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Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian n/a
Equestrian (mil) n/a
Local magistrat. n/a
Uncertain Iuba, Ptolemaeus
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 0 incl. 0 emperors
Kings / Rulers Numidia  21 Mauretania 10
Notes: Western Numidia mentioned below with the tribe of the Masaesyli is ca. equal to later Roman province Mauretania Caesariensis (ca. modern Algeria).
Eastern Numidia mentioned below with the tribe of the Massylii is ca. equal to the later Roman province of Numidia (modern eastern Algeria and part of Tunisia).
Mauretania is equal to later Roman provice of Mauretania Tingitana (ca. northern part of present-day Morocco)., but includes after 105 temporarily west Numidia.
Either Jugurtha married Bocchus I's daughter or Bocchus I married Jugurtha's daughter, text in Sallust: Jugurtha §80, is unclear.
Numidic/Berber names: Massinissa MSNSN, Micipsa MKWSN, Gulussa GLSN, Mastanabal MSTNBL, Zilalsan ZLSN, Narawat NRWT, Gaia GJJ, 
The dates of the rulers before Massinissa are uncertain, likewise the rulers and their dating between c.81 and 49 BC.
Hannibal's Barcas family included due to close connection to the Numidian royal family.
Bennett, Chris: "Drusilla Regina", CQ vol. 53, 2003, p.315-319 (stemma p.318). Tacitus (Hist. 5.9) states Drusilla, husband of procurator Felix, was a granddaughter
of Cleopatra and Mark Antony. For chronological reasons much more likely a great granddaughter. This is followed below.
Camps, Gabriel: "Origines du royaume massyle", in Revue d'histoire et de civilisation du Maghreb. No.. 3, 1967, p.29–38. (NOT AVAILABLE TO ME)
Camps, Gabriel: "Les Derniers Rois numides: Massinissa II et Arabion,” in BAC (Bulletin Archéologique du Comité des Travaux Historiques et Scientifiques) n.s. 17b, 
1981 (1984), p.303–311 with stemma p.307 .
Coltelloni-Trannoy, Michèle: "Le royaume de Maurétanie sous Juba II et Ptolémée (25 av. J.-C. - 40 ap. J.-C.)", Paris 1997, stemma of kings p.14
Coltelloni-Trannoy, Michèle: "Rome et les rois « amis et alliés du peuple romain » en Afrique (I er siècle av. J. -C./I er siécle ap. J.-C.)", in 
Pallas, No. 68,  L'Afrique Romaine, 2005, p.117-144
Euzennat, M.: "Le roi Sosus et la dynastie maurétanienne", in R. Chevalier: Melanges d'archéologie, depigraphie et d'histoire offerts à J. Carcopino, Paris, 1966,
p.333-339 (Cicero in Vatinium §12, mentions in 63/62 a king of Mauretania called Mastanesosus who is likely the same as Bocchus II's father Sosus. 
Fevrier, J.G.: "L'Inscrption funéraire de Micipsa", in Revue d'Assyriologie et d'archéologie orientale, Vol. 45, 1951, pp.139-150 
a Bogud (BGT), unknown son  of Massinissa (MSNSN) is inscribed on mauseleum. He has a son YZGGSN (Yazaggasan) and his son is Y'ZM (Ya'zaam).
Geus, Klaus. "Prosopographie der literarisch Bezeugten Karthager", Louvain, 1994, p.76-78, stemma p.267. Carthaginians numbered GeusXX.
Huss, Werner: "Die Datierung nach numidischen Königsjahren", in Antiquités africaines, 26, 1990, p.39-42. Masinissa dates his regnal year 1 to 204/203.
Huss, Werner: "Die Westmassylischen Könige", in Ancient Society, Vol. 20 (1989), pp. 209-220 argues for a different descent from Masteabar: a son Mstnsn I, 
his son Mstnsn II (= Mastanesosus, mentioned by Cicero in 62) and his son then Masanasses (king until 46). Seems unlikely to me.
