)", in Epigraphica Anatolica 37, 2004, p.144-150 with stemma p.150; very different.
Changes 17.1.2014: Stemma of Antonius Zeno and Antonius Polemo split off from rest of Antonii. 
8.11.2014: added article by Sullivan, added wives to Polemon II
10.1.2015: added Sullivan's article from 1979, Dmitriev'ss article and a comment on Barrett's article.
RE Z8 P1116 RE Py 13
Zenon Pythedorus
rhetor at Laodicea native of Nysa, but active at Tralles
ment 40 BC Asiarch, friend of Pompeius Magnus
~34 Antonia euergetis Mommsen made her the eldest daughter of the Triumvir Marc Antony († 30), but this is just a conjecture.
at Smyrna Some scholars accept this, most do not.
RE Pol 2 P531 RE1 P1114 I Ephesus 615
Zenon       Polemon I Eusebes     c.12  2~1  Pythodoris Philometor           M.Antonius Pythodorus
notable of Laodicea dynast of Cilicia Tracheia 39-37 * c.29 BC † 33 AD or by 38 honoured at Ephesus
King of Pontus 37 - 8 BC Queen of Pontus 8BC-33AD or 38/39
King of Bosporus 14 BC 2 ~ Archelaus King of Cappadocia 41/36BC-17 AD
14 1~ Dynamis, Queen of
  A864 RE88 A1168 A882 A900 RE130
Polemon   M.Antonius Polemo I Philipator     L.Antonius Zeno         Antonia Tryphaena  
priest of Laodicea priest of Laodicea c.15 tr mil leg XII queen of Pontus 33?-38
2BC/14AD dynast of Olba in Cilicia c.19 trib Cor. ~ C.Iulius Cotys VIII
K of Olba 41 = Artaxias III King of Thracia, † by 19 AD
King of Armenia Maior 18-c.34
?   RE106 J472 RE Pol 3
M.Antonius Polemo II       M.Antonius Polemon.f. Zeno Philopappos Iulius Polemon II       see Thracia
K of Cilicia 54 - c.69 priest of Laodicea 41/54 King of Pontus 38-64
King of Cilicia 41-68/9
? 54 ~ Berenice dt of King Agrippa I of Judaea 64 Pontus part of Roman province of Galatia
? 60 ~ Iulia Mamaea, sister of Sohaemus † 68/69
prince of Edessa 1 ~ Iulia Berenice  of Judaea
2 ~ Iulia Mamaea of Emesa
  see Pontus
(M.) Antonius Zenon.f. Zeno  
priest of Laodicea 54/68
(M.Antonius)               (L.)Antonius Alcimus  
from Laodicea
A862 A883 RE107   ?  
M. Antonius Polemo           M.Antonius Zeno     (M.Antonius) Attalus L.Antonius Zeno Aurelianus  
sophist Laodicea 120-44 cos suff 148 notable from Laodicea "prophet" of Laodicea c.141/142
descended from royal family
  RE107a PIR Addenda   RE105
(M.Antonius) Attalus M.Antonius Zeno Ammia Ancharene M.Antonius Zeno
sophist Laodicea c.185 cos suff 168/170 ment ment procur in Africa
procos Africa 183/185 c.130 c.130 not in PIR ?
Thracia 144
~ Antia L.f. Marcellina
   (or ~ to his father the cos 148)
  RE37 A812 ? A901 RE131 FOS82
(Antonia) Callisto (M.Antonius Polemo) M.Antonius Antius Lupus     Antonia Vitellia
q pr Augur related to A812 Lupus
~ Flavius Rufinianus † c.191 k by Commodus ~ M.Valerius Bradua
Rufus cos suff c.185 sodalis Titius, patricius cos 191
~ Claudia Regilla † by 191
dt of ? Claudius Appius Atilius 
  Bradua Regillus cos 185
  A785 FOS71
(M.Antonius Polemo) Antia Marcellina  
† before father
Antonius Polemo
coins 253/260
neocoros Smyrna