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Update:  24th November 2017
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis: X     Senatorial: X    Eques Romanus: X    Local magistrates X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis no cognomen
Senatorial no cognomen, Antias
Equestrian no cognomen
Local magistrat. no cognomen
Uncertain Gemellus
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian Agrippa, Bassus, Cornelianus, Flavianus ?, Mauricianus
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 1
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 0 incl. 0 emperors
Notes: See note to M67 below.
See articles on prefect of Egypt concerning P. Maenius Flavianus who may not exist.
Literature Alföldy: Konsulat (1977) p.179-180 and 310 (L. Tusidius Campester cos suff 165, possible son of M67)
Birley: Roman Government of Britain (2005) p.307-309 (M. Maenius Agrippa M67) prefers the expeditio Britannica to be c.130.
Breeze, David J., Dobson, Brian and Maxfield, Valerie: "Maenius  Agrippa, a Chronological Conundrum", in Acta Classica, Vol. 55 (2012), pp. 17-30
discusses when the expeditio Britannica of Maenius Agrippa (M67) took place, preferring 122 over c.130
Brunt, P.A.: "The Administrators of Roman Egypt", in JRS Vol. 65 (1975), pp. 142 states that P. Maenius Flavianus M68 does not exist referring to
an article by P. M. Fraser, Berytus xv (1964),90 f. (article not available to me)
Caballos Rufino: Senadores Hispanorromanos (1990) p.201-202 (§108 M. Maenius Cornelianus M68)
Cebeillac Gervasoni: Magistrats des cites Italiennes (1998) p.78 (Maenius P.f. as II vir at Voilturnum)
Curchin: Local Magistrates of Roman Spain (1990) p.165 (§280 M. Maenius Cornelianus M68, but see correction.
Curchin: Supplement to Local Magistrates of Roman Spain (2015) p.44 correcting M. Maenius Cornelianus (M68) to M. Manius Cornelianus.
Eck, Werner and Weiß, Peter: "Tusidius Campester, cos. suff. unter Antoninus Pius, und die Fasti Ostienses der Jahre 141/142 n. Chr."
in ZPE, Bd. 134 (2001), pp. 251-260 dates his consulate to 142 and not 164/165 as previously thought.
Frere, S.S.: "M. Maenius Agrippa, the 'Expeditio Britannica' and Maryport", in Britannia, Vol. 31 (2000), pp. 23-28 follows Eric Birley and rejects 122 or 117/119.
Reinmuth, O.W.: "A Working List of the Prefects of Egypt 30 B.C. To 299 A.D", in The Bulletin of the American Society of Papyrologists, Vol. 4, 1967, pp.75-128
with p.105 discussing P. Maenius Flavianus M68, whose name is uncertain.
Stein: Präfekten von Ägypten (1950) omits P. Maenius Flavianus M68, pointed out by E. Birley in his review in Gnomen vol.23,1951, p.441.
Suolahti, Jaakko: Roman Censors (1963) p.218-220 (C. Maenius cens 318)
Suolahti, Jaakko: Junior Officers (1955) p.370 (§ T. Maenius RE15 and L. Maenius tr mil 40 BC)
Taylor: Voting Districts (1960/2013) p.228 (T. Maenius RE16 in tribus Lemonia)
Vogel-Weidemann: Statthalter (1982) p.98-102 (C. Maenius Bassus as praef fabrum 6 times under M. Iunius Silanus (cos 19 AD) when procos Africa c.29-35)
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C. Maenius
tr pl 483
possibly unhistorical
P. Maenius
P.Maenius P.f.
C. Maenius P.f.P.n.
cos 338 triumph, set up the beaks of captured ships on the rostra,
dict 320 cens 318 dict II 314 
  RE1 RE2
  tr pl 279?
  lex Maenia
RE4   RE15 RE12 RE10
Maenius T. Maenius   P. Mae(nius)   C. Maenius
ment 184 pr urb 186  monet 194/190 pr Sardinia 180
tr mil 182-180
envoy 180
RE14   cf RE14
Q. Maenius T.f. Mae[nius ?] M. Maenius
? monet 189/180 monet 189/180 190??
pr urb or pereg 170 ? = RE14
RE7 RE18  
Maenius ? P. Maenius M.f. Ant(ias) or Ant(iaticus)
or a Mevius monet c.132
tr pl 121 descendent of cos 338
opponent of C. Gracchus
T. Maenius T.f.
tribus Lemonia
consilium 73 as quaestorius
Dem9 RE6 RE20
L. Maenius Maenius P.f. C. Maenius Gemellus
tr mil legio XII II vir at Volturnum client of Cicero
supported Octavian at battle of Perusia 40 exiled to Patrai in Greece,
† c.46
? = viator tribunicius Gemellus ment 52
for his dissolute life-style
Dem425 PME-M6
C. Maenius C.f. Bassus
trib. Camilia at Tibur in Latium
aed, II vir at Tibur, magister Herculaneus et Augustalis
praef fabrum VI times in Africa c.29-35
tr mil legio III Aug in Africa,
quinq at Tibur
C. Tusidius Campester M. Maenius Agrippa
?? adopt ??
M67 RE17 PME-M5 Pf120  
M. Maenius C.f. Agrippa L. Tusidius Campester
tribus Cornelia, patron Camerinum in Regio VI, eques publicus,
praef coh equit in Moesia Inf, 
sent by Hadrian on British expedition 122 or c.130.
tr coh equit milliaria in Brit,
praef alae in Moesia Inf, proc Aug (C ) classis Brit,
hospes of Hadrian 127?
proc Aug (CC)  Britannia under Antoninus Pius
T424 RE vol. S14-p.818
L. Tusidius L.f. Campester Note: M67 had a senatorial son normally assumed to be T424. However Birley p.308 says his filiation is L.f. and not M.f.
tribus Velina at Ricina Possibly adopted by a relative of M67 (whose mother is probably a Tusidia) or simply not M67's son, but a relative.
cos suff 142 (not 165) A son of M67 should be a Maenius.
M69 RE19
P. Maenius Flavianus
praef Aegyp sub Commodus ?
does he exist ?
M66 RE17a M70 RE21 M68 RE18a
Maenius Agrippa Maenius Mauricianus M. Maenius Cornelianus
eques magistrate in Aegyp 215-217 subordinate of praef Aegyp 209 curator viarum in Baetica 212
? iuridicus Alexandria nomen more probably Manius