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Update:  13th January 2016
Status Republic: Patrician: X   Pleb. Nobilis:       Senatorial:      Eques Romanus:      Local magistrates X
Republican Family / Cognomen
Patrician Catilina, Esquilinas,Fidenas, Silus
Pleb. Nobilis n/a
Senatorial none, Gallus, Plautus,
Equestrian n/a
Local magistrat. no cognomen
Imperial Family / Cognomen
Imperators n/a
Consular none, Paullus, Titianus, 
Senatorial none, Arrianus, Faust(us), Heracleidianus, Plautus, Zeno
Equestrian Paulinianus
Local magistrat. Crescens
Republican Consuls, Tribunes with consular power, Dictators, Magister Equitum, Censors 5 excl.cos suff 478 BC
Imperial Consuls and Emperors (Augusti and Caesars) 4 incl. 0 emperors
Notes:  Tribus Sergia named after the Sergii. Sergii with cognomen Silus are Patrician descendants of the ancient Patricians (Fidenas). Plautus became Patrician during Empire.
Literature Beutler, Franziska: "Ein oberpannonisches Militärdiplom aus Carnuntum und der Statthalter L. Sergius Paullus", in ZPE Bd. 172, 2010, pp. 271-276
giving new startdate (139 AD) for L.Sergius Paullus governorship of Pannonia Superior.
Christol, Michel and Drew-Bear, Thomas: "Les Sergii Paulli et Antioche", in Th.Drew-Bear etc Actes du Ier congres international sur Antioche de Pisidie, Paris 2002, p.177-191
shows that C.Caristanius Fronto cos 90 was not married to a Sergia Paulla, but a Calpurnis Paulla. Prefers that the Paullus, the apostle contacted, was Q-Sergius Paullus.
Curchin: Local Magistrates p.219 (§831 Sergius Crescens)
Halfmann: Senatoren p.101 (§3 L.Sergius Paullus S527) , p.101-102 (§4 Q.Sergius Paullus S531), p.105-106 (§9 L.Sergius Paullus S529) and p. 163-164 (§77 L.Sergius Paullus cos II 168)
Oliver, James.H.: "The Solonian Constitution and a Consul of A.D. 149" in Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies vol.13, 1972, p.103-107, 
argues that the cos 149 was a Sergius and not a Cornelius. Seems to be very unlikely, see below, though Settipani is positive.
Remy: Carrieres Senatoriales p.353-354 (§315bis L.Sergius Zeno S536)
Settipani: Continuite p.113-114 (Sergius Paullus with stemma), p.271-273 (Sergius Plautus, Settipani argues for a very different stemma than the traditional one below, see stemma on p.273)
Weiss, Alexander: "Sergius Paullus, Statthalter von Zypern", in ZPE Bd. 169, 2009, pp. 188-192 argues that the Sergius Paullus, the apostle contacted, was Lucius (S527)
and not Quintus, who may not be a Paullus.
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not in RE
C.Sergius (Esquilinus)
cos suff 478 ???
the cos suff might be Opet. Verginius Esquilinus
  ? RE24
C.Sergius             L.Sergius           M.Sergius Esquilinus
Xvir 450-449
L.Sergius C.f.C.n. Fidenas   L.Sergius           M'.Sergius  
cos 437 429
tr cos 433 424 418
RE27   RE26  
M'.Sergius L.f.L.n. Fidenas L.Sergius M'.f.L.n. Fidenas
tr cos 404 402 tr cos 397 amb 394
fined 401
Cn.Sergius Fidenas Coxo
tr cos 387 385 380
accused of making poison † 331 suicide
RE19 RE40 RE11 RE36 RE18 M.Sergius
M.Sergius M.Sergius Silus L.Sergius C.Sergius Plautus M.Sergius M'.f. freedman
tr mil 205 † exc soldier and hero 218 envoy to Carthago 203 pr urb 200 q post 242
pr urb 197
RE41     RE16 RE32  
M.Sergius Silus   Bellienus   M'.Sergius M'.f. C.Sergius Mena
leg at battle of Pydna 168   senatus consultum about Thisbae 170 trib. Velina
  amb 164
RE21 RE42   RE39   RE5   not in RE RE17 RE32  
Q.Sergius M.Sergius Silus       L.Sergius Silus ~ Belliena L.Bellienus   M.Serrius (Sergius?) M.f. M'.Sergius M'.f. C.Sergius  
sen 90 condemned q 116/115 (not 94) Sullan 81   sen 129 pr pro consule Hisp Cit † 90 in battle
condemned 64   trib.Ter. late 2nd century BC
RE12 RE50 RE23   RE1     RE38 RE9
L.Sergius Lf. Sergia     L.Sergius L.f. Catilina     (M.?) Sergius   Cn.Sergius Silus Cn.Sergius C.Sergius
trib. Tromentina pr 68 propr Africa 67-66 † proscribed 81 by Catilina   condemned for fraud 60 decumanus 72 in Sicilia
Strabo's consilium 89 ~ Q. Caecilius cos cand for 63+62 † 62 in battle probably invention   (or possibly 90) ? = RE38
likely = Catilina eques 1 ~ Ignota   ? = RE9
† 82 proscribed 2 ~ Aurelia Orestilla  
RE3 RE14   2 RE20 RE Plautus 3 RE29 ILS 2229   ILS 2229
Sergius (L.) Sergius     (Sergia) P.Serrius (Sergius?) L.Ser[gius? L.f.] Plautus T.Sergius Gallus L.Sergius C.f.     Cn.Sergius C.f.
