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Update:  21st April 2017
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrates  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Geminus, Proculus, Verres, Verus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors n/a
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 4 (5?) incl. 0 emperors
Notes: A1207 and P685 appear to be two separate persons (see Alföldy below), possibly ? brothers. Earlier articles tend to assume them the same person.
Note the cos ord of 169 Q. Pompeius Senecio (P651) has among his many names Ducenius Proculus and Sosius Priscus.
Literature Alföldy: Gallia Cisalpina (1999) p.295 (A. Ducenius Geminus D201), p.296 (C. Ducenius Proculus D202), p.297 (Ducenius Verus D203), 
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presents the details for A1207 and P685 not being the same person.
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dating Ducenius Gemina's consulate to 60 or 61 AD.
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tentatively identifies A1207 (but not P685) with L. Subrius Dexter L. Cornelius Priscus (C1420 RE Corn 290) cos suff 104
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dating Ducenius Gemina's proconsulate of Asia from 67/78 to 73/74.
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see p.291-292 for corrections to her volume Statthalter.
D201 RE2 A70
A. Ducenius Geminus
probably from Transpadana
q Creta et Cyrene, tr pl, (pr), leg Aug of province, 
cos suff 60 or 61 (not 55)
III vir curator vectigalia publica 62
leg Aug pro pr Dalmatia c.63-67
procos Asia c.67/68 (or 73/74), praef urb by Galba 68-69
XV vir sf, sodalis Augustalis ante 62
patron Narona in Dalmatia
D202 RE3 D203 RE5 D200 RE1
C. Ducenius Proculus                                 P. Ducenius Verus <=> P. Ducenius
from Patavium in Venetia cos suff 95 pont 100/101
cos suff 87 likely = D200
? ~ Cestia P.f. A1208
C. Asconius C.f. Sardus
trib. Fabia from Patavium
IIII vir iure dicundi, praef fabr
sub Domitian
adopt ? actual father ?
RE4 A1207 RE Cest18 RE Asc 3a   ? P685 RE Cest14 AE-2002-1768
[C. Asconius] C.f. Sa[rdus] [Secun]dus P. Cesti[us]   [?C. Asconius Sardus?] [Po]mponianus Secundus  P. Ducenius Verre
[Su]brius Dexter […] Ducenius [Proculus] P. Cest[ius]  [Cornel]ius Priscus Ducenius Proc[ulus] cos suff 124
trib. Fabia, from Patavium trib. Fabia, inscription at Forum Fulvii Valentia
procos of unknown province tr mil XXI Rap in Pann by 92, 
? = Sex. Subrius Dexter Cornelius Priscus sevir equitum Romanorum turmae, pr, leg leg VII Gem,
 cos suff 104? procos Asia 120/121  (C1420 RE Corn 290) leg leg VI Vic in Germ Inf, cos suff
XV vir sf, sodalis
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                    
[…] Quintius C.f. Cestianus Ducenius Proculus
unknown relationship to above Ducenii