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Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis Silanus
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Silanus, Silanus Gaetulicus, Silanus Torquatus,
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 2
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 11 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: 1 Judging from use of praenomen the Iunii Silani are presumably descended from the Iunii Bruti.
2 The Iunii Silani were raised to the patriciate by Augustus probably in 29 BC.
3 After the extinction of the Manlii Torquati (from whom the Silani were descended), the imperial Silani revived the cognomen Torquatus.
4 The C.Iunius Silanus cos suff 92 (PIR J579) (Syme Roman Papers Vol III p. 995) and C.Iunius Silanus cos 189 (see Leunissen: Konsuln p 399 as D.Iulius Silanus cos 189) and Iunius Silanus cos suff 237, 
mentioned in Wikipidia, are really Iulii Silani. The error derives from Smith's encylopedia.
5 M.Silanus cos 25 BC and his brothers may alternatively be the sons of the legate of 53, The gap between a pr of 77 and a cos of 25 is bigger than usual.
6 D.Iunius Silanus Gaetulicus was co-opted into Salii in 63, and thus born ca 48/53, which makes the age-gap to his assumed natural father Cn.Cornelius Lentulus Gaetulicus (cos 26 and born c 8BC)
seem too large. Scheid in his article from 1991 assumes the father a unknown Gaetulicus son of the consul of 25, but the consul of 25 did not use the cognomen Gaetulicus. However it is not impossible since 
the cognomen Gaetulicus derived from the victory of Cossus, the father of the consuls of 25 and 26.
Literature Alexander: Trials (1990) p.6 (trial §7 D. Iunius Silanus Manlianus, pr 141, charged de repetundis in 140,  convicted by his natural father and comitted suicide), p.32 (trial §63 M. Iunius Silanus cos 109, 
charged in 104 BC for iudicium populi, acquitted)
Alföldy: Fasti Hispanienses (1969) p.15 (C- Appius Iunius Silanus cos 28, leg Aug pro pr Hisp Cit 40?-41)
Birley: Roman Government of Britain (2005) p.215-216 (§3 L. Iunius M.f. Silanus, comes of Claudius in British expedition 43)
Cebeillac: Quaestores Principis (1972) p.48-49 (§XXIV D. Iunius M.f. Silanus Torquatus, J837, his questorship dated to suo anno 46 AD, but may have been earlier), p.49-51 (§XXV L. Iunius M.f. Silanus, J829), stemma p.238
Cichorius: Römische Studien (1922) p.141-142 (L. Iunius L.f. Gal. RE20, 4th in Pompeius Strabo's consilium, he could be L. Iunius Brutus Damasippus pr 82, RE58)
Crook: Consilium Principis (1955) p.171 (§198 C. Appius Iunius Silanus, cos 28, amicus of Claudius; §199 D. Iunius Silanus, RE164, amicus of Augustus; §200 L. Iunius Silanus, RE180 comes of Claudius)
Dietz: Senatus (1980) p.175-176 (Iunius Silanus, cos 238, mentioned in Historia Augusta, name possibly fiction)
Eilers, Claude: "Silanus Murena (I.Priene 121)", in the Classical Quarterly, Vol. 46 (1996), p.175-182, with stemma p.179 argues that M. Silanus, monet c.116/5 is not the cos 109, but the possible pr of Asia in 102.. 
He also proposes that RE160 and RE22 were first cousins, not brothers, and that the cognomen Murena for RE170 is an error in reading.
Groag: Achaia (1939) p.8-10 (M. Iunius Silanus, cos 25 BC, q pro consule in Achaia for M. Antonius in 34 (or 33) and proquaestor next year.)
Harders, Ann-Cathrin: "Die Identität der Iunia, Δέκμου θυγάτηρ und Ehefrau des P. Servilius Isauricus (cos. 48)", in KLIO bd.89, 2007, p.403-416 argues that Iunia was not the daughter of cos 62 BC but of RE162, monetalis 91 BC.
