XX Valeria Victrix Update 2017-11-17    
1 Real-Encyclopädie Vol. XII (1925) article Legio by Emil Ritterling p.1769-1781    
2 Malone, Stephen James: "Legio XX Valeria Victrix: Prosopography, archaeology and history", British Archaeological Reports S1491, Oxford 2006
History from 58 BC to 284 AD        
Date Action Legionary HQ Modern name Province Comment
49 BC probably raised by Caesar in Italy for civil war        
45 probably demobilised        
41/40 probably reraised by Octavian       ? titled XX Siciliana (36 BC naval war ?)
30 probably stationed in Spain     Hispania  
27-19 Cantabrian wars in Spain     Hispania  
13 possibly already in Illyricum     Illyricum tombstones at Aquileia and Trieste
6 AD attested in Illyricum     Illyricum  
6-9 Pannonian Revolt Siscia Sisak in Croatia Pannonia  
9 stationed in Dalmatia Burnum Kistanje Dalmatia  
9 after Varus' disaster transferred to the Rhine     Germania  
14 mutinied after Augustus' death Oppidum Ubiorum Köln Germania Inferior  
14-16 Germanicus' campaigns in Germania Oppidum Ubiorum Köln Germania Inferior  
post 16 on the Rhine Novaesium Neuss Germania Inferior  
21 suppressed revolt of the Turoni in Gaul (vexillation)        
43 invasion of Britain       possibly received title Valeria to honour Claudius' wife Valeria Messalina
43 stationed in Britain Camulodunum Colchester Britannia  
48 moved to fight the Silures under Caratacus   Kingsholm Britannia near Gloucester
49-54 based at Glevum Gloucester Britannia  
c.55-c.67 legion (or part of) stationed at Burrium Usk Britannia  
60-61 Boudiccan revolt (vexillation)       possibly received both titles now
c.66-88 based at Viroconium Wroxeter Britannia  
c.67-70s OR based at Deva Chester Britannia  
69 a vexillation fought for Vitellius       2nd battle of Bedriacum
70-73/74 legion commanded by Cn. Iulius Agricola        
c.73/74 ? partially based at Viroconium Wroxeter Britannia  
77 Agricola's conquest of Anglesey Deva Chester Britannia  
77-84 Agricola's campaigns vs northern British tribes        
83 Domitian's war against the Chatti (vexillation)        
c.83/84 based at least partially at Luguvalium Carlisle Britannia  
83/84-87/88 possibly partially based at    Inchtuthil Scotland fort never completed
88/89 based at Deva Chester Britannia  
90 first attestation of title Valeria Victrix       Valorous and Victorious
196-197 army of Clodius Albinus in Gaul       battle of Lugdunum
197 returned to Deva after Albinus' defeat        
213/222 titled Antoniniana after Caracalla and Elagabal        
213 split of province in two separate provinces Deva Chester Britannia Superior  
222/235 titled Severiana or Severa after Severus        
238/244 titled Gordiana after Gordianus        
249/251 titled Deciana after Decius        
265/267 titled V(ictoriniana)         
268-270 supported the Gallic emperor Victorinus        
284 still in Britain        
287/289 titled Victrix Augusta by Carausius        
c.395 not mentioned in Notitia Dignitatum        
note never called XX Valeria, but often XX Victrix