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Update:  30th September 2015
Status Republic: Patrician:     Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus: X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician n/a
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial n/a
Equestrian none, Philippus
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular Clemens, Fronto, Magnus
Senatorial Rufus
Equestrian n/a
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 0
Imperial Consuls and Emperors 3 possibly 4
Notes: Campanian family during the republic with merchant members in Greece, later migrated to Cirta in Numidia.
Literature Barnes, T.D.: "The First African Consul", in the Classical Review Vol. 21, 1971, p. 332, argues that the first African consul was not Fronto, but his
brother Clemens, who was the fetialis and praef aerarii. Possible but not generally accepted.
Corbier: Aerarium p.370-372 (Q.Aurelius Pactumeius Fronto P38)
Le Glay, Marcel: "Senateurs de Numidie et des Mauritanies", in Tituli 5, 1982, pp.766-767, article not avaible to me
Remy: Carrieres Senatoriales  §304 (p.343-344 P.Pactumeius Clemens P37)
Thomasson: Fasti Africani p.109 (P.Pactumeius Clemens P37)
Q.Pactumeius M.f. M.Pactumeius M.Pactumeius M.f.
inscription Thessalia inscription Thessalia inscription Delos
178/146 178/146
P.Pactumeius C.f. A.Pactumeius A.f. Philippus A.Pactumeius
magister of Capua 106 inscription Capua inscription Delos 110
2nd or early 1st century BC
Q.Pactumeius P.f.
inscription at Rome
late republic
P.Pactumeius Q.Aurelius
test adop
P36 RE2   P38 RE4
Q.Aurelius (P.f.) Pactumeius Clemens Q.Aurelius P.f. Pactumeius Fronto
trib.Qui. ab Cirta in Numidia fetialis, (trib.Qui.), 1st consul from Africa
adlectus inter praetorios 73/74 adlectus inter praetorios 73/74
?? cos suff by 79 praef aerarii militaris 76-78, cos suff 80
  P44 FOS596 P40 RE6 RE1
(P.Pactumeius Clemens) Pactumeia Vev….(Vera?) Pactumeius Rufus Pact[umeius?)
? = Pactumeius Rufus → at Cirta VIIvir epulo 98 aedilis, pr
? ? = P40
P37 RE3 P43 FOS595
P.Pactumeius P.f. Clemens  Pactumeia R[ufina?]
trib.Qui., iuris consultus, prytanis Pergamon
Xvir stlit iudic, q c.120/121, leg of his father-in-law Achaia c.122/123, FOS595 believes she was dt of cos ord 142
tr pl, leg Aug in Athens etc and Thessalia (= corrector), pr urb c.127, ~ L. Cuspius Camerinus cos suff 126
legatus Aug ad rationes civitatium in Syria (= logistes), leg pro pr Cicilia 136-139,
cos suff 138, consular leg of procos Africa 140/141 (his father in law),
patron of 4 towns incl. Cirta, fetialis pl,
~ (Prifernia), dt of T.Prifernius Paetus Rosianus Geminus, cos suff c.125  
L.Cuspius Pactumeius Rufinus
cos ord 142
P39 RE5
T.Pactumeius Magnus
praef Aegyp 176-179
adlectus in senatum by COMMODUS
cos suff 183
† c.190 exc by COMMODUS
P42 RE7 FOS594
Pactumeia Magna
survived her father's execution
ment in testamentary case sub SEPTIMIUS SEVERUS
DATE UNKNOWN                                                  
P41 FOS593
Pactumeia Lucilla
owned a fistula