Hillebrand: Vigintivirat (2006) p.152 (§54 D. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, monet c.40, cos ord 53 AD), p.153-154 (§56 L. Iunius Silanus, J829, ? monet c.40), p.201 (§55 M. Iunius Silanus Lutatius Catulus, J836)
Hinard: Proscriptions (1985) p.479 (§68 M. Iunius Silanus, cos ord 25 BC; probably proscribed in 43)
Lewis: Priests (1955) : pontifex/flamines (§21 C. Iunius Silanus, cos AD10; flamen Martialis; §32 L. Iunius Silanus, cos suff 26 AD, flamen Martialis 22), flamines divorum (§6 L. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, RE180, Lewis
assigns him flamen divi Iuli et Augusti, which below is assigned to D. Iunius Silanus Torquatus cos 53), augures (§20 M. Iunius Silanus, cos 25, probably augur 38 BC; §22 L. Iunius Silanus, cos cand 21 BC, perhaps augur by 36),
fratres Arvales (§27 M. Iunius C.f. Silanus, cos 15 AD, until 38; §30 C. Appius Iunius Silanus, cos 28 AD, Arval by 38; §40 M. Iunius Silanus, cos 46, arval by 40; §41 L. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, pr 48, Arval by 44/46),
sodales Augustales (§19 Iunius Silanus, sodalis by 64 AD; Lewis uncertain of identity), salii Collini (§2 M. Iunius Silanus Lutatius Catulus, RE191), salii Palatini (p.141 §3 Torquatus Silanus, ? = D. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, cos 53;
p.142 §4 Iunius Silanus, either cos 46 or cos before 56), salii (§3 L. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, RE183, co-opted 60; §6 D. Iunius Silanus Gaetulicus, RE179, co-opted 63)
Magie: Asia Minor (1950) p.1176 (note 43: M. Iunius Silanus, prefers to read inscription as quaestor with cognomen Murena, in stead of "Murena's quaestor"; RE170) 
Nitschke: Dignitas (2006) p.47-48 (C. Iunius Silanus cos 17 BC, C. Iunius Silanus cos 10 AD, M. Iunius Silanus cos 25 BC)
Pachowiak, Nikolaus: "Gaius/Appius Iunius Silanus und Camerinus Antistius Vetus", in ZPE Bd. 190 (2014), pp. 247-249 suggests that C. Appius Iunius Silanus cos 28 was named C. Iunius Silanus until 22 AD,
when his father was exiled and then changed his praenomen to Appius after his grandmother's familuy.
Peterse, Leiva: "Der jüngste iunius Silanus", in Historia Bd. 15, 1966, pp. 328-335 on L. Iunius Silanus Torquatus, J838.
PIR2, Pars IV, Fasciculus 3, 1966, p.351, stemma. D. Iunius Silanus, J826, is assumed to be the adoptive father of D. Iunius Silanus Gaetulicus, J835.
Raepsaet-Charlier: PFOS (1987) stemma  XIX (descendants of M. Iunius Silanus J831), , XXb (family of Q. Caecilius Metellus Creticus Iunius Silanus), XL (descendants of C. Silanus J824)  
Salomies: Nomenclature (1992) p.50 (D. Iunius Silanus Gaetulicus, J835, discusses his adoption by a D. Iunius Silanus, gtraditionally assumed to be J826. He refutes that Faetulicus is derived from his mother), 
p.86 note 6 (Creticus Iunius Silanus C63)
Scheid: Freres Arvales (1975) p.196, 386 (stemma), p.195-199, 226-227 (§29 C. Appius Iunius Silanus, cos 28, Arval 37-42), p.203-206, 226-227 (§31 M. Iunius C.f. Silanus, cos suff 15, Arval c.23-38), 
p.224-225, 228-229 (§36 M. Iunius M.f. Silanus, cos 46, Arval 40-54), p.234-236, 242-243 (§38 L. Iunius M.f. Silanus, pr 48, Arval 43-48)
Scheid, John: "Nouveaux éléments concernant les fastes des frères arvales", in Epigrafia. Actes du colloque international d'épigraphie latine en mémoire de Attilio Degrassi pour le centenaire de sa naissance.
