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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial Iulianus, Orestes
Equestrian Deioterianus, Polemo,
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. Bias, Hiero,
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 0 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: TAM = Titulae Asiae Minoris;
Families from Cibyra in Phrygia in provincia Asia. Dating  of family members is disputed.
The dating of the Asiarchs of Cibyra by Friesen and Kearsley vary by a couple of generations. Thus Kearsley dates Polemon's Asiiarch to around 114, Friesen argues
strongly in Appendix II, p.115-117 against and with Halfmann prefers a dating of Polemon to around 170. Kearsley's first asiarch Flavius Craterus of 5 BC
 seems wrong with a nomen beloning to the Flavian dynasty of 75 years later.
Literature Balland, Andre: "Fouilles de Xanthos VII,  Inscriptions d'époque impériale du Létôon", Paris, 1981, p.231-232 (Ti. Claudius Bias, archiereus Asia under Domitian)
Campanile, I sacerdoti, 1994,  p.39 (§13  Claudius Bias, archiereus under Domitian9, p.74-76 (§62, 62a, 62b, 62c, 62d, see references in stemma below as Camxx)
Corsten, Thomas: "Kibyra und Lykien", in Sculer, Christof: Griechische Epigraphik in Lykien, Eine Zwischenbilanz, Akten des internationalen Kolloquiums 
München, 24.–26. Februar 2005, 25. Ergbd. TAM (Wien 2007) p.175–181, argues that Cibyra was part of provincia Asia, not Lycia.
Corsten, Thomas: "Die Inschriften von Kibyra", Bonn, 2002, p.93-97 (§62  Ti. Claudius Celsus Orestianus, and wife Flavia Lycia), p. 96-98 (§63 Ti. Claudius Polemon,  
asiarch and eques, C963), p.102 (§67 statue for the eques Ti. Claudius Polemon, set up by his namesake nephew mid 2nd century), p.102-104 (§69 Marcia 
Tlepolemis, 3 times archiereia),  p.104 (§70 Ti. Claudius Deioterianus, Asiarch and eques, brother of C963), p.104-105 (§71 Claudia Tlepolemis, C1128, statue 
c.200, detailing her family. Her grandfather is quoted as a consular, but this reading my be incorrect), p.166 (§149 Claudius Polemon, Asiarch, and his nephews
Claudius Polemo and 'Claudius Bias, this is Bias' only mention), 
Friesen, Steven J. : "Twice Neokoros : Ephesus, Asia, and the cult of the Flavian imperial family",  Leiden, (1993), p.193-201 (140? Ti. CI. Hiero, Asiarch twice,
 father of Ti. CI. Polemon; 170 Ti. CI. Deioterianus, brother of Ti. CI. Polemon;  170 Ti. Cl. Polemon)  p.182 (c.200 Ti. CI. Celsus Orestianus of Cibyra)
Halfmann: Senatoren (1979) p.149-151 (§61 Claudius Orestes, C947, with stemma p.150), p.189 (§112 Claudius Iulianus, father of Claudius Orestes)
Halfmann, Helmut: “Die Senatoren aus den kleinasiatischen Provinzen des Römischen Reiches vom 1. bis 3. Jahrhundert (Asia, Pontus­Bithynia, Lycia­Pamphylia, 
Galatia, Cappadocia, Cilicia) , in Epigrafia e ordine senatorio, Tituli 5 1982, p.603-650 NOT AVAILABLE TO ME
Hall, A. S. , Milner, N. P. and  Coulton, J. J.: "The Mausoleum of Licinnia Flavilla and Flavianus Diogenes of Oinoanda: Epigraphy and Architecture", 
in Anatolian Studies, Vol. 46 (1996), p. 132-137, cf AE1996-1500-1502, on the family of Claudius Orestes and Hiero)
Herz, Peter: "Asiarchen und Archiereiai. Zum Provinzialkult der Provinz Asia", in Tyche Band 7, 1992, p.93-116, stemma p.100 of Ti. Claudius Hiero,  
like Friesen he argues against Kearlsey's dating.
Kearsley, Rosalinde A.: "A Leading Family of Cibyra and Some Asiarchs of the First Century" in Anatolian Studies , Vol. 38, 1988, p.43-51, p.49-50 stemmata of the 
family of three generations of Asiarchs at Cibyra, dating Hiero to c.55 AD, Polemo to 8c.85 and Orestianus to c.114; cf stemma in AE1990-973.
He assumes that Orestianus' wife Flavia Lycia is the sister of T. Flavius Montanus, who was archiereus 102/116.  This cannot be correct if the dating 
of Orestianus is moved to c.200, as Herz and Friesen argue.
PIR2 vol. 2 letter C (1936), stemma opp. p.230 of Ti. Claudius Hiero and Claudius Orestes)
PIR2 vol. 5 letter M (1983), stemma p.181 of T. Marcius Deiotarianus M229 and daughter Marcia Tlepolemis, married to Ti. Claudius Hiero
Puech, Bernadette: "Orateurs et sophistes grecs dans les inscriptions d’époque impériale", Paris, 2002, p.406-415 (Ti. Claudius Polemo from Cibyra, C963, and family)
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Raepsaet-Charlier, Marie-Therese: "Matronae Equestres", in Demougin, Devijver and Raepsaet-Charlier: L'Ordre Equestre (1999) stemma p.236 of Claudius 
Orestes and Hiero.
Rossner: Asiarchen und Archiereis (1974), p.121 (Ti. Claudius Celsus Orestianus, who set dates to c.114 based on Kearsley), p.121 (his uncle Ti. Deioterianus), 
p.122 (Ti. Hiero), p.124 (Ti. Polemo, C963)
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AE1998-374 amp13
(Ti. Claudius Polemon ?) Ti. Claudius Bias
from Cibyra,
archiereus of Asia under Domitian,
dated  by coins,
  cannot be the brother of Asiarch Hiero, 
  due to dating inconsistency
IGR-IV-907 Cam62d C947 RE257
Ti. Claudius Hiero     Ti. Claudius Bias Ti. Claudius Polemo Claudius Orestes
from Cibyra in Phrygia  asiarch bis
Asiarch twice, archiereus twice, senator [synkr]tikos
~ Marcia Tlepolemis mid 2nd century,
from Balbyra in Lycia, probably not consularis ([upa]tikos)
3x archiereia,
dt of T. Marcius Deioteranus
tr mil, Lykiarch
C963 Cam62b IGR-IV-906-7 Cam62c AE1996-1502b C897 RE191 Bar696 FOS211
Ti. Claudius Polemo     Ti. Claudius Deioterianus Claudia Euelthis ~ Claudius Iulianus (Claudia ?) Claudius Bias
from Cibyra in Phrygia, rhetor, eques Romanus, from Cibyra brother of younger Polemo
Asiarch, eques Romanus,  Asiarch senator ~ Ti. Claudius Polemo
time of M. Aurelius ← C963
~ (Claudia)
dt of Claudius Orestes C947
C829 IGR-IV908 Cam62 IGR IV 909 C948 RE257 Bar161 C1128 RE447 FOS253
Ti. Claudius Ti.f. Celsus Orestianus Ti. Claudius Polemo Ti. Claudius Orestes Claudia Tlepolemis
trib. Qui., archiereus of Asia, set up inscription for  senator clar fem
c-200 his uncle Polemo late 2nd century ??
~ Flavia Lycia, archiereia, Cam62a ~ Aurelius Polemo A1578 Bar78
dt of Flavius Hiero of Cibyra  vir clar
and Acmonia
A842 Bar1224
Antonius Iulianus
? Son of Claudia by earlier marriage