Mazard, Jean: Corpus nummorum Numidiae Mauretaniaeque, Paris 1955, p.28 stemma of Numidian dynasty
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Die Numider. Reiter und Könige nördlich der Sahara, Bonn 1979, p.43-74 with stemma p.665-666 (showing confusion in rulers between 81 and 49 BC)
Ritter, Hans Werner: "Rom und Numidien: Untersuchungen zur rechtlichen Stellung abhängiger Könige", Lüneburg, 1987
Roller, Duane W.: "The World of Juba II and Kleopatra Selene", Rutledge, New York/London 2003, p.265 stemma of Numidian royal line
and p.206 stemma of Mauretanian kings
Settipani: Continuite (2000) p.442-443 descent of and descendents of king Juba II
Settipani: Continuite addenda  (2001/2004) p.49-50 (marriages of Drusilla, dt of Ptolemy)
not in RE
ruled at Thugga
ment c.310 as "King of Libya"
not in RE RE7 Geus9
Niptasan Hamilcar Barcas
general of Carthago
† 229/228
not in RE RE8 Geus9 RE7 Geus6 RE6 Geus6
Zilalsan daughter     Hannibal     daughter     daughter       Hasdrubal   Mago
titled sufet at Thugga, * 247 † 183 * c.244 † 207 * c.234 † 203
ruler of one clan  241 ~ Hasdrubal general of Carthago  c.240 ~ Naravas ~ Bomilcar (RE3/4 Geus2) general of  general of Carthago
of the Massylii  † 221 (RE5 Geus5) 218-196 sufet 196 admiral of Carthago Carthago 218-203
general of Carthago 220 ~ lady from Spain suffet, ment 215-211 218-207
not in RE not in RE not in RE   RE16 Geus22 RE10 Geus11 RE2 Geus3 RE10 Geus8 RE2 RE1
Gaia (or Gala)             Naravas (Narawat)   Oezalces ~  daughter Hanno   Hannibal   Maharbal Hasdrubal Baga Syphax
ruler of the Massylii tribe  general 239 (or Izalcas) general of  general of  general of  son of Gisgo King of the king of the Masaesyli 
in Eastern Numidia (Cirta) c.240 ~ 2nd daughter of ruler c.206 Carthago Carthago 215 Carthago Carthaginian general  Mauri 206 in Western Numidia until 203
† c.206  Hamilcar Barcas † 229/8 (or c.205-204) 218-203 218-216 214-202 ? 1st mention 215 annexed Eastern
† c.206 † 202 suicide   205 captured by the Romans and
(or c.204) 2 ~ Mazaetullus    Massinissa 203 † c.202 in exile
?   205 ~ Sohonisba
RE1   not in  RE RE1   not in RE RE1 Geus   RE1  
Massinissa I        sister Mazaetullus  Capussa       Lacumazes Sophoniba     Vermina
* c.238 † 148 aged 90 (or Metezulus) ruler c.206 ruler c.206-205 * c.225 † 203 suicide   king 203-202
supported Carthago 212-206 of royal family (or c.204-203) (or c.203-202) 1 ~ 205 King Syphax    supported Hannibal 202
king/dynast of the Massylii    regent for Lacumazes  † 206 murdered deposed 205 2 ~ 203 King Massinissa I    from 202 ruled minor part
in Eastern Numidia 206   c.206-205 (or c.203-202) (or c.203) (or c.202)   recognized by Rome 200
king of all Numidia 201-148   ~ niece of Hannibal  
of 44 sons survived by 10 (3 legitimate)    
~ 203 Sophonisba    
RE1   RE1 not in RE RE1 RE1 not in RE not in RE not in RE RE1     RE1  
Micipsa     Gulussa   Masgaba   Misagetes   Mastanabal   Massugrada daughter Bogud(es)   Sthembanos Massiva   Arkobarzanes
(or Mikiwsan) (or Gulusan) ambassador assisted Rome victor in Panathenaic  illegitimate son inscription * 152, adopted nephew of Massinissa   grdson of Syphax
eldest son mention 172  to Rome 168 in war 171-168 games 158 ~ ignotus on mauseleum by brother mention 209 when   last Masaesyli prince,
overking of Numidia  envoy 150 king of Numidia 148-14?   Carthago of Micipsa 118 Micipsa  148 released by Scipio   fugitive 150s
148-118 † 118 king of Numidia  † natural causes        
    illegiimate son                
RE4   RE1 not in RE   RE2   RE1     RE1 RE1     RE14 Geus15 not in RE RE1  
Adherbal   Hiempsal I Micipsa Massiva Jugurtha       Gauda Dabar Hasdrubal   Yazaggasan Bocchus I Iphtha
king of Numidia  king of Numidia  only mentioned fled to Rome 112 * c.160  king of Eastern envoy of general of Carthago mention on Micips's King of Mauretania 
118-112 118-117/116 by Diodorus † 112 assassinated adopted by Micipsa 133 Numidia Bocchus I † 149 killed mausoleum 118   by 118 – c. 80s (81 ?)
