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Update:  28th March 2019
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrate:  
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain n/a
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Marcellus, Pansa, Priscus, Proculus
Senatorial Gallus, Macer
Equestrian Probus
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. no cognomen, Rufinus,
Uncertain Annianus
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 7 inc. Hirrius and Corellius
Notes: There are several possible scenarios., much is conjecture. For example that Proculus descends from cos 97 or the position of Neratia Anteia in the stemma.
Stemma is mainly based on Settipanni's conjectures. I have included the later Neratii after 284 AD.
Also spelled Naeratius in late empire.
Literature Alföldy: Fasti Hispanienses (1969) p.127-128 (L. Neratius Proculus, tr laticlav of VII Gem c.125)
Alföldy: Konsulat (1977) p.149, 293, 301, 305, 335 (career of L. Neratius Proculus cos suff 145 (which he prefers to 144)
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assumption of three Prisci generations is disproved, only cos 87 and 97 remain.  (NOT AVAILABLE)
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that J732 (L. Iunius Aurelius Neratius etc) mother Fulvia Prisca is the sister of Flavia Neratia (F430) and that Neratia Anteia N65 is a descendent. Settipani disagrees.
Corbier: Aerarium (1974) p.101-109 (§27 L. Neratius Priscus, praef aerar Saturn 93-95, cos suff 97; new inscription AE1976-195 would move this office to his father cos 87), with stemma p.107, 
p.390-393 (§XVII L. Neratius Proculus, praef aerar milit c.140/146, cos suff c.145)
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p.330-334, 338-340 (L. Neratius Priscus, cos 97, Germ Inf 98/99-100/1, Pann 102/3-104/5, anh 3 zu 100/101), p.336-339 (L. Neratius Marcellus, cos 95, Brit 101/2-103/4, anh 3zu 101-102)
Eck: Fasten der Statthalter 2.teil, (1983), p.209 (doubt on Neratius Priscus as governor Germ Inf)
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Eck, Werner: " Zur Familie der Neratii aus Saepinum", in ZPE Vol. 50, 1983, p.195-201. Concludes that both the cos 97 and cos 95 could be the husbond of Corellia and thus father of cos 122.
Fitz: Pannonien (1993-1995) p.160-161 (§63 L. Neratius Priscus, cos suff 87, he identifies this man as the governor c.89/95 in stead of his son cos 97), p.168-170 (§68 L. Neratius Priscus cos 97, governor 102/103)
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Raepsaet-Charlier: PFOS (1987) stemma XLVIII (the Neratii, she prefers Corellia Hispulla to be married to Priscus cos 97, and their son L. Neratius Corellius Priscus cos 122
to be the father of Priscus N57 cos c.155/165. The Neratii Proculi she places as a collateral line)
Reidinger: Pannonien (1956) p.58-60 (§17 L. Neratius Priscus, governor 94-97, he makes him the cos 87), p.69-70 (§III L. Neratius Priscus, governor Pann Inf c.120)
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p.262-264 (§215 L. Neratius Marcellus, tr mil XII Ful in Cappadocia c.76-80)
Salomies: Nomenclature (1992) p.68 (the three Neratii Fufidii brothers F501, F506 and F504), p.78-79 (§2 C. Neratius Proculus etc, N57p.117 (§4 M. Hirrius Fronto Neratius Pansa, cos 74), 
p.151-153 (§4 L. Neratius Marcellus, cos 95, 129, suggests his full name included M. Hirrius. He doubts if Pansa cos 74 and Priscus cos 87 are brothers)
Salomies: Nomenclature Addenda (2014) p.523 (L. Corellius Neratius Pansa, cos 122, has nomen Neratius, cf AE 2002-1767)
Salomies, Olli: "Eine Beachtung verdienende Inschrift aus Montecassino", in ZPE Bd.97, 1993, p.253-258, re-examines inscription from 1971, cf. AE1993-432 showing a new L. Iunius Neratius
as governor of Thracia and Arabia.
Schumacher: Prosopographische Untersuchungen 96-235 (1973) p.65 (XV vir §1 M. Hirrius Fronto Neratius Pansa, cos c.73/74), p.118 (VII vir §20 L. Neratius Priscus VII vir epulo, 
whose career he dates to cos c.120), p.222-223 (obsolete discussion of relationship between consuls 73, 87, 95, 97 and a putative Priscus cos c.120)
Schumacher: Priesterkollegien 69-235 (1978) p.683 (XV vir §15 M. Hirrius Fronto Neratius Pansa cos 73/74), p.692 (VII vir §19 L. Neratius Priscus, cos suff 97)
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Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.p.311-316 and 323-328 analyses the scenarios, p.329-331 analyses the family after 284 AD; full stemma on p.344
Settipani: Continuite addenda  (2001/2004) p.118-119 opposes Chausson's hypotheses.