Actes de colloque de Rome (27-28 mai 1988). Rome : École Française de Rome, 1991. ((Publications de l'École française de Rome, 143)) p. 75-92 with stemma p.84. Scheid suggests in opposition to PIR
that D. Iunius Silanus Gaetulicus, J835 was the son of an unknown Cossus Cornelius Lentulus Gaetulicus and grandson of Cossus Cornelius Lentulus cos 25 AD and a Iunia Silana, sister to L. Iunius Silanus cos 26.
It is not convincing because of his nomen that J835 would be named after his paternal grandmother. The stemma below is also just a conjecture.
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.68 (stemma of all Iunii incl. Silani), p.305 (suggests that Iunia Calvina J856 was also married to C. Salllustius Crispus Passienus, cos 27 44, because his daughter was a Sallustia Calvina)
Shackleton Bailey: "Two Studies" (1976), p.118-119 (M. Iunius Silanus (Murena?), RE170, propr Asia 76; SB believes he had the cog-nomen Murena and was a Licinius Murena adopted by a M. Iunius Brutus)
Sumner: Orators (1973) p.78 (§R92 M. Iunius Silanus , cos 109 BC), p.129 (§R185 D. Iunius Silanus, cos 62, born 107)
Suolahti, Jaakko: Junior Officers (1955) p.366 (Iunii Silani: M. Iunius Silanus RE167, M. Iunius Silanus RE168, M. Iunius Silanus RE172)
Syme: Augustan Aristocracy (1986) stemma XII and XIII at book-end; p.188-199 (Chapter XIV The Junii Silani)
Szemler: Priests (1972) p.133-134 (§P49 D. Iunius Silanus cos 62 BC, pont 73/63-c.61)
Szramkiewicz: Gouverneurs Vol.2  (1972) p.408-409 (C. Iunius C.f. Silanus cos 17 BC), p.409 (M. Iunius M.f. Silanus cos 25 BC)
Thomasson: Fasti Africani (1996) p.32-34 (§28 M. Iunius Silanus Torquatus cos 19 AD, he doubts the reading of 6 years as procos Africa  and reduces it to year 38/39)
Tortotiello: Fasti Consolari di Claudio (2004) p.521 stemma, p.516-518 (§35 M. Iunius Silanus cos suff 46), p.518-520 (§36 M. Iunius Silanus cos suff 50 or 54), p.520-522 (§37 D. Iunius Silanus Torquatuscos 53), 
Vogel-Weidemann: Statthalter (1982) stemma 9, p.97-109 (§9 M. Iunius Silanus Torquatus cos 19 AD, procos 29/30-34/5, she discusses why the former dates of 32/3-38/9 are wrong), 
p.233-236 (§32 C. Iunius Silanus, cos 10 AD, procos Asia 20-21), p.398-400 (§53 M. Iunius Silanus cos 46 AD, procos Asia 54)
Weidemann, Ursula: "C. Silanus, Appia parente genitus: A Note on Tac. Ann. 3, 68, 3", in Acta Classica Vol. 6 (1963), pp. 138-145 dealing with the descendents of J824, stemma p.144. She prefers
C. Appius Iunius Silanus cos 28 to be the son of cos 10 and the mother of cos 10 to be Appia, not Atia.
Zmeskal: adfinitas (2009) p.154-156 (Iunii Silani)
Changes 2013.09.06 Creticus Silanus' consulship is 7 AD not 6 AD. L.Silanus cos 28 turns out to be D.f. and is thus not a son of I827 and becomes the son of Julia's lover. His consulship is now dated to 26.
see new note for discussion.
2013.10.01 added note on Silanus Murena. Added more references. And possible praetorship to monet c 116/115.