† 112 killed by † 117/6 killed by Jugurtha king of Numidia 118-105 105-c.88 to Sulla 105 grandson of    last certin mention 91
 Jugurtha by Jugurtha war with Rome 112-105 † by 88 Massinissa not in RE gained west Masaesyli 
† 104 exc by Romans alive 90 Ya'zaam part of Numidia 105
? ~ daughter of Bocchus I mention on Micips's supported Sulla
    mausoleum 118 ? ~ daughter of Jugurtha  
RE2 RE1 not in RE   ? RE2 not in RE not in RE RE1   RE1 RE1   RE1
Hiarbas Oxyntas   Iampsas   daughter Hiempsal II     Masteabar Mastanesosus    daughter   Volux   Bogudes I Askalis Magudulsa
not of royal family, in triumphal in triumphal king of part of Eastern king of Western  or Sosus general 106 mention 81 king of West Mauretanian "princeps"
possibly a Gaetulian, parade 104 parade 104 ~ Bocchus I Numidia 88-82/1 Massylii 88-81 King of Mauretania ? ~ Jugurtha, king of part Mauretania 81 fled to Rome 91
king of part of Eastern exiled 104 king of all Eastern  (minor kingdom) ? c. 80s – 49 King of Numidia of Mauretania deposed by but handed back to
Numidia 88-82/81 last mention 90 Numidia 82/1-62/50 ment 62 in Numidia Sertorius Bocchus I who had him
† 82/81 exc by POMPEY alive 62 wrote history, ? descent uncertain executed
RE3 RE1 RE1   not in RE RE2   RE2 RE1
P. Sittius P.f. Massintha Juba I Massinissa II Bocchus II       Bogudes II Leptasta
from Nuceria, friend of Cicero possibly grdson of Jugurtha * c.85 † 46 suicide (or Massanassa) son of Sosus or son of Bogudes I king of part of
Catilinarian 63 claimant to throne 62 envoy to Rome 63 king of  king of Western  King of Mauretania  King of Mauretania  Mauretania 76
mercenary leader 63-48 protected by Caesar Eastern Numidia 62/50-46 Massylii 81-46 49 – c. 33 BC 49 – c. 38 BC ? son of Askalis
supported Caesar 46 supported Pompey 49-46 supported  recognized by Caesar 49 regognized by Caesar 49
king of Western Numidia 46-44 Annexed to Rome as  Pompey 49-46 supported Octavian, † 33 deposed by Bocchus II
† 44 assasinated by Arabion Africa Nova (46–30). fate unknown willed kingdom to Octavian 33 supported ANTHONY 38-31
    status of Mauretania  33-25 † 31 killed in siege of Methone
    is unknown ~ Eunöe Maura, mistress of Caesar
RE2 J65   RE1  
Juba II (C. Iulius Iuba) Arabion
* 52/50/48 † AD 23/24 (48th regnal year) king of Western 
in Caesar's triumph 46 Massylii 44-40
?? king of East Numidia 29-25 (no evidence) † 40 killed by T. Sextius
king of Mauretania 25 BC - 23 AD governor of Numidia
II vir Gades, II vir quinq Carthago Nova, Western Numidia annexed
25/20 ~ Cleopatra Selene II (*40 † by 5 BC?) by Rome 40
dt of Cleopatra VII and M. Antonius
2/5 AD ~ 2 Glaphyra (35 BC - 7 AD), (G176), 
divorced, dt of king Archelaus of Cappadocia
1   1
RE62 P1025
C Iulius Ptolemaeus (Ptolemy)     [Cleopatra ?]
* 13/9 BC? Juba had an attested daughter
on coins 5 AD but very doubtful if she was the
equal coruler with his father 21-23/4 Drusilla married to Felix
King of Mauretania 23/4-39/40
II vir Gades, II vir quinq Carthago Nova,
† winter 39/40 exc by CALIGULA
Mauretania becomes provinces of
Maur. Caesariensis and Tingitana
~ Julia Orania J710 RE5a
? from Emesa dynasty or a concubine
RE2 D196
* 38 ?
~ (M. Antonius? or Ti. Claudius?) Felix, 
proc of Judaea c.52-60
? ~ Sohaemus, king of Emesa, † post 73