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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Agrippinus
Senatorial Agrippinus, Antoninus
Equestrian Agrippinus
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. Dryantianus, Iason
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors n/a
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 1 incl. 0 emperors
Literature Adak, Mustafa: "Claudia Iasonis, eine Asiarchiin aus Lykien", in Hermed Band 141, 2013, p.459-475.(Supposes she is the sister of Ti. Claudius Claudii Iasonis f. 
Agrippinus, in spite of an inscription from Lydai in Lycia giving her as citizen of Pinara, not  Patara.)
Aleshire, Sara B.: "Asklepios at Athens: epigraphic and prosopographic essays on the Athenian healing cults," Amsterdam, 1991, p.61-74 and stemma 1 at end
(he argues that C1132 married T. Flavius Callaischrus, and their daughter Claudia Ammia  Agrippina was adopted by the Asiarch  Ti. Claudius Themistocles,
the adoption has been doubted by Puech, followed by Settipani)
Alföldy: Konsulat (1977) p.164-167, 319 (Ti. Claudius Agrippinus, pssibly cos suff in 154, based on reading  [-----]NUS as end of his name)
Balland, Andre: "Fouilles de Xanthos VII,  Inscriptions d'époque impériale du Létôon", Paris, 1981,  p.167-171 (§65 Ti. Claudius Agrippinus, PME-C116)
DÖNMEZ-ÖZTÜRK, Filiz: "Ordo Senatoriusa Mensup Lykialıların Prosopografyası", in ADALYA XV, 2012, p.6-8 (§P02 Ti. Claudius Agrippinus, C776),
 p.11 (§P06 Claudius Cassius Agrippinus, C828), p. (§P07 Ti. Claudius Dryantianus Antoninus,  C859), stemma p.31
Halfmann: Senatoren (1979) p.164-166 (§80 Ti. Claudius Agrippinus, cos suff 154?, with stemma), 197 (§129 Ti. Claudius Dryantianus Antoninus, senator)
Halfmann, Helmut: “Die Senatoren aus den kleinasiatischen Provinzen des Römischen Reiches vom 1. bis 3. Jahrhundert (Asia, Pontus­Bithynia, Lycia­Pamphylia, 
Galatia, Cappadocia, Cilicia) , in Epigrafia e ordine senatorio, Tituli 5 1982, p.603-650 (p.640) NOT AVAILABLE TO ME
Jameson, Shelagh: "Two Lycian Families", in Anatolian Studies, Vol. 16 (1966), pp. 125-137 with detailed stemma of Licinnii at end (basis for stemma below)
Lörincz "Zur Konsulliste des J,154), in Arheološki vestnik  28, 1977, p.369-372 (refutes Alföldy's dating of consulate of Ti. Claudius Agrippinus to 154;  He says it can
only be dated to after 151), (NOTAVAILABLE TO ME)
ÖZÜSAĞLAM-MUTLU, Zeynep: "Principatus devri’ned Lykia ve Pamphylia Kökenli Roma Senatörleri", Istanbul, 2013,  p.34-37 (§P5 Ti. Claudius Agrippinus),
p.40 (§P10 Claudius Cassius Agrippinus, senator), p.41 (§P11 Ti. Claudius Dryantianus Antoninus, senator), p.177 stemma 2.
PIR2 Pars II letter C (1936), stemma opposite p.166
Puech, Bernadette: "Orateurs et sophistes grecs dans les inscriptions d’époque impériale", Paris, 2002, p.257-259, 518 (refutes Aleshire's proposal that  C1132
married T. Flavius Callaischrus and that their daughter Claudia Ammia  Agrippina was adopted by the Asiarch Claudius Themistocles. She argues that
C1132 did marry  Themistocles. Callaischrus could possibly have married the sister of C1132, namely C1100. 