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M. Iunius Silanus
praef at Neapolis 216 pr Etruria 212
pro pr Etruria 211 propr Hisp 210-206
M. Iunius Silanus                   D. Iunius Silanus
praef socium 196  † killed in battle
RE83 RE160 ?   RE22
T. Manlius Torquatus D. (Iunius) Silanus                         M. Iunius D.f. (Silanus)
pr 170 cos 165 special commission c.146 monet c.c.145 
pont 170 spoke Punic tr pl 149/123 ??
or son of RE168
D. Iunius Silanus (Manlianus)    
pr 141 Macedonia ?  
indicted for repetundae 140  
† 140 suicide after condemnation by father  
  RE169 see RE169
D. Iunius Silanus   M. Iunius D.f.D.n.Silanus             L. Iunius Silanus M. Iunius Silanus
tr pl by 123 (M. Iunius D.f.) monet c 116/115
pr 113/112 cos Transalpina 109 procos 108 ? pr ca 102 Asia
prosecuted for perduellio (?) for defeat by the Cimbri 104 ? = cos 109
but acquitted
RE170   RE163 Rüpke2128 ? RE191 RE20   RE162 see RE170
M. Iunius D.f. Silanus D. Iunius M.f. Silanus   Iunia   L. Iunius L.f. (Silanus ??)     D. (Iunius) L.f. Silanus M. Iunius Silanus (Murena?)
q 84 proq Asia 83-82 * 107 aedil 70/69 pr 67  alive 50 trib.Gal. monet 91 q in Asia 89?
pr 77 propr Asia 76 † 76 cos cand for 64 or a Brutus in Pompeius Strabo's consilium  descendant of Manlii a Licinius Murena by birth?
~ Sempronia cos 62 † spm. by 57  ~ C. Claudius Marcellus in 4th position 89, thus legatus but reading on stone uncertain, see note
pont c.75-c.60 pr 80 and junior senator
c.77/5 ~ 2 Servilia, dt of ? L. Iunius Brutus Damasippus
Q. Servilius Caepio pr 91 pr 82 RE58 ??
  J850 RE193 RE192 J865 RE206 RE171   ??
  Iunia I       Iunia D.f. (II)     Iunia Tertia (Tertulla) M. (Iunius) Silanus     C. Iunius Silanus  
  * 75/3 last mention 30 or dt of RE162 * 72/68 BC † 22 AD leg of Caesar in Gaul 53
  ~  M. Aemilius Lepidus ~ P. Servilius Isauricus ~ C. Cassius Longinus
?? cos 46 42 III vir cos 48 41 pr 44 ??
J830 RE172 Rüpke2134 J827 RE165 Rüpke2131 J824 RE158 J823 RE157 LP26-5
M. Iunius M.f.D.n. Silanus     L. Iunius M.f.D.n. Silanus                     C. Iunius M.f. Silanus C. Iunius C.f. Silanus  
tr mil of M. Aemilius Lepidus 43  pr 24 BC cos cand for 21 but not elected ment 25 BC
q procos Achaia 34 sub M. Antonius, augur, final mention 12 BC ?? ~ Atia cos ord 17 BC
aug ante 34 pro q Achaia 33 ? ~ Appia (Claudia) C1058 ?? praetorian procos Asia (Silanus or = J830)
cos ord 25 procos Asia c.14 C62 cf C61 RE88 or Claudia Appi f.