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Syme, Ronald: "Domitius Apollinaris", in Roman Papers Vol.VII, 1991, p.594-599 suggests that L. Neratius Priscus, cos suff 87, married a Vettia, dt of M. Vettius Marcellus, proc Aug of hracia under Nero,
hence the cognomen of Neratius Marcellus, cos suff 95.
Syme, Ronald: "The Jurist Neratius Priscus", in Hermes vol.85,1957, p.480-493, republished in RP Vol. 1,  p.339-352, some is obsolete
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Sex. Neratius
family from Saepinum in Samnium
RE Neratius ? N64 RE19 FOS567
C. Neratius Sex.f.           Neratia  
II vir at Saepinum
sub early Augustus ~ M. Antistius Labeo
or late republic pr, jurist † by 22
? ~ (Naevia Pansina) 
dt of L. Naevius N.f. Pansa, II vir quinq at Saepinum 6 AD
  N61 RE14
(M.Hirrius Fronto) (Neratius Pansa)           L. Neratius Priscus ~ (Anteia Rufina)
sister of P. Anteius Rufus cos 51
LP29-7 LP30-6    
N56 RE10 cf RE1 Rüpke1907   brothers ? N59 RE12a LP18-20   ? CIL IX-2516 N65 RE20 FOS568
M. Hirrius Fronto Neratius Pansa             L. Neratius L.f. Priscus     L. Neratius L.f. Rufin(us)       Neratia L.f. Anteia Rufina 
patricios 73/74, leg leg XX[---] (? XXI Rapax), trib Vol, trib Vol Naevia Deciana
leg Aug pro pr Lycia-Pamph c.70-72 praef aerar Saturn 84-86 magistrate at Saepinum from Saepinum,
cos suff 73 or 74 censitor regio X Venetia 73/74 cos suff 87
curator aedium sacr et oper locor public, leg Aug pro pr Pann c.95 ~ Iulius Augurinus, eques Romanus
leg Aug pro pr exercitus Armenia 75-76 dona militaria, ?? ~ Vettia, dt of 
leg Aug pro pr Galatia/Cappa 77/78-79/80 Vettius Marcellus
XV vir sf 76,  leg Aug pro pr Pann 95
  LP10-79 18-25 19-5  
N55 RE9 Rüpke2504 LP14-15 N60 RE13 RE15 Rüpke2505 ? FOS570   AE1990-220
(M.Hirrius Fronto) L. Neratius M?.f. Marcellus       L. Neratius L.f. Priscus           (Neratia) (Pansina?) C. (Iulius Augurinus) L. Ner[atius An]nian[us]
* c.59/60 patricios 73/74, salius Pal,  * ca 57/9 trib Vol, plebeian, ? dt of Neratius Pansa N56 from Seapinum c 98/117
monet c.76/77 tr mil XII Ful in Cappa 78/79 q Aug c.81/82 jurist, VII vir Epulo p.97 ~ L.Varius Ambibulus (cannot be Annianus F501 below)
curator actorum senatus, (pr), cos suff 95,  XV vir sf, tr mil XXII Pg in Germ Inf c.78-80 q c.83/84 procur Aug
leg Aug pro pr Brit 103 (101-104) curator aquarum urbis, tr pleb c.85/86 pr c.87 cos suff 97  from Capua
cos II ord 129 † post 130 suicide, amicus of Trajan, leg Aug pro pr Germ Inf 97-101
1 ~ Corellia Hispulla C1296 FOS268 leg Aug pro pr Pann 102/3-105/6 amicus Trajan,
dt of Q. Corellius Rufus cos suff c 78 † c.133
2 ~ Domitia Vettila, FOS333,  ??
dt of L. Domitius Apollinaris cos suff 97        
1   2        
C1293 RE Cor2 N50 N51 RE8 ? N68 FOS572 V288 RE19b V271 RE Varius9 J698 RE Iulia593 FOS458
L. Neratius Corellius Pansa    Neratius (Marcell)lus C. Neratius Proculus     Neratia Quartilla Varia Pansina   Q. Planius Sardus Iulia C.f. Rufilla Augurina
or L. Corellius Neratius Pansa or (Corel)lus ment on fistula plumbea as domina figlinarum 123 L. Varius Ambibulus grd dt of N65
* c.89 cos ord 122 misread as "Neratiolus" co-owner of property with  or dt of cos 97 or 95 ~ L. Corellius Celer cos suff c.133
? = C1293 Marcellus Fisius Rufinus,
clar puer patron Nola,
N63 RE16 N67 RE22 FOS571
L. Neratius C.f. Proculus             Neratia Procilla  
trib Vol. from Saepinum,
X vir stlit iudic, tr mil VII Gem in Asturia, ~ C. Betitius Pietas
tr mil VIII Aug in Germ Sup, q, aedil pleb Cerialis,  IIII vir at Aeclanum,
pr, leg leg XVI Fla in Commagene, praef cohort,
vexillationes in Syria in Parthian war c.139
praef aerar milit c.140/144 cos suff 144 or 145
? ~ (Eggia), FOS336 dt of L. Eggius Marullus cos 111
N57 RE12 Okon742 Bar2066 N67 cf RE22 N57 RE Bet4
Neratius Priscus Neratia Betitia Procilla C. Neratius C.f.C.n.C.pron. C.abn. Proculus
cos suff c.180 or later flamen of empress Faustina Maximillianus Betitius Pius
~ Accia (A26, FOS1), who died 176 trib. Cor.
