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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrates  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Antiochus
Senatorial Tertullus Antiochus
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 1 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: The Nemrud Dagh inscriptions mention Arsames as grandfather of Ptolemaios, but the inscription with the name of Ptolemaios’s father has been lost.
Antiochus III and his sisters could possibly be the children of Mithridates II. The existance of Mithridates (III) is very doubtful.
Kallinikos = "Gloriously Victorious", Philadelphos ="She who loves her brothers", Philopappus = "lover of his grandfather" Philoromaios = "friend of the Romans"
Literature Baroni: Adlectiones ed Adlecti (2011) p.227-229 (§6 C. Iulius Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappus) 
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Lucherini, Renzo: "A Proposed Paternity for Ptolemaios of Kommagene: Mithradates, Nephew of Antiochos III", in 2017, p.1-17: argues that Ptolemaios' father was MithrIdates (who ruled in
Sophene or possibly Lesser Armenia) son of Arsames I and his wife possibly the daughter of Ptolemy II of Telmessos. 
He thus postulates princess Antiochis was 1st married to Arsames I, and next (certain) to Xerxes, son of Arsames I by a prior marriage.
Macurdy, Grace H.: "Iotape", in The Journal of Roman Studies, Vol.26, 1936, pp.40-42 identifies 5 different women named Iotape.
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He invented Mithradates, an elder son of Mithradates I, to resolve a discrepency, since resolved.
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Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.447-448 with stemma (he believes Mithridates III was son of Mithridates II, his stemma mixes up Mithridates II and Antiochus II,
also he proposes Antiochus IV's wife was not Claudia Capitolina but a sister), p.493 (stemma of connection to Iulius Laco of Sparta)
Spawforth, A.J.S.: "Balbilla, the Euryclids and Memorials for a Greek Magnate", The Annual of the British School at Athens, Vol.73, 1978, pp.249-260 with stemma p.261
argues that another daughter of Antiochus IV married the Spartan C. Iulius Laco in 72, when the Commagene family were in Sparta after their deposal.
The son of Laco, Herculanus, is attested as cousin to Iulia Balbilla (J650), who set a big monument at Athens to her cousin.
Staab, Gregor: "Ehrung und Königsdesignation Mithradates II von Kommagene durch seinen Vater Antiochos I auf dem Nemrud Dagi", in Epigraphica Anatolica 44 (2011) p.55–77
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Changes 20141030:  The year when Antiochus III became king is not known (12 BC was based on a false premise), in reality only his year of death (17 AD) is certain. 
Iotape (i48) husband Alexander was king from 72 AD (not until 72) onwards.  The very uncertain Mithradates (II) (rex 92-70BC) deleted.
20141101: added (Iulia) daughter of Antiochus IV and her children, cf. article by Spawforth.. See also Settipani p.493.
20141220 added Sullivan's book as reference, added translation note, minor clarifications
20180801 many details added and many more references, but no major changes
epistates (governor) of Commagene c.170-163
King Commagene c.163-c.130
grdson of  Arsames I, King of Sophene († 212) 
? son of Xerxes I King of Armenia († 204/202) and Antiochis, dt of Antiochus III of Syria , or
? son of Mithradates, son of  Asames I and Antiochis, sister of Antiochus III of Syria
?? ~ Berenike, dt of Ptolemy II of Telmessos
Samos II Theosebes Dikaios
King c.130-c.100/96
probably no king Samos I
~ Pythadoris of Pontus
RE29   RE7
Mithridates I Kallinikos                   Antiochis
King c.100-c.70 princess
~ Laodice VII Thea Philadelphos, dt of Antiochus VIII Grypos
King of Syria 125-96
Antiochus I Theos Philorhomaios   Philadelphe       Mithradates
* c.95 King c.70 (ment 69 as king) -c.36 c.92 BC
assumed Roman toga praetexta 59 invention of Reinach
~ Isias Philostorgos, dt of Ariobarzanes I, King of Cappadocia 95-63/62
M636 RE39 A740 RE38 ?
Mithradates II  Philoromaios Laodice       Antiochus (II) Epiphanes     Antiochis         Athenais         son  
Philhellenos † 38 † exc in Rome 29 princess princess † killed 20
King c.36-20 BC ~ Orodes II usually counted as  ~ ignotus ~ Artavasdes I or shortly before
~ Laodice King of Parthia 57-37 Antiochus II, though never king King of Media Atropatene 56-31 by the king
Client King of Sophene 30-20
  J44 RE3 M637 RE31  
Aka I of Commagene Iotape I ~  Mithradates III 
princess 34 betrothed to  King 20 BC- an inc
† young Alexander Helios,
son of Anthony
and Cleopatra
A741 RE39  
Aka II of Commagene       Antiochus III       Iotape II                   Iotape III    
princess King an. inc. - 17 AD
~ Thrasyllus of Alexandria Commagene  ~ Antiochus III ~ (C. Iulius) Sampsigeramus II
Ti. Claudius Thrasyllus annexed by Rome 17-38 her brother priest King of Emesa 14-44
astrologer of TIBERIUS ~ Iotape II, his sister <==
† 36
C813 RE Claud 81+82 J149 RE40 RE Iulius 68 J47 RE4
Ti. Claudius Balbillus Modestus C. Iulius Antiochus IV Ephipanes  ~ Iotape VI Philadelphos
praef Aegyp 55-59 King 38-72, also of Cietis in Cilicia married brother
astrologer of Nero and Vespasian deposed when Rome annexed Commagene † p.72
† 79 † p.72 at Rome in honourable retirement
C1086 J150 RE Iulius 66 J228 RE Iulius 305 J48 RE Iotape 5 FOS441
Balbilli filia 64  ~  C. Iulius Antiochus Epiphanes (Iulius) Callinicus   Iulia VII Iotape             (Iulia)
= Claudia Capitolina officer of Otho 69 fought the Romans 72
domina figlina fought the Romans 72 called himself king ~ C. Iulius Alexander (A500, J136) c.72 ~  C. Iulius Laco II
2 ~ M. Iunius Rufus called himself king returned to Rome 72/3 King of Cietis in Cilicia 72- sub Domitian patronomos eponymos
praef Aegypti 94-98 returned to Rome 72/3 senator of Rome, cos suff an inc Sparta c.80/85 (RE310)
betrothed to Drusilla (D195), dt of son of Tigranes VI (V) of Armenia, king 60-62
Agrippa I of Iudaea
J650 J151 RE Iulius 67 RE Philopappus Rüpke1995 J302 RE221   RE311
Iulia Balbilla       C. Iulius C.f. Antiochus Epiphanes Philopappus    C. Iulius Laconis f. Eurycles Herculanus   C. Iulius Laco III
poet trib Fabia, archon Athens c.87 L.Vibullius Pius 2 times patronomos
ment as friend of Hadrian 130 agnothetes Dionysiou at Athens 87 * c.73, trib Fabia of Sparta
set monument to her cousin adlectus inter praetorios by Trajan 98 q Achaia, tr pl, pr, leg Hisp Baetica, † before brother
Herculanus cos suff 109, frater Arvalis from 111 (???) †114/116 leg leg III Gallica in Syria, 
  called himself king patronomos of Sparta 115/6 or 116/7
  adopted as heir by L.Vibullius Pius from Corinth
  † 136/7 probably sp
ILS1346 Rüpke2001
Ti. Iulius Balbillus
sacerdos Solis Elagabali
ment 199-215
possibly † 222 killed
RE68a = J598 RE307a
T. Iulius Antiochus T. Iulius Tertullus Antiochus
leg Numidia 242 signo Antacius
leg Aug pro pr Numidia 242