Raepsaet-Charlier: PFOS (1987) stemma XV
Reitzenstein: Lykischen Bundespriester (2011) p.171-172 (§10 Claudius Iason), p.176-177 (§17 Ti. Claudius Agrippinus), p.207 (§59 Claudius Dryantianus)
p. 248 (stemma 8)
Sahin, Sencer: "Bemerkungen zu lykischen und pamphylischen Inschriften", in Epigraphica Anatolica, Heft 17, 1991, p.113-115 (on Ti. Claudius Dryantianus, C858
making clear his position in the stemma.)
Scheid: Freres Arvales 69-304 (1990) p.77-78, 402-403 (§109 Ti. Claudius Agrippinus, attested 150 and 155), 
p.114-115, 448 (§146 Agrippinus,  attested 214, either Fabius Agrippinus or Claudius Agrippinus below)
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.462-463 with stemma. Incl. the possible marriages of C1100 and C1132 based on Aleshire).
Slavich, Carlo: "Due famiglie dell'aristocrazia licia in età imperiale", in Studi Ellenistici XV, Pisa 2003, p.279-280 (on PME-C116 and C858)
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Claudius Iason
archiereus Lycia under the Flavians,
Reitz17 PME-C116 cf Adak above
Ti. Claudius Claudii Iasonis f. Agrippinus   Claudia Iasonis Ti.f.
from Patara, tribus Quirina, alias Tata
archiereus Lycia under Trajan archiereia of Asia,
agonothesis, citizen of Pinara
praef fabrum, tr mil III Gal in Syria, ~ ignotus
tr mil I Ita in Moesia Inf, praef alae, Asiarch of Asia
proc Asia 119 (unlikely he is C776)
C858 Reitz59
Ti. Claudius Dryantianus
from Patara, tribus Quirina,
Lyciarch under Hadrian / Antoninus Pius,
~ Iulia Lysimacha, J677, dt of 
Iulius Antoninus and Licinnia Maxima
C776 RE39 Rüpke1163 C1097 RE419 FOS238 C1043 RE368 V635
Ti. Claudius Agrippinus         Claudia Helena ~ Ti. Claudius Flavianus Titianus 
adlectus in senatus by Hadrian, clar fem, Q. Vilius Proculus L. Marcius Celer  
tr pl (adlectus ?), (pr), M. Calpurnius Longus
cos suff post 151 (154?) from Kadyanda/Patara
frater Arvalis 150 155 vir clar, leg Pontus-Bithynia, procos Cyprus
~ Aelia Platonis, A307, FOS19, dt of (Aelius) Apollonius III
of Rhodiapolis, archiereus 118 (Reitz27)
C859 RE141 C1069 RE401 FOS216
Ti. Claudius Dryantianus Antoninus   Claudia Ammiana Dryantilla
vir clar 175 ~ (C.?) Sulpicius Pollio
~ (Avidia Cassia) Alexandria A512 FOS129 vir clar. S1016
alive 175
augustus 175
  Rüpke1581 Bar20 et 1216 et 212
C828 RE93 Okon295 Bar146 C1132 RE429 FOS256 C1100 RE421a FOS241 C1091 RE415 FOS234 A463 RE Agrippinus 1 RER Claudius 93 
Claudius Cassius Agrippinus   Claudia Vettia Agrippina   (Claudia) Maeciana Alexandra  Claudia Dryantilla Platonis Agrippinus
vir clar fem clar, fem clar, fem clar, frater Arvalis 214
?? = Agrippinus arval 214 ~ Ti. Claudius Themistocles, (Maeciana named for her matrona ludi saecularis 204 ?? = C. Fabius Agrippinus, (F19, RE36)
Asiarch (C1040) maternal uncle Maecianus) ~ Cornelius Optat[us] C1409 praeses Syria 218/219 
ephebe at Athens 166/7 / 171/2 ? ~ T. Flavius Callaischrus cos suff an inc, ?? = Claudius Cassius Agrippinus
Claudia Ammia  Agrippina
~ Q. Statius Glaucus
priest of Asclepios