dt of Accius Iulianus cos suff q, II vir quinq at Aeclanum, flamen Hadriani,
curator oper publ at Venusia sub Hadrian,
curator kalendarii at Nola sub Pius
? N66 RE21 FOS569
(Neratia)       Neratia Marullina
clar fem
~ L. Iunius Macer ~ C. Fufidius Atticus
cos suff 180 cos suff 180/200
N53 RE7   F501 RE3 Okon1477 Bar2062 F506 RE5 Okon1479 Bar2064 F504 RE4 Okon1478 N58 RE11 Okon743 Bar2066 N62 RE15a LP41-34
(Neratia Procilla)       L. Neratius L.f. Iunius Macer C. Neratius      C. Neratius Fufidius Priscus   C. Neratius Neratius Priscus Pu[blius?] Neratius [---] Probus
clar vir Fufidius Annianus inscription ILS1132 (RE5) Fufidius Atticus boy at ludi saecularum 204 proc Maur Caesar c.211/2-214/5
~ L. Flavius L.f. Septimius Aper inscription ILS1131 grd son of N57 inscription AE1978-288 ? = F506 alternative reading is 
Octavianus F365  ~ (Fulvia) grd son of N57 son of Fufidius Atticus clar puer P. Neratius [Phos]porus
tr pl, sodalis Hadrianalis son of Fufidius Atticus ? = N58 grd son of N57
F430   ? S503 J732 RE5a RE Iunius 81 J732 Bar2047 F565
Flavia Neratia    Septimia L. Iunius L.f. Aurelius Neratius Gallus Fulvius Macer     (Fulvia or Iunia)     Fulvia Prisca
Septimia Octavilla Procilla trib Gal clar fem (and not C.f.)
clar puella Neratius Gallus RE5a ~  Fulvius Macrianus
clar iuvenis, tr mil III Aug ?, tr mil XI Claudia in Moesia Inf, usurper 260 † 261 in battle
AE1993-432 LP35-48a 22-73a F546 RE73 F547 RE74
L. Iunius L.f. (Aurelius) Neratius Gallus (Fulvius) Macer IMP CAESAR T. FULVIUS     IMP CAESAR T. FULVIUS  
leg Aug pro pr Thracia tr mil, rival imp in the East 260-61 tr mil, rival imp in the East 260-61
leg Aug pro pr Arabia † 261 killed after defeat † 261 killed
cos suff an inc 3rd century
PLRE Gallus1
Neratius Gallus
clar vir, christian
late 3rd century
~ Aemilia Pudentilla
PLRE Aem2   PLRE  Flav10
Neratia Ae[miliana]        Neratius Iunius Flavianus
praef urbi 311-312
~ (Vulcacia)
PLRE Galla1 PLRE Ruf25   PLRE Cer2
(Neratia) Galla         Vulcacius Rufinus     Naeratius Cerealis     filia  
cos ord 347  praef annonae 328
~ Iulius Constantius PPO Illyricum 347-352 PUR 352-353 cos ord 358 ~ Valerius Maximus
cos 335 † 337 (PLRE Const7) PPO Gallia 354 cos 327 PPO 327-328
brother of CONSTANTINUS I PPO Italia, Illyricum et  PPO 332-333 337
Africa 365-368 † 368  
PLRE Scop1
Naeratius Scopius
cos Campania c.358
PLRE Palm2
Neratius Palmatus
PUR 412
UNCERTAIN DATE                                                                            
RE8 N63a RE17 ILS5643 N48 FOS566 N54 RE6 Okon1480 Bar2065
Neratius Marcellus Q. Neratius Quadratus Neratius Palmatus Ner(atia?) […]P. Neratius [,,..M..,]
on water pipe could be a libertus inscription Syracus virgo vestalis ? cognomen M = Marcellus or Macer
"Neratiorum C. et Marcelli" clar vir , consularis, [praef ur]bi [feriarum Latinarum] ?? 
cf C. Neratius Proculus N51 above possibly corrector Sicilia tr laticlav, sevir equitum Romanorum turmae,
probably = PUR 412 (q), tr pl cand, pr cand, 
curator rei publicae at Firmum in Picenum,
iuridicus, leg Aug pro pr,
late 2nd or 1st half 3rd century