final mention 17 Iunius Silanus Q. Caecilius M.f. Metellus Creticus ? dt of Ap. Claudius Pulcher
? = J823 cos 17 BC pr urb, procos Sard cos 38 BC
~ (Quinctia) Crispina adopt  
J831 RE173 C64 RE90   J825 RE159 Rüpke2126 LP26-28 J866 RE207 Rüpke2102 J832 RE174 Rüpke2132 J826 RE164
(M. Iunius Silanus) Q. Caecilius Q.f. M.n. Metellus Creticus Silanus   C. Iunius C.f.M.n. Silanus   Iunia C.f. Torquata M. Iunius C.f. Silanus    D. Iunius Silanus
cos 7 AD leg Aug pro pr Syria 11/12-17 cos ord 10 AD Vestalis by 22 cos suff 15 AD exile 8-20AD
~ ? Domitia Calvina, FOS321, dt of procos Asia 20/21 exiled 22 Vestalis Max p.48 frat Arv c.23 adulterer Iulia
L. Calpurnius Bibulus, pr desig 36 and flam Mart 4 AD (?) until 22 Vestalis for 64 years † 38 suicide amicus of Augustus
grd dt of Cn. Domitius Calvinus cos 54 40  
J839 RE175 LP39-26 J851 RE194 RE Caec129 C63 RE89 J822 RE155 Rüpke2127 J857 RE199 FOS470   J864 RE205 FOS474 J828 RE166 Rüpke2129
M. Iunius M.f. Silanus Torquatus Iunia Cretica Silani f.     [Q. Caecilius Metellus] C. Appius Iunius Silanus  Iunia Claudilla     Iunia SIlana L. Iunius D.f. Silanus  
cos ord 19 AD procos Africa 6 years 29/30-34/5 † by 20 [Cr]eticus Iunius Sila[nus] pr urb 25 cos ord 28  † ca 36 in childbirth † sp 59 cos suff 26 (not 28)
or just one year c.38/39 engaged Nero Iulius Caesar c.17 probably son of C65 accused maietas, but acquitted 32 exiled 55-59 flam Mart 22
13 ~ Aemilia Lepida, FOS29, dt of eldest son of GERMANICUS frater Arv 38 39 (magister) ~ 33 CALIGULA ~ C. Silius
L. Aemilius Paullus cos ord 1 AD and leg Aug pro pr Hisp Cit - 41 imp 37-41 cos desig 47
grt grd dt of AUGUSTUS amicus of Claudius, † 42 exc † 48
41 ~ 2 Domitia Lepida, dt of 
L. Domitius Ahenobarbus cos 16 BC
  ? ??
J833 RE176/178 LP26-48 J837 RE182 Rüpke2137 J829 RE180 J861 RE203 FOS472 J856 RE198 FOS469 RE156 J834 RE177   ?
M. Iunius Silanus D. Iunius Silanus Torquatus L. Iunius M.f.M.n. Silanus Iunia Lepida   Iunia M.f.  Calvina M. Appius Iunius Silanus M. Iunius Silanus (D. Iunius Silanus) (Iunia Silana)    
* 14  * c.21 salius Pal 37 or 38 * 24 or 26/7  Silani Torquati f. † 79 lnown only from name cos suff 50 or 54
salius Palatinus ?, flamen divi Iuli et divi Augusti, salius Palat c.37/38 priestess of Athena exiled 49, recalled 59 of his freed slave ~ Cn. Cornelius Lentulus
frat Arv 40  sodalis Augustalis, praef feriarum latin. c.41/2 Polias † c 65 ~ L. Vitellius Gaetulicus
cos ord 46  monet, q principis 44/45/46 comes on exp to Brit 43 ~ C. Cassius cos suff 48 † 69 exc cos ord 26 † 39
procos Asia 54 cos ord 53  frat Arv 43-48 Longinus 
"the golden sheep" † 64 suicide ornament triump 44 cos suff 30
† 54 poisoned by XX vir (monet ?) c.45, 
Agrippina (q 46?) pr pereg 48  adopt
† sp 1.1 49 suicide    
41-48 eng Octavia, dt of    
  imp CLAUDIUS    
J838 RE183 Rüpke2138 S708 J835 RE179 Rüpke2135  
L. Iunius Silanus Torquatus […]us Silanus D. Iunius Silanus Gaetulicus    
raised by aunt Iunia Lepida, magister sodalis Augustalis Claudialis 64 * c 39 co-opted Salius (Collinus?) 63
Salius (Collinus ?) 60
† 65 exc by Nero ~ Lutatia Catulla
J836 RE191 Rüpke2136
M. Iunius D.f. Gaetulici n. Cossi pron. Silanus Lutatius Catulus
X vir stlit iudic,  Salius Collinus,
† aged 20 yrs 9 months
S706 Bar860 Okon1551
cos suff end 2nd century
probably not a Iunius Silanus
could be a Servilius Silanus (cos 152 188)
J821 RE154 Bar1623 Okon626
Iunius Silanus
cos suff 238
unlikely to be descendant of republican Silani