proscribed 43 killed by father ?? sen 44 trib. Fal. ment 52 aedilis, II vir at Pola aedilis, II vir, 
sen 31 ~ Q. Cornificius senatus consultum 39 Cic:mil.86 (Pola colony founded 42/41) quinq at Pola
supported Anthony pr 45 descendant of pr 200? ~ Salvia Postuma
RE37 S533 S532 ME-S40 Dem31
L.Sergius Regis f. Plautus L.Sergius L.f. Lepidus  
trib.Arnensis, adopted by a (Marcius) Rex ? son of magistrate at Pola
q, salius Palatinus aedilis at Pola
? = S532 Sergius Plautus, stoic pholosopher tr mil  leg XXIX c.31/29 BC
  (legion disbanded after Actium)
S538 FOS699 FOS698 P453
(Sergia)         (Sergia)           (Sergius) Plautus
pr 2AD
~ C.Rubellius Blandus ~ C.Octavius Laenas
pr, procos Creta + Cyrene cos suff 33
(or his father Octavius Laenas)
from Antiochia Caesarea in Pisidia  
S527 RE34 ? S531 S543 RE53 FOS704 CIL II 2958
L.Sergius Paullus       Q.Serg[ius Paullus ?] Sergia Plautilla Sergius Crescens
curator riparum et alvei Tiberis 41/47 procos Cyprus 37/41 leg of Spanish town Pompaelo 57 AD
procos Cyprus c.46/48
when the apostle Paul visited ~  M.Cocceius Nerva
cos suff 40 or 41
S528 RE35 C1227  RE16
L.Sergius L.f. Paullus M.Cocceius M.f.M.n. Nerva     
*30 or 35 † 98
pr 66 cos 71 90 97 98
  salius Pal., sodalis Aug, augur
S529 RE35 S541 RE52 FOS702 IMP 96-98
L.Sergius L.f. Paullus           (Serg)ia L.f. Paulla
inscription in Antiochia in Pisidia The marriage is now known to be to a Calpurnia Paulla.
IIII vir viarum curandarum thus Sergia Paulla should be removed from stemma.
tr mil leg VI Fer in Syria ~ C.Caristanius Fronto C423
quaestor cos suff 90
  S542 FOS703 RE Paul 2
(L.Sergius Paullus)             Sergia L.f. Paullina
?~ Cornelia Cethegilla, sister to ~ Cn.Pinarius Cornelius Severus C1453
Ser.Cornelius Scipio Salvidienus Orfitus cos suff 112
cos 110
S530 RE35a  ?? PIR S p.217
L.Sergius L.f. Paullus     L.Sergius (Salvidienus) Scipio Orfitus
cos suff 135/37 ?, cos II ord 168 cos 149
leg Aug pro pr Pann Sup 139-142(146?) theory of Oliver, but refuted by FOS p.172-173
PUR 167 or 168 The cos 149 is Ser.Cornelius Salvidienus Scipio Orfitus C1447
  cos suff 189?
  S524 RE31a
  Sergius Iulianus
  praetor tutelaris
  under Severus/Caracalla
  S534 S526 Pf 262bis
  Sergius Titianus Sergius Paulinianus
  cos suff 218/222 vir egregius
  leg Aug pro pr Moesia Inf under Elagabalus procur Alexandreae c.220
  procur Galatia 222/235
L.Serg[ius...]us Zeno
leg Aug pro pr Cilicia 238/244
? L.Sergius Paullus M.Antonius Zeno
UNKNOWN DATE                                                                          
S522 S535 S539 RE50a FOS700 S540 RE50b FOS701 S521 RE21a
[Se]rgius Faust[..] L.Sergius Volusius Sergia Aurelia Regina Sergia Demetria     L.Sergius  Cl[...] (or Ca[…] Arrianus
q Africa, Matidius Heracleidianus related to Sergia Demetria ? end 2nd / start 3rd century tribunus laticlavius
2nd/3rd century procos Lycia et Pamphylia consular family from Cyprus from Palaipaphus on Cyprus
3rd century late 2nd or early 3rd century